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  1. Absolute no issue - totally the way to go, most Porsche club NSW drivers have been using them for years.
  2. mc968cs

    Cayman GT4 RS

    If so well done. By when…I was told 2 years….? 😝
  3. That’s an interesting question as supply and demand will be matched, so will inform what people really wanted.
  4. If well driven that 996 gt2 is wicked quick. As fast as the fastest 997 gt3 with modded everything (think $250k in mods to the 997 gt3 such as whole underneath as Porsche motorsports suspension, built engine and regeared….). It’s a massively capable car.
  5. Awesome car…just get it wheel aligned properly. I did have rules for driving this car as you really are ‘on your own’ in it….. Helped one stay alive and enjoying it. 1. never drive it after a drink - not even 1 2. never drive it angry, not even a little .
  6. Interesting- a good mate got out of yacht racing a few years ago - he finds racing Porsches much cheaper, wife happy!
  7. can you imagine the cash tear up once the car settles to fair value / depreciates.....be like lighting up $100,000 notes!
  8. if exiting keep me in loop....need a diesel highway commute car ..
  9. ...i think every day for pcnsw close to sold out already!
  10. There are now 390 used Porsche coupes for sale on carsales. That’s a 44% lift in listings for sale over late 2021 level….. and 40 of them are gt3 or gt3rs! Wow.
  11. Any views on what a decent buy price is now - July 2022 - on a 991.2GT3 - w clubsport option?
  12. I do it get it either. It’s not rare etc so why buy and sit on it. It did 383km total, but now being 7 years old does that mean the oil has never been changed? If it was a boat it would have soooo many issues from lack of use! ‘nice spec. Weird.
  13. Yes this one’s being done totally right.
  14. Yeah that’s a very risky purchase at that coin….. $100k tear up quite possible down the track…..?

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