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  1. Airhead

    Slant nose, slope nose, flat nose, flachbau etc

    Saw a white one in Yarra Glen today. Looked genuine and had an early H plate on it. No pics - Sorry.
  2. Airhead


    So you wouldn't work in a bar either then?
  3. Airhead

    Tyre Blackener

    You say that like its a bad thing.
  4. Airhead

    Tyre Blackener

    Ha Ha. This topic is OCD. Hi. My name is Airhead and I'm a tyre blackener. 🙄
  5. Airhead

    Gratuitous Porsche Pics

    Ross ? Mathesen Agree Shampoo turbo ( car now resides in Melb),Alan Hamilton 934 and John Latham 934 Blue car maybe Ian Luff turbo.
  6. Airhead

    Random Funnies Thread

    That's 'cause you're a retired ya old fart. 🤣
  7. Too bloody well is the answer. 4 mins over and ticket. BAMO $150 thanks.
  8. Airhead

    Removing caked on brake residue

    Got a set from Sierra Madre. Good quality. https://sierramadrecollection.com/911-930-74-89-/Wheels-Hubcaps/Center-Cap-Ring-Clip-Black-p18565.html Haven't decided on tyres yet. Has Toyo Proxes so might stay with them. Very aggressive tread pattern but only need a good all round road tyre as won't be doing any track work with this car. Thanks JB. The brake residue was up to 4mm thick in places so a slow process. The wax was original factory overspray and a real pain. The polished rims are still a bit cloudy so need more work. Ceramic coating a good idea.
  9. Airhead

    Removing caked on brake residue

    Finally got all wheels finished. Crud all gone. Brake residue/dirt/wax. Used degreaser/turps/wax remover/prepsol/swear words. Hand cut shiny bits with Autosol. Used a wheel buffer to cut inside and out with a good quality cut paste. Finished off with Mothers carnuba wax. They're not brand new but I'm happy with the result. New centre caps to be fitted. New tyres next as these are 10 years old.
  10. I'm really old fashioned as I used to actually meet up with people and talk to them. Now with forums though you can get involved in banter and in depth conversations that hold your.....um... ah... What was I saying?
  11. Airhead


    The original seats are OK for me on short drives. But then I'm a lightweightish skinny arse. Be careful with seat height as the steering wheel is usually quite low on converted cars.
  12. Airhead


    Because with a rear engineYcar that's the way you leave the road when you get it wrong. you should know that Raf
  13. Airhead


    914 - 4 cyl cars. 1.7, 1.8 or 2.0 litre. 4 stud wheels. Removable targa top. 9146 - 2.0litre 6cyl. 5 stud wheels. Wheel discs. Removable targa top 914GT The race version. Carrera 6 engine, big wheels,big flares, fixed roof. They built 7 and only 430 survive.🙄 Values - 914 15 - 40K 9146 70 - 140K 914GT - 400000 - 500000K
  14. Airhead


    Definitely the same car. (I think). White/flares/big motor/etc. D used it on track and was at a couple of shows.