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  2. I was offering my thoughts on your post. No need to be an insulting keyboard warrior. Its easy to be a hero on the road. The cemeteries are full of them.
  3. No matter how hard or soft you are driving, if something catches up with you (even the local garbage truck driver) they are traveling quicker than you. Don't be a dick. Let them get past so you all continue to enjoy your day. Racetrack - different story unless they are a LOT quicker than you. Marshalls will blue flag you. Ignore that and you do the walk of shame to the control tower.
  4. That looks great. You can hang your tools on it as well. 🤣
  5. I'm having problems with my race car. Clutch playing up. Not sure if its the pushee cylinder or the pullee one. Both need replacing I think with something far more sensible.
  6. SHIT. Another 6 weeks lock down. Supposed to drive this at Sandwon next week. BUGGER. 🥶
  7. Fat Elephant stamp for a Cab. Hooray!!!! 😀
  8. Was at PI Historics a few years back. Owner Ernie is a great bloke and bought it over from the USA. He has also had this one at the event and the AGP for last couple of years.
  9. Recently had the same problem. Plugs out, fuel pump disconnected, crank crank. nothing. Even connected up a manual pressure gauge in case the electric one a dud. Booster pack on battery so kit would spin quicker. Nothing. Pulled the cover and give the PVR a tap with a drift. Nothing. Then saw that the PVR spring on another motor I had was shorter (less resistance maybe). Put that in and Voila. Oil pressure. Put everything back together and the car started up with good oil pressure. Pulled the spring and put the original (longer) spring in. Restarted and no issue. Great pressure at idle and at revs. Can't really explain why that worked but it did.
  10. You fix gearboxes for a living? 😀 She'll be right mate. Just bang it through. What? I'm sure I said use the clutch on the down shift. 🤣
  11. Can't see anything wrong with those headlights.

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