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  1. @edgy Saw this at the recent Porsche Day @Parramatta..... Whilst the price "seems" high (iirc they were selling for around this at launch time) it is an EPIC spec. Just such a sexy car..... if you had a spare $1M
  2. Just picked up new "N rated" P Zeros for the stock wheels - spam incoming!!! For those that ask - to ensure that the warranty is extendable - you "MUST" have N rated tyres as well...... and try and get PS4s atm........ From the C&C on Sunday:
  3. the only way to do it - ALL IN!!! Stunning colour, nice bits going in - and look at all that aftermarket goodness!!!! ♥️
  4. It was a very big turnout - I arrived at about 7:15 - and had to park around the back - I was in the Spyder
  5. Continuing on with my weird and wonderful items i have accumulated over the last 25 years of Porsche ownership..... A very limited 50 Year Anniversary Booklet and Display Case + VHS Yes you read that right VHS ... So rare (or useless - your choice) that you've never seen one. The case is silver knit lined German Plastic, painted Arctic Silver - and even has outline of the super rare aerodynamic study 911 on the side.... Case is made in `Munchen' and VHS may have been watched once. This is the pinnacle of a neurotic Porsche collectors nerd dream finds - Until i find something else obscure..... Makes a great conversation piece. Booklet is uncreased and looks like never even read. $70 Incl. Express Tracked shipping. Simon.
  6. Vitesse 1/43 scale MOdels. 1 x #23 from 1995 Frankfurt Auto Show. Mint - display case is a 9/10 - could do with a polish. 1 x #76 1998 Le Mans Qualifying car - JUMBO Car is mint (but missing rear wing blade) - display case is fair. $50 for both Shipped Express Post. Simon Simon
  7. Bought as part of my planned upgrade - went in a different direction. Will fit ANY 997 incl 997.2- clip off and clip on. Brand New in Box - Only taken out for pics. WAP 997 424 155 90A15 Cheapest is Suncoast - @$50 USD + Ship + GST. $60 including Shipping - Express Australia Wide. Simon.
  8. Really? Wheels are a personal thing i guess = but they are replica RS rims...... They always look better on non silver cars tho (IMHO) but big $$ for a tip no? and its been for sale for a while - i recall seeing it advertised sometime ago?
  9. @TwoHeadsTas Thanks mate - Thats the old garage = the new one is way better (bigger)

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