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  1. Shouldn't that picture be on Ravens thread?
  2. 718s are great cars. Boxster or Cayman?
  3. Think you'll find there is BIG bolt behind the rubber holding the bumper on.
  4. So as you get older you have to look at PFA about once an hour at least right? And then you have to go the bathroom yeah?
  5. Geez. 10 years. Made me go back and see when I joined and it was 8 years ago. Bought 4 Porsche's in that time, hung some shit here and tried to make people smile/laugh occasionally. Lets see if I can do the same for the next 8 - 10. Congrats all.
  6. I remember that car resided in Bendigo Vic at one point. Owned by the guy who ran the Shamrock Hotel - can't remember his name. I do remember that it sounded really good. - i.e. loud.
  7. Quite different on first impressions. Amazing the difference really when they only 4 months apart in build date. Think I might have to do a back to back comparison and write something up. Yeah. Tell me about it. Bloody raining again today.
  8. You watch. next year that time will be blown away be an electric vehicle. We can only hope it is a Porsche. Year after that? Faster again with a car with no driver. 🙄
  9. Sorry. Was a private joke to garypgt3 as I purchased a covered one from him a few months ago. Also using as storage till a get a new garage built.
  10. That would attract a lot of kiddies. Or is that the plan?
  11. After yesterdays post https://porscheforum.com.au/topic/15634-water-out-air-in-996-964/?tab=comments#comment-297825 what did you think was going to happen? Last this after noon put a few ks on it. SWLTDF had first go a got a traffic jam. Then my turn. Damn this car is good. Proof it went out. Any of you guys own a Lambo or Ferrari? Spotted a number plate for you.

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