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  1. Choice. 1/ Look really cool. 2/ Drive a nice car and enjoy it. πŸ˜€
  2. Safari 911s - the new black. πŸ‘
  3. So what is a good road car can turn into a bone shaking/teeth rattling wanna be race car? πŸ˜€
  4. Exhaust might be pointing the wrong way but. πŸ˜€
  5. Why does everyone say to upgrade the tie rods? Do the standard ones break or it just a thing to do?
  6. It's Ok @hugh Come across to the dark side.
  7. Work out you budget and timeline. Then double the first and triple the second.
  8. White board. Written lists/job sheet under the wiper blade. Try and remeber the rest. Check everything twice at least. I'm an old bloke. Having said that I woke up this morning about 3am and thought "Shit. I haven't tightened the pinch bolt on the steering column I had out yesterday." Today's first job. Done.
  9. Airhead


    That's torn it. πŸ™„
  10. Had to read that logo at the bottom twice. Although with that jaw line you can't be sure?
  11. Today No. 1 Walking across a road at the corner a green TVR rego TVR 300 came down the road slowly and turned into the road I was crossing. He jumped on the brakes late and gestured at me as though I should have waited for him. Shook my head and give him the bird. He then abused me through is canvas (probably leaking) roof as he completed the turn. No. 2 Commodore in front of me at the lights. Female driver not focused and took a while to move when the lights went green. No big deal. Next lights she looked down just before the lights went green and started fiddling with something to her left. I got on the horn. She moved off giving me the bird. I flashed my lights and she brake tested me. I got on the horn (which is loud) and stayed on it. She brake tested me again - 3 TIMES - coming to a complete stop on the last one. She then ducked into a service lane with a final brake test on the way in. No. 3 Just out of Belgrave where the road starts to twist, a woman from north of Australia is doing a U turn over double lines just around a tight blind bend. Narrow road so its a 3 point turn. Was it a full moon last night?
  12. There's a name for blokes like you. πŸ˜€ She can paint but.... She gets around. She's even been to Honk Kong according to Insta πŸ™‚

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