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  1. WTB: right side 911SC alloy trailing arm...the lugs that hold the brake backing plate are broken on my one. 😞
  2. In the process or having rear valance and side rear filler panels painted and wanted to know if the rear valance is smooth finish or stone guard ripple? I believe the side fillers are 3/4 smooth and bottom half stone guard ripple. Any advice on what came out of the factory would be great.
  3. In Iso so found some time to update on this. I replaced this connector above and it immediately fixed the high idle issue. So I guess it was the WUR not functioning that was causing my high idle but rather than having to rebuild the WUR it was just the connector. 🙂
  4. I am wanting to buy a 911SC rear deck lid and grille, preferably without spoiler.
  5. thanks for all of the reply's, I removed the 2 pin connector from the WUR and found corroded connectors and also the wires we hanging on by a few strands. I'll start with rewiring that first and let you know what happens.
  6. thanks for the responses, the car is a 1980 SC I have some further questions, If it were vac hose leaks wouldn't he idle be high all the time? With the WUR what controls it to turn on and off...if thats what it does?
  7. Hey all, I have what I think is an issue with the idle. When I start the car it will sit at 1800 RPM and doesn't seem to settle unless I stop the engine for 10 minutes after it's warm, I fire it up after a short break and the idle is back to normal. So the idle wont settle when the engine is running, remains high until I stop it and re start after 10 mins or so. It's like the part that tells the engine to slow idle works but only when it get extra hot when the car isn't running? Thought's
  8. Thanks for quick reply. It could work depending on costs I guess. Are you able to send a pic of the deck lid and a rough price for both. Don't worry about a pic of the spare, let me know a price you'd be happy with.
  9. Hey there, planning on removing my whale tail and WTB a standard grille to replace it. I have a 1911 1980 SC. Also chasing down the following 2 X rear bumper over riders - Preferably Aus / Euro spec 1 X Space Saver spare wheel 1 X Rear Deck grille PM if you have any of the above to sell or pass on 🙂
  10. Recently purchased a 1980 Targa and the original jack was missing. Does anyone have one they want to sell?
  11. Going to change the gearbox oil of a 1980SC with 915 box. Is there a general consensus of what to use that can be sourced locally?
  12. WTB 75-85 911 Targa roof. Will look at any condition.

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