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  1. Thanks for the offer, I'll pm you my number, I'd definitely like to chat with you about it all and pick your brain.. I was hoping someone with vems knowledge would reach out, highly appreciated mate! Still a while to wait for everything to arrive. I went with the Mac 3 port solenoid to go along with a Tial F46. I also have a full 3" to 4" exhaust being made from Albert @ Broadfoot racing, I know he takes his time and it's pricey but the quality of that system will be worth it for this car. While I have the exhaust out I'm shipping my turbo to Charlie @ Evergreen for rebuild and upgrade to a lightweight K27/8. I'll be running fairly low boost on the stock motor and just want to get it all running smoothly. I'll need a HPFP and adjustible fuel reg and some injectors but keep the boost right down and monitor the injectors along with the overboost control to keep things safe till then. The previous owner had a new head gasket fitted no so long ago so too which is nice. I have ordered all 2w replacement globes as I also wanted the factory warm halogen style too and keep I factory look.. Halogen globes lose brightness over time so I wanted to go with 2w and see how the fresh ones look.. I was a bit worried I'd cook the dash instruments with higher wattage too, ill swap them for 3.3w if they are not bright enough, nice touch! Have you checked the instruments since changing them for any sign of discolouration or heat marks etc..?
  2. VEMS... my car came with a faulty AFM and randomly stops so good reason to invest the funds in more modern management solution with MAP/MAF and with the WBo2 sensor for auto tune. The base map peep provides along with autotune I should be able to get a decent tune dialled in with some cold start and few other manual settings. There will a steep learning curve and I will have a tuner check over once it's setup plus I have peep to provide support. I'm currently doing a throttle body rebuild and full reseal of all vacuum hoses before it goes in along with dual port EBC to go with pipe, turbo, wg, hpfp etc.. Running low boost on the stock engine and will do a an engine build when the time comes. I expect a linear torque curve and a more usable power band
  3. Hey Sean, Are spacers on the front axles a viable option for correcting the difference? +14mm SR Fronts / -9mm SR Rears
  4. Free PPSR here! https://www.budgetdirect.com.au/car-insurance/ppsr-car-history-check.html The report comes from the official Government ppsr.gov.au site so it's the real deal! Can't beat free!! Haha 😂
  5. So far... I've started with the interior refresh firstly as lots of rattles, broken plastic parts from stereo install, worn switches and buttons needed repair and was a good place to start, as I work my way over the entire car, section by section and still be able to drive it in between. Currently awaiting parts to arrive from Porsche before reassembly, everything ready to be put back together now when parts arrive next few weeks from o.s. Removed botched stereo install, sub and amp cabling, door speakers etc through car Rewired battery and clean hatch, remove / replace broken antenna Remove all broken and worn switches from dash, seats etc, clean or replace Replacement all interior / dash globes with new OEM to replace faded old ones Dismantled door regulator and lock mechanisms clean and regrease, reinstall and readjust Recondition or replace all door and window seals where required I decided to try 18"s on the car for street use and retain the 16"s for fun track and club days I have a set of Porsche hollow spoke twists 18x7.5 50ET @ 8.6kg / 18x10 65ET @ 10.6kg with Michelin PS4 225/40ZR18 / 275/35ZR18. These rims weights are heavier by .5kg front / 1kg rear. 968 caster blocks and bolts will be installed along with strut rebuild and fresh bushings next and before rims are fitted. Porsche do not recommend rims above 17" be used on this car due to suspension components can become overstressed from increased weight of larger wheel mass and harder low profile tyres, so regular inspection of all suspension components will be done. The scrub radius will be altered with the rim offsets on the M030 axles so this will change the suspension geometry and will have a negative impact on the perfectly balanced OEM setup. i may add spacers to the front rims to correct the offset on the front axles and see how that works. I will reverting back to the Fuchs 16" OEM for any track or club driving. Some good wheel information here on rims and tyre sizes: http://www.944racing.de/felgengewichte.php https://www.alloywheelsdirect.net/information/fitting_chart/porsche https://dirtyoldcars.com/porsche-hollow-spoke-wheel-technology I am currently awaiting loads of OEM parts, full set of silicone vacuum and water hoses, VEMS stealth kit with electronic ignition module, throttle body rebuild kit. Will post more as parts arrive and time permits Hey mate, certainly have taken pics.. Have added an album link below that I'll post to as I go and I'll add some comments too when images are posted.. Cheers.
