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  1. A friend was also doing volunteer duties out on the track as well. Was a great day out with lot of GT3s and other really nice cars on the track. I can see how addictive it can be, I couldn’t get the smile of my face for ages after just a few laps. Thanks, My youngest son took it from the passenger seat while doing laps.
  2. PCV, Sandown event. My first time on the track with Porky. It was sedate being kept on a tight rein, but lots of smiles at the end.
  3. Dealers pay a much higher cost than us plebs. Multiply that by all the cars they they stock, it an exxy exercise for them. Not that I feel sorry for them at all.
  4. Was that me that poo pood them? I queried them but not poo pood. well if that was me?
  5. Yep some posts need to be quoted again.😍
  6. Not much but I have color coded the side ducts on my 996. Although I’ve tried to convince myself that the black plastic ducts the car came with when I bought it was ok ,the look wasn't a winner IMO. Next week it goes in for front top mounts.

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