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  1. Yes, front splitter. If you have one, I'll buy it. This is what has been used, unfortunately you can still see the rough texture from all the driveway encounters.
  2. Pay a deposit and book it in for a pre-purchase inspection would be my suggestion. Unless you're a qualified mechanic, with experience working on these cars, leave it to the professionals to comb over it.
  3. Both of these options will make it black, but I don't believe they're going to address the scratches? I was considering wet sanding first.
  4. I have no glove box and no rear sensors. The glove box I could give or take, my other car has a glove box that is literally empty. As for the parking sensors I'm happy it doesn't have them as I think they look shit. JMO.
  5. Has anyone attempted to wet sand the front splitter? Mines scuffed enough to be noticeable but not enough to warrant spending $600 on a new one.
  6. (Not the size you're asking about, however) I ordered PS4S front and rears for my 996 Turbo today. Rears arrive tomorrow from Brisbane but fronts are on back order and are 6-8 weeks away. Best guess is the size you're after are also 6-8 weeks away.
  7. Today I changed a flat tyre. First flat tyre in 30 years. Not really how I wanted to be enjoying my car but at least it happened only a few minutes from home.
  8. Anyone have to sell, or know the best place to buy, a set of 996 Turbo Centre Caps? A PO has been a bit aggressive with the pressure cleaner on mine I suspect.
  9. Anyone have to sell, or know the best place to buy, a set of Titanium Lug Bolts? Mine are beat to shit (per my standard) and corroded. Why titanium? Why not? (I think they're all the same size, right?)
  10. Anyone have to sell, or know the best place to buy, a 996 Turbo Front Splitter? I could be talked into a C4S splitter (which I currently have on the car), and perhaps even ideally I'd buy both.
  11. I was looking at Chipfixx which, from the looks of it, is the same thing. I'll order from Dr Colour Chip. UPDATE - Dr Colour Chip also do not list L92U. They list 92T-X1 and 92U-X1. Why is this so hard haha.
  12. It's certainly not easy! As I'm only doing very small touch ups it may not make a difference. Thoughts?
  13. I don't see any talk of catastrophic failures with the Mezger engined cars?

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