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  1. Not sure about the later Porsche model used car markets that don't have the potential IMS thing, but in the used Boxster market at least, the price difference for a 987.1 vs 987.2 seems to be about the same for a full engine replacement or at least rebuild if it ever happened. The later 981 used Boxster's are way too high, in my opinion. I know there were other improvements with the cars with the new engines, but if you want to experience a Porsche and are not concerned about future resale prices, the "IMS engine" Porsche's are almost laughably cheap due to people's panic over them. I look at it almost like investing. I think the worst case model failure rate is 10%. That means you have a 90% chance of Winning. If I knew before hand with my investments, that I had a 90% chance of winning, I'd be laughing! Irrational markets provide bargains for the brave!
  2. Yeah - I think that's half the problem - the more you dig the more you find that can scare us. I don't think anyway is necessarily the wrong way, but we will all have to live with any consequences of our decisions. Good luck with your journey and please keep us all updated on how you go.
  3. Hi RobCarrera, Fantastic looking car and congrats. A couple of weeks ago - I bought my first Porsche - a Boxster 987.1 that is smack bang in the middle of the IMS of doom range. I'm not particularly concerned by it to be honest. I think the issue is quite a bit overblown, so I have adopted some others way of dealing with it, namely, "be alert but not alarmed". The car is only new to me, but seems to be in great condition. I plan to just ensure the oil filter is replaced inspected quite often and maybe deal with the IMS if we see any early signs or it somehow is bothering me and maybe get it done if additional work needs doing too. I also think the IMS "hysteria" is probably what's allowed me to buy in to Porsche so in a way, I'm a little thankful for it, just like for some people the "ugly fried egg" headlights have helped others too.
  4. That's my baby! Still has the same rims and tyres - see below. What did you call the wheels - Sport Classic? The first tyre pic is of the driver's rear wheel and the second pic is of the passenger rear wheel. Just a couple of quick pics - I've just taken now. I also took a couple of shots of the drivers door roof seal. I was aware of this common issue before I bought and it was something I was looking out for. It looks fine, however there is a small leak in this section in heavy rain if it the vehicle is stationary. No water gets in when driving, so perhaps it has been fiddled with. Again, it's a pity the seller felt he had to lie about the IMS to get a sale, because he was otherwise a nice enough fellow to deal with and I honestly think he thought he was going to keep it long term, hence the short shifter, sprint booster, reversing camera and Apple CarPlay infotainment that he installed, but he didn't seem to drive it much - still serviced it though, which is good. I know you sold it to him for $29K and I'm not sure if it's appropriate to publicly say what I paid, but I'll PM you. You can let me know if you think it was a decent buy or not - be honest! Anyway - it's great that you're on this forum and I have complete and full transparency on the life of the entire vehicle - good stuff for a 2005 model car! Edit - spelling mistake.
  5. Bingo! We have a winner. Enjoy your trip, Peter. I forgot to mention that in addition to the previous owner putting a short-shifter in it and the "Sprint Booster", he also added a new touch screen infotainment screen that has Apple CarPlay and Android plus a reversing camera. This was a positive for me, because I like streaming my music and the reverssing camera is a nice quality of life thing.
  6. Hi Peter, Yes please let me know the VIN and I'll confirm, although I already know it was yours. I bought it off an Indian bloke (he lives on the Gold Coast now) and he has indeed put a short shifter in it and added some kind of speed booster in it, which he claimed, gives it "PDK like performance". I haven't used it though, so not sure how it works exactly. The lying bastard about the IMS, though. Like I had said, he told me that the IMS had been done, but was unable to provide evidence, so I never believed him. He said that the owner before you had it done. He even advertised it saying the IMS had been done! Pity he lied about it - makes me wonder what else he said is bull... The IMS was preferred but not a deal breaker for me - obviously. Mechanically though, she seems all sound and it was left in very good condition. According to Peter's (won't insert last name to protect your identity) last notes that he did provide me with, he had only done somewhere between 10,000 - 14,000kms on it since you sold it to him. Any quirks things I should know about the car? Edit - It came with 19 inch rims of some sort. What type are they?
