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  1. I mean, even if they accept a "low ball" offer, they'll likely make out with a few dollars in their pocket. Easy work tbh.
  2. Does it look lower than standard to anyone else? Maybe it's an illusion from the wheels?
  3. Because it didn't sell. If it's sold it goes to the sold section.
  4. I should have specified 911s, not Porsches. I think the Macan is more than half a million already. *Update - more than 670,000 Macan*
  5. Both Stage 0 and Stage 1 maps have 95 (91 US) and 98 (93 US) options.
  6. The 991 was the highest volume of any Porsche to date. Something like quarter of a million units worldwide from memory.
  7. They're both autos? The difference in price would just be the combination of the difference in kms (blue 70kms, silver 24kms), colour (silver being more popular), import vs Australian delivered, and perhaps the private seller pricing for a negotiation vs the dealer pricing to sell. In terms of resale, an Australian car will always command a higher price to an import (I'm not saying that is "right", it just does) and the classic Silver over black will always be desirable because of the 'car on the wall poster' nostalgia. If it were me, I'd not be looking at either of them, I'd be buying a manual.
  8. Totally agree. There's absolutely zero chance I would "upgrade" to a base model 991. In my mind that is a major downgrade, not an upgrade.
  9. Porsche also made ~15,800 991 GT3's. The number built doesn't stop them from being desirable. As a side, ~285 996 Turbo's were delivered new to the Australian market. Not a huge number. There will be a "more delays expected" announcement by Porsche in the coming week/s. Expect the used car market to have another leg up as dealers scramble to buy (and in some instances, re-buy) late model and/or desirable cars to fill their showrooms. Mine failed also in 2014 and was rebuilt by the dealer at a cost of ~$2700. I understand their is cheaper options now (probably then also).
  10. Some people prefer the naturally aspirated engines, but I get where you're coming from.

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