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  1. Thanks Bruce, in in the Melbourne north west area. It seems to be a common issue but not much info on it. I wish there was more available online
  2. Hi Guys, I have a Porsche 911 996 cab. The Radio works fine and all functions all good but no sound coming from the speakers. I have checked the fuses and D9 fuse was blown. This is the audio I replaced but it keeps blowing that same fuse as soon as the radio turns on. It is an aftermarket stereo professionally fitted but the wait time to take it is over 3 weeks! Has anyone else had a similar issue? apparently it is extremely common in these cars.
  3. Hi Guys I am a new Porsche owner for the first time, It has so many custom extras please see pics. Tartan in the seats are original from the 1970's new stock never been used or opened. IMS bearing just changed. Full custom exhaust and setup. GT3 Tune

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