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  1. I'm looking at a watch from Nicholas Hacko at the moment, but haven't bought any watches online before. Most of my collection have been bought new, or from dealers in Melbourne where I could see the watch "in person". Anyone have dealings with them? Straight shooters? Reasonably priced? Concerns/reservations if a watch comes with box but no receipts/papers? How much does that devalue the watch?
  2. Make sure your A/C is working 100% - It'll be hot as in summer with all that glass. Looks great though 👍
  3. Talk to Ben Faggetter at Weltmeister - he's a wizard with 993's having set up many cars for PCV club competitors, including mine.
  4. SOLD - thanks to those who expressed interest.
  5. SOLD - thanks to those who expressed interest.
  6. SOLD - thanks to those who expressed interest.
  7. This is the new replacement (official) Porsche 2kg extinguisher kit/mount for 991 GT3/RS/GT2 that I have just received to replace the previous unit which was deemed non-compliant with Australian ADR's. Retail price is over AU$800. Asking $400 (+postage if applicable)
  8. I got this harness with my 991 GT3, and have no use for it (I'm only using one on the driver's side). It's new in box (never fitted), includes all the mounting hardware. Expiry at the end of 2022, so for club competition (under Motorsport Australia rules) it's valid until end of 2027. Red colour, and fully HANS compatible. Retail price (see link or Porsche website) is ~$800, asking $300 (+ postage if applicable) https://www.demon-tweeks.com/au/schroth-porsche-2x2-harness-1437370/
  9. I got this genuine Porsche battery maintenance charger when I bought my GT3, but already had a trickle charger for it so it's surplus to my needs. As new, retail price $295 (see link), asking $150 (+ postage if required) https://shop.porschedoncaster.com.au/porsche-charge-o-mat-pro-12v
  10. I got this genuine cover when I bought my GT3, but already had a cover for it so it's surplus to my needs. As new, complete with carry bag, retail price $750 (see link), asking $450 (+ postage if required) https://shop.porschedoncaster.com.au/indoor-car-cover-911-gt3-design
  11. Surely not a genuine wheel!!! Plastic? Outer rim diameter looks 2" wider than inner - could be a problem fitting a tyre on it 🥴
  12. Where did you get the tilting seat mount from? Would be very handy on the passenger side to access the rear space in my GT3 with LWBS's.
  13. Yep - Vic stamp duty is now 9% on all cars over $150,000 😱
  14. Walk away and keep searching - the right car will turn up, you'll know it the moment you see it!! Regarding LWBS bolster covers/protectors, I picked up a used set of these on the forum. They look OEM - lovely quality leather, and fit like a glove! https://www.edguardusa.com/product-page/lwbs-bolster-covers

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