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  1. -2D…..That’s not very much front camber on a GT3…..you can double that on semi slicks or good road tyres and the car handles it - loves it actually….
  2. Autohaus Hamilton replaced mine recently - maybe try their parts department.
  3. Hi. Curious re what 997.1 GT3 w full Clubsport option are selling for these days? - i see 996 GT3 CS around 200 - I see 991.2 GT3 CS around 310-350 (ignoring 991.1 GT3 - too hard w those engine issues) - is 997 GT3 CS in middle? Do mods impact price up or down or same same?
  4. Ap racing j hook rotors are superb. Heaps better cooling than oem, I think last 2.5-3.0 times as long and weigh less…win win win.
  5. mc968cs

    996 turbo hollow rims.

    yes - i thought they were a highly coveted updated hollow spoke.
  6. mc968cs

    996 turbo hollow rims.

    👍 Ahh ok….I think they are hollow spoke however not the ones he’s chasing thanks. !
  7. Well….if you own one and it seemingly keeps going up, and is awesome to drive, sounds superb, and fun to own…..it doesn’t really get better…..as a 5+ sec to 100 car I can even actually use the right pedal…..10/10 really 🤩
  8. mc968cs

    996 turbo hollow rims.

    Hello @Joz a mate has some here for sale https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Porsche-18-inch-Turbo-Hollow-Spoke-Rims-Suit-993-996-997-/284281365521?mkcid=16&mkevt=1&_trksid=p2349624.m46890.l49286&mkrid=705-154756-20017-0
  9. i like them - but they look just like a carrera in that side shot
  10. welcome to the wonderful world of Porsche!!!
  11. For sale, my Axopar 28 R-spec (now renamed Brabus spec) full cabin with optional aft cabin underneath. Regarded and often written up as a 911 GTS of boats (seriously)! Details and contact is below. Great boat, optioned with the best of everything and new ones are now sold out until well into 2022. Honestly for the coin, easily a match for car fun with family / guests enjoying the experience too. https://www.eyachts.com.au/axopar-28-cabin-10870/
  12. Ahhh the good old days when we could get out and drive.
  13. interesting - what's a screen cost via the classic program?
  14. mc968cs

    Dansk Muffler

    Not Melbourne but Autohaus hamilton in sydney is from memory the official Australian Dansk dealer and usually stock them.
  15. The end of a 4700km road trip and the start of 3 or 4 days of cleaning it! (Ok I cheated and hired a pro for one of those days!). Loving this car.

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