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  1. Joz

    996 turbo hollow rims.

    Yes, with numbers they are legit. I would rather deal with locals though. I missed a lovely mint set a little while back for a great price (less than that), but I was still in limbo with the car. By the time the car came through wheels were sold 😢
  2. Ok what’s the boost get to in standard tune?
  3. Aaah insurance time. Well done obviously the car checked out ok 👍 I would be trying for what ever the car owes you , full purchase price and on road costs . I have just gone through the motions as well . Yep, we love supporting our govmint as often as we can😢 viva la taxes!
  4. Reallytruth be told,nothing at all, I absolutely love it . But when a manual turns up less than a couple of weeks after purchase for only a fist full of shekels more , grrrrr😁
  5. As the title suggests I’m after original factory turbo twist 996 rims. let me know whatcha got! Let me know how much? We can talk . im in Melbourne 😊
  6. I have but am somewhat having buyers remorse kind of,if this car was available a few weeks prior and is as advertised , even though I actually got what I wanted , yes I love my car but.. 😁 🤷‍♂️ I wish at least I had a few more options . But I am willing to give at least first impressions re visual presentation for any interstate buyer before they commit to traveling to check it out. Apparently it’s less than 10ks from my place so not an issue for me. Also I feel the urge to solve the mystery re this car.
  7. Still waiting for contact🤷‍♂️I’m keen as ! Ok, my conspiracy theory is he’s wanting to buy a car but trying to artificially drag pricing down.🤔
  8. Why would anyone list a car without correct vin number? Let alone if your trying to sell something of this value , IMO it’s not a mistake! Yep! Some simple due diligence.😊 Makes you wonder the game is? Why go through an add and then not try to contact any of the enquiries? Weird!!
  9. I’ve checked both the Vin number and rego, they belong to a grey Subaru. so I’d say scam 🤷‍♂️ Dam why did I double quote,sorry luzzo 😁 so this add has some history huh!?
  10. https://www.carsales.com.au/cars/details/2003-porsche-911-turbo-996-manual-awd-my04/SSE-AD-6353221 Absolute bargain but I feel like something something smells funny . SCAM!!
  11. I'd have to agree, the pain we endured for our training was kind of extreme considering we were doing it for enjoyment. I was a karate and kickboxing tragic for many years gaining blackbelts in a few styles, now my whole body hurts just getting of the couch 😥
  12. Excellent, martial arts trading is something else. Gave up though a few years back with bad knees and hips. My surfing also fell away soon after. Unfortunately chronic injuries have taken control of many aspects of my leisure time.
  13. Good work, need to pounce if it’s the car your looking for. I did the same.👍 By chance did you get to check out the under hood code label? It gives you all the codes for factory fitted accessories. C23 is the Oz delivery code. hope the PPI checks out without any major issues, I’m loving mine 😊
  14. I remember when battleship grey wasn’t a color, it was undercoat.

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