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  1. I agree - its not about the price - they are only going up..... but more about the delta/vs time in this case for this car. RHD anything = small market = smaller numbers of cars built = smaller demand in reality (not a ww market) Anything super rare (964RS x 6 sold in AU or 993RS x 37 sold in AU) will always be desirable, i know of at least 3 x 993RS sales over $700K
  2. The "issue" i see is this..... We all know they (and Duttons - both owned by same PE firm) have been squirrelling away cars for years..... When they pull this type of thing on a recent sale/buy - and everyone knows there is 40 points in it - then we think ALL of their cars have 40 points in them (which TBH i'm not sure they do) - which in turn creates their dilemma.... they either sit or they lower the price.... then everyone wants discounts..... No-one would be having this discussion if the collective didn't know it had sold 12 months previous for $100k less. But we do know... Like @symsy pointed out - at that $$$ a UK import looks more appealing, no? Just my $0.02c
  3. I agree, however I was referring to: - A 964 C4 on Turbo body (factory 993). -Original RHD. The above, copied from the ad - Which part is Factory? Ive had a HK import previously - and they are fans of "filler"
  4. Are they? Which one? 993 or 964 ? 😂 I am trying to understand the wording?
  5. https://www.carsales.com.au/cars/details/1990-porsche-911-carrera-4-964-manual-awd/SSE-AD-6277124/?Cr=4 WOW! Cracksmoker? Or am i missing something?
  6. Not knocking your car at all - but i think the atmospheric asking prices (note ASKING) are reserved for the WB versions at this point...... And I agree - biiiig $$ for a N/A tipper
  7. Looks like a really really nice job! Clearly been done with all the right bits and attention to detail - As they say you Gotta pay to play!
  8. German Sports Cars = specialist independent - now THATS a stretch! I go into the garage for a few and miss these gems!!! Best line yet! Ok - scratch the above - THIS ^^^^^ is the better line
  9. @symsy But will they ever go down / back to what they once were? Or an ever upward climbing "stock"? + given the propensity here against slandering every "import" unit they reach cult status ..... What would be the likely upside? Other than a cool jigger to drive?
  10. Lol, German Sports Cars - Those "post-it" notes don't mean crap - these guys are the worst - with a nice history like that - who in their right mind would send it anywhere but a dealer? The "Stainless Door Cards" are exxxxy to replace - and if there were scratched ????? Black is much cheaper - and the thresholds always tell the truth about usage..... Maybe just "missing" like the GSC history???
  11. And that there ^^^^^^^^^ is precisely why the Blue one isn't selling. Even if you paid the right $$$ = you'd still have to dump $$ to even get close. If you wanted a track car - its always better buying someone else's project..... they burnt the $$$
  12. Considering it would be a very hard re-sale - even if it was mechanically perfect - nothing is going to change: 1 - Colour Change. 2 - Fire history. 3 - Written-off status. 1. and 2. not such an issue IF (large IF) it was a collectable - Look at the $$ g-body 911s are getting despite being rebuilt or a different colour but #3 is impossible to change and hard to insure. It'd be reasonable buying to turn into a track car in the 7's. Depends on the driver, but you'd know
  13. As i have always said - for the right $$$ - make a great track pig!!! Take the spacers off the rears, (!) put a cage + good suspension in it. Coolers + Zorst + Tune = Firecracker!

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