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  1. I expect to receive news that the Macan I ordered is on its way sometime, is extending the warranty worth the cost bearing in mind that under Australian consumer law a manufacturer is required to fix things that fail or found to be defective before they should. ? Does anyone know what percentage of Porsche buyers take out extended warranty? Thanks
  2. I was told today my Macan order has slipped a month due to the (supposedly world wide?) chip shortage. It's possible such delays could go on for months. I guess there will be no offers to pay interest on the 10% deposit the dealer holds.
  3. I've ordered a new Macan S. Any discounting was absolutely rejected. OK, I get that as most new cars are supposedly sold before they get into the showroom. My question is did you get anything 'thrown in' from the dealer when you picked up your Porsche? (other than a bunch of flowers) Any responses appreciated.

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