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  1. Bathurst 12 hour coming up. What to do? Don't want to sit in front of the telly in the lounge room all day. Things to do in the garage. I know. Whack a TV in the garage. One of those big cheap Aldi jobs. That should sort it.
  2. I'll swap you and old pair of multi grips, a plastic bleed tube and 2 meat pies for what you take off. 😀
  3. is this still the up the street 'round the corner restoration?
  4. 89? Carrera Cab in Belgrave Vic this afternoon.
  5. I was there a couple of weeks ago. One time running at 160 - 180ks, moving out passing etc slipping back to middle or far right lane depending on traffic. 2 992s went past left lane - made me look like I was going backwards. A number of times running at 140 - 160ks in the middle lane and being passed by bloody white vans running faster!! Then there was the traffic crawls for 10 - 11 ks when there was a hold up. Best one being a truck carrying BMWs had a big one and tore the front of it. Took 50 mins to get past that one.
  6. It IS built. Don't you know class when you see it?
  7. When you see this on your GPS planner. 134 minutes to do 230 ks including getting out of town and into the next one. What to do? Hit the autobahn and sit on 140 - 160 - 180 ks as traffic permits and enjoy the drive. Oh. And stay out of the left fast lane cause those quick buggers don't cut you much slack.
  8. I reckon that's an historic/recent event. Look at the white car in the background.
  9. Waste of time. He'd probably say it was a c*** of a job.
  10. Don't drop that there dear. It's not a washing machine.

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