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  1. I know this is an old thread but doesn't GL5 oil oil have more sulphur/phosphorus additives which are detrimental to copper and bronze components?
  2. Thanks for this I'm only glad we are going in to Winter as I'm in Brisbane as well. Do you know of any good A/C people in Brisbane or surrounds?
  3. So you would advise having the compressor refurbished AND to replace the serpentine condenser with a parallel condenser. Was this an expensive job?
  4. Thanks, sorry for the belated reply. On another matter you wouldn't know of a source for a Denso Nippon A/C compressor for a 1986 944 Turbo. The one in the car is leaking from the seal and I have been told that that compressor would have to be rebuilt as you can't get new compressor to fit this car. This is from a Porsche independent specialist.
  5. OK thanks I suppose my only question would be would any of these suit drivers side. Would also probably look at renewing the passenger side if they didn't match. PS What area of Brisbane are you in.
  6. Do you still have the seat belts. The driver's side belt on my 944 is very reluctant to retract. If so what are the prices?

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