  6. Here are images of the work being done, I will post more as I progress Album of Photos
  7. Hey Guys.. I thought I start a thread here as I'm fairly new to PFA so thought this will be a good way to get involved in the community here by sharing the project I'm doing and my passions for Porsches in general. There is so much knowledge on this forum and it's a mainly positive community here so hope I can contribute. I've just recently purchased a 1989" 944 Turbo and I am going over the entire car to restore/recondition it to mint condition, even though it's already quite an original example, being a 32 years old, over the years and many previous hands over the car it's ageing and things need to be done all over to bring it back to a clean car. It's a good time to start documenting the work I'm doing early on so I can capture it all as i go, the project is going to be slow and probably take me a couple of years but i'll try to collate some useful info here. I'm sure there will be some 952 gurus who will be interested in what I'm doing here and many will be able to provide insight on the stuff I'm working on. So much development and knowledge has been accumulated over the last 30+ years on these cars that can be learned from and it's amazing that most parts are still being manufactured and are available from Porsche which makes keeping these older cars running even possible. As 952's are becoming increasingly rare in excellent condition I want to preserve and enjoy this example. Any modifications will be as stealth as possible and an inventory of reversible original parts will be kept should they ever be needed, I will be very slowly placing attention over every nut and bolt on the car. My goal is a street / club use car to enjoy driving and wrenching on and always keep as one of my favourites, I've always wanted a late model 944 Turbo. Feel free to add comments and suggestions as any input will be welcomed and appreciated.
  8. Hi Bruce, Some great information in this this thread that has been interesting reading here. I'm hoping for some clarity further to this. I have a 89 952 (M030 setup as built) and I've secured some genuine Porsche Technogly hollow spoke 993 Turbo Twists (from a narrow body 993), the lightest twists made in the series, I hope when installed will reduce enough unsprung mass to provide responsive handling on a firm suspension setup on this chassis. I'm hoping these will work well on my car for street and performance driving in the country winding roads etc, the car will run more than stock power and will need suspension setup. Front 18x7.5 ET 50 / PET 993.362.134.05 @ 8.6kg + tyres Noting the comments made on the the scrub radius on the fronts due to the slight offset difference, the front rims would be sitting 2mm further out than stock and larger diameter of the wheel etc. Rear 18x10 ET 65 / PET 993.362.140.01 @ 10.86kg + tyres How will the rears perform in 18x10 ET65? I don't want to modify the car in any way except suspension adjustments, I believe the car can accommodate 18x10.5 no issues from my research. I will likely need to run spacers on the rears as rim will be 44.8mm closer to the suspension strut and the outer rim will poke out 18.8mm more than before. Also I'll have to understand the correct suspension setup for this configuration so it sits flat and handles, I will post a new tread on this as its getting off topic but any general advice on this would be appreciated. Thanks... Adrian
  9. Thanks Stepho! Keen to get involved in any good Melbourne meetups or fun drive days.. PM'd you.. He didn't get asking price btw
  10. Hey Tingy! I am the new owner of the 952! I picked it up last Friday.. I thought you'd be interested to hear from me... After looking for many years for a 952 example worth buying, especially as there are so few M030 Australian delivered cars around I snapped it up quickly subject to inspection.. Adrian Harkin / Hartech did the PPI and it all came up clear.. Ray has quite a few cars and didn't have any more room to store it and wasn't using it.. As it turns out Ray was an old mate of my (late) old man who had many Porsches and was heavily involved with the cars in various ways his whole life. Your right it is a beautiful car, I've been going back through the service history and maintance reciepts to learn the true history of the car.. It been great that they've all been passed on through all of the previous owners.. I've taken the time to scan the reciepts and service records in order to map out the details of who/how many previous owners there have been and details of the cars full maintenance history etc. As the offical books were not filled out for the last 30k, I want to update the records to match the reciepts for good keeping, I was hoping to be able to pm/call you to chat about the car and also get some missing details about the last few service intervals, some of the reciepts didn't have the odometer reading filled out.. I am new on this forum but have been seriously into Porsches all my life so it's really special for me to have found a specific car I've wanted for over 20 years. It's very cool to read this post, a small world.. I did some searches on the previous owners, I noticed the car has PFA sticker so I searched the old registration number on here and your posts popped up when you first got the car back in 2018 and now.. The car is clean and rare, Ray had it stored for some time virtually unused, I spent the last couple of days removing the amp and speakers that were previously installed, replaced a few sensors and bits and pieces here and there that need doing due to its age and that it hasn't been run in a while.. I will progressively go over the whole car in detail to get it mint along with a few small reversible mods. I will definitely drive this car enough to properly enjoy it.. I don't care what it cost or it's worth now/later, I'll just love it, drive it and appreciate it.. Thanks mate! Adrian

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