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  1. Hi Porky, Got your SMS. I’ve replied. They’re yours. Cheers niels
  2. One pair of H&R 4695716 wheel spacers and bolts. Usual German quality. Bolts in excellent condition. Was off a 997.1 turbo but it seems like it will fit most models. Google will inform you if they will fit your car. $100 plus p&p. niels 0437399960
  3. Just noticed it. And you’re dead right.
  4. Nah… I’d never say too good. Merely that I’m not so sure someone looking for a slightly soiled size 22 wedding dress would have higher priorities than sourcing a 911 Speedster. But, as I said, wonders never cease.
  5. Wonders never cease. A platform to advertise unwanted kittens and second hand wedding dresses also works for an $800,000 Porsche. Who’d have thought?
  6. Indeed, Merv. A shame to send them to the metal recycler. They’re too nice to be destroyed. My plan B is to convert them to glass topped coffee tables.
  7. Made by 911-Tuning in the USA. Beautiful workmanship. In really good nick. Comes with brand new, never used Catalytic Converters and of course the straight through Cat-less option for those of us who are not Greta Thunberg’s groupies. For full details…See : https://www.kmdtuning.com/911tuning?product_id=5883 They're going for a tad under USD$3K for the complete set. Priced to sell at $1800 ONO which is really reasonable for this system in excellent condition. Reason for sale is that I am converting my new to me 997 turbo to be totally standard as it came out the factory door. It was fast enough then. It’s already too bloody fast for me. Phone : 0437399960
  8. Nah… I’ve replaced them with the identical OEM wheels. My aim is to keep the car exactly the same as the day it came out the factory gate.
  9. Please note: These are Non OEM Replica wheels, Made in China but actually not bad quality. And therefore priced appropriately. Two of 11JX19H2 Rear wheels ET 67 Two of 8.5X19H2 Front wheels. ET 58 Four as new wheel centres. Made in Italy. Two H&R (made in Germany) 23 mm spacers together with 10 matching long bolts. Wheels are in really good nick, only one bit of kerb rash on one of the fronts. See photos $600 for the lot. Pickup in Noosa or you can arrange “Pack and Send” to collect and ship to you. I have boxes for the wheels.
  10. OK… here’s my experience. I shipped my new to me 997 turbo from Perth to Brisbane a couple of weeks ago via Alan’s Unique Car Transport. Eye wateringly expensive but truly well worth every cent. They did every thing right, their truck is setup to load cars with very low ground clearance, their handling of the cars is both gentle and respectful, the office girls Lee and Karen were first class to deal with. Totally faultless. In short 5 stars. Pay the money and sleep well. I will use them again. By way of contrast, I tried to deal with CEVA. Yes, they’re cheaper but they’re dodgy at best. You can ONLY speak with someone in Manila who has zero idea of what he/she is talking about. To be fair, if I were transporting a rusty old 1995 Hyundai Getz then I’d have no qualms using CEVA. But for anything of value, run for the hills. Alan’s is the Go! (to be clear, I have absolutely no financial or any other interest in Alans s Unique Car Carriers. I’m just a satisfied customer who believes it’s worth paying extra to keep just one more Aussie in a job)
  11. Book by Adrian Streather. 656 pages of pure 996 goodness. This is an encyclopaedia on just the 996, it’s about 50mm thick. And honestly it is absolutely brand spanking new, I haven’t even turned a page. I had already read a friend’s copy cover to cover and then ordered it under the mistaken impression that I would buy a 996 which never happened so now I have no need for it. Also included is a 64 page booklet (read once) entitled the Essential buyers Guide to the 996. Anyhow, $130 for both.. plus post and packing. Cheers… niels 0437399960
  12. Yup. Did that. After a minute I was transported to downtown Manila via a very dodgy VoIP connection. Starting to think it’s more than the VoIP connection which is dodgy.

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