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  1. Didn't say I was buying one. Want your Fazza first. 😃
  2. The stats are amazing. So much technology. Like the look of them too.
  3. No complaints from SWLTDF upon tonight's viewing.
  4. Bit dodgy I think. Pic 9 Speedo missing. Probably winding the oddo back and thought we wouldn't notice. 🤠
  5. I'm gunna buy one. Get a personalised plate for it too. LIAM
  6. Very nice. Can't see in the pics if it has a radio. But you don't need one. 😀
  7. How old are the last group of pics? Different No. plate from 1st pic.
  8. After getting a few items attended to on the 3.2 (new tyres/starter motor/battery/+ other bits & jobs done) over the last week or two, decided it needed a drive. So today (yes in all that rain) went up to Eddington for the historic sprints. Great catching up with people haven't seen for a while and checking out some nice classics fanging down the 1/4 mile. Did 470ks in total and the car is singing sweetly. 🙂 Stopped in Castlemaine for a coffee on the way home and spied this. Can you be a hipster with a bike on the roof rack of a 996?
  9. Airhead

    Ashtray Wanted

    Ha Ha. It's my OCD issue. You can't see the broken bit but I know its there. It HAS to be fixed.

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