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  1. How much do you reckon a great condition set of Litronic Headlights are worth $1200?
  2. Thanks for the insight - Decided it's not for me. Some gaps in the history and other things.
  3. https://www.carsales.com.au/cars/details/2005-porsche-911-carrera-s-997-auto/OAG-AD-20132114 What would be a responsible offer?
  4. Still searching for a local company that will go to Gympie.
  5. Thanks for that POV. The owner had the engine out, so did a lot of other work just so he knew it would last him into his retirement. I don't know about the suspension and brakes etc. Would this be a smarter buy if I got it in the low $80's? -https://www.carsales.com.au/cars/A/2008-porsche-911-carrera-997-auto-my08/SSE-AD-7327921/?Cr=0
  6. That's a handbrake moment for me. I appreciate the insights. $20k + $52K isn't worth it.
  7. Thanks, Appreciate it. I trust the owner. History is patchy as it was sitting for a while and not driven ( he bought it from a family member ). The IMS was replaced to avoid any issues rather than fix them. and all other seals etc. Transmission and trip service has been done. DHM are too busy. I think i need a mobile mechanic and needs to be near the Gympie area. Any ideas?
  8. Just to close this off for anyone else looking - This is the newest way to thrust oil to the bearing. It's slotted drive key.
  9. Great thanks - This is the pic of the new IMS with the positive oil feed. Just checking this is looking ok?
  10. Thanks ! We are at the $52K - Which I think is fair. Any recommendations on a pre inspection for that area? Gympie.

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