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  1. Major work and cost involved in the Fords/Commys etc to run the computers and all the other stuff according to an ex copper I know who had to set them up. They had to keep the engines running at fast idle at crash scenes etc when lights and all systems operating. So Tesla range would be - get to the publicity display, flash some lights etc and back to the depot for a recharge.
  2. Guessing you've been there once or twice before. 🙂
  3. Or this one. http://www.my105.com/ListingDetails/id/21317/exfeature/1 Group S or Group N? Choices Choices.
  4. That's why you are known as the Lucky FUCHer
  5. Coupes do it. Utes do it. Even shiny silver Cabs do it.
  6. Not me mate. I was a good boy and not with the Wing club wankers.
  7. Nice work. Surprised they allowed a helmet cam though.
  8. Just spent 3 days in the area based in Colac (did 770ks) on back roads and didn't touch GOR once. No traffic and heaps of fun.
  9. Did 770ks over the last 3 days in the 996 in the Otways area chasing some friends around the great roads, eating good food and having a red or two. Car is a lot dirtier than it looks here.
  10. No GST or LCT and you're getting a Singer built? I think the start price would be pretty irrelevant. 🙂
  11. Maybe you need a really good oiling up! 😀
  12. Airhead

    Nice weekend's work

    That's ... UMMM... up there. 💸💸💸

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