  7. Hmmm. You had a Seal Grey exterior with a full leather Terracotta interior..? That's exactly what mine is! Maybe I've got your old car! I'm the fourth owner. The car was originally delivered from Sydney, moved down to Tasmania - is that a clue in your name? Taken to Vic and finally to the Gold Coast. I think I've got your old car! I'm not a fan of the dull grey exterior (much prefer Speed Yellow) but the Terracotta interior especially in full leather makes up for it. The full leather makes it feel a little more special. It stirs an emotional response from me much more than the plain ol' standard black or grey interior. I want my fun sports car to stir something in me. I have a regular, dull, boring everyday car like everyone else for daily duties. On top of the amazing performance, to me, the Terracotta adds a little bit of theatre and drama to the car - especially at night. It reminds me of some internal parts of the Sydney Opera House. Slightly bordello perhaps (again not bad to me), but not crass. Quite moody and lovely. Happy for the Terracotta to polarise and be rare. Driving a Porsche full stop is polarising and rare. It makes the car even better - In my opinion, anyway...
  8. After my first post here mid way through last year, I am now the proud owner of a Boxster 05 987 manual S too. The previous owner said that the IMS had been done, but he was unable to provide evidence, so I reckon it wasn't done. Anyway, full inspection was done and it's mechanically sound. Not really concerned about the IMS to be honest. I'll be taking your approach of being "alert but not alarmed". I know it's cold comfort to somebody who's engine was affected and blown up, but I honestly feel as though the whole IMS thing is a bit overblown. It has presented some real bargains though and I've taken advantage. People are panicking about a fairly low risk thing in my opinion. Anyway, it has a pretty decent full leather interior which is quite rare and I'm thinking of getting rid of the last few bits of plastic in the interior. Can somebody direct me to where the best place in Australia is to buy OEM interior parts?
  9. Well done on the resto! Any updates/pics of the final, completed and installed leather?
  10. Looks a beauty. Fantastic condition. Good luck with the sale. Boxsters are criminally cheap these days.
  11. Fair enough, Langeheck and it makes sense what you're saying. I'll try the standard Boxster too. Thanks.
  12. Cheers TwoHeadsTas. See how I go with my search. Thanks for the info on the Speed Yellow one. Wouldn't mind the "hero colours" at all - at least it's a little more interesting. Beats silver, white, grey, black, dark blue with a black interior - so bloody boring and common!
  13. Hi All, First time poster and apologies if this is not the best place to ask, but figured I would try... I'm in the market for my cliche - retirement convertible. It will almost certainly be my last car purchase. I have always been a fan of the MX5's but have only just realised the selling prices of Boxsters are quite reasonable. I understand servicing can be a little high though. My "requirements" are quite specific. I'm looking for; 1.) 986.2 Boxster. 2.) Must be "S" model. 3.) Must be manual transmission. 4.) Only really looking for Speed Yellow or Arctic Silver or Seal Grey (prefer yellow). I don't like how conservative our cars are here in Australia - especially for a fun beast like a Boxster S. If I have to take a Arctic Silver or Seal Grey, I'm hoping for a different interior except for plain ol' boring black (again - that Aussie conservatism thing). 5.) Prefer IMS bearing replaced but will consider otherwise for the right vehicle. I love this one - alas it's a 986.1 model; https://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/slacks-creek/cars-vans-utes/2001-porsche-boxster-986-s-yellow-6-speed-manual-roadster/1269372157 I would get this one, which I see as the "definitive" and best Boxster. Only thing is I would be too scared to take it anywhere and I'm not a museum car guy; https://www.carsales.com.au/cars/porsche/boxster/s-50th-anniversary-badge/ What are my chances on securing my 5 requirements or do I need to lower them? Thanks all and apologies for the long post...

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