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  1. Good gig? FWIW - I recently put a set of Martin M170 Extra Light (.010-.047) strings on a guitar, and was very happy with them. Super easy to play - as you'd expect - and settled to hold their tune very quickly.
  2. JustJames

    Cayenne wanted

    Not as far as I know. I do know with absolute certainty that plenty have done outside of the dealer network, which would mean that they wouldn't show up on any Porsche database anyway.
  3. JustJames

    Cayenne wanted

    At a thumbsuck, I'd treat 15,000km per annum as average. You're looking at cars that are 10-13 years old, so you should find one in your mileage range. At that age, if it hasn't had control arms replaced it's something to think about as a future service item. FWIW, these cars don't seem to have any major, spendy issues. I've had a small number of people (as in literally 1 or 2 in the last year) ask about valve bodies for autos. These are around $3,500 from Porsche, but a specialist may be able to refurb them.
  4. JustJames

    Cayenne wanted

    Sorry to hear that your Mercedes got mangled, but equally pleased that you did not! Early V8 Cayennes had plastic coolant pipes in the valley of the V. The plastic pipes eventually fail, but are fairly easily replaced with alloy ones from the later cars. If not picked up early, leaking water can fubar the starter. Cardan shafts have a centre bearing and a flex disk at one end. Both of these can fail. Both are replaceable, but replacing the centre bearing is a non-trivial task. Replacing the entire cardan shaft is prolly more cost effective. Front control arms need replacing on high mileage cars. They're big, heavy suckers that are fast and need to stop fast. Somethings got to give...and it's brakes, but that should not be a big surprise. Unless you find a Turbo S, brakes won't be silly expensive.
  5. I bought an invisible car bra, as far as I know.
  6. Lee, if I'm not getting my facts confuzzled, that little car has a terrific, buzzy little engine that revs to the skies. Good buying!
  7. Just a joke Tazzie, referencing Terminator and HG Wells via the Simpsons.
  8. Great! Geeks are making iron horses behave like the old-fashioned, edible sort, getting spooked by harmless objects near the road. But in case Skynet ever reads this, I for one welcome our new silicon overlords.
  9. JAX57 it's a pity you didn't mention this last week. At Cars and Coffee on Sunday was a very shiny (I didn't look any closer than that) red 928 with a sign on the dash that said "For sale, maybe. Call..." Maybe somebody on here thought the sign was cute enough to photograph? Anyhoo, the 928 presented sufficiently well that my (11 year old) son reckoned it looked more like a Ferrari than the Ferrari parked nearby.
  10. Very nice Amanda! Two of my Seikos (Seiki?) have clear backs...it's like watching something alive. Fond as I am of mechanical watches, I'm not sure that I could live with a manual wind watch.
  11. JustJames

    WTD muffler

    VVBS, a Dansk Sport is not a quiet zorst. It's not cartoony, window rattling, child scaring loud, but if you are specifically looking for something quiet, I don't think a Dansk Sport will fit the bill.
  12. Niko, the approach that I have found cuts through very well is to ask very politely: "If you were receiving this level of service, how happy would you be?" If the service is cruddy, it's a very hard question to fight back from, and it avoids any escalation (descent?) into an angry standoff.
  13. Tazzie, as I suspect you are well aware, there's an even simpler reason why sex works well (for species, rather than as a fantastic thing to do). With asexual reproduction, every individual is genetically identical. Which means that when a virulent disease comes along it can wipe out the entire population easily because there is no genetic variety. Sexual reproduction is a way for a species to hedge its bets against future uncertainty. This is what caused the Irish potato blight in the (?) 19th century. If only more spuds had gotten laid!
  14. I think you'll need some real driving music. Some Zeppelin. Whole Lotta Love, Immigrant Song, Lemon Song Some ZZ Top...pick whichever you like. It's Texas blues, so it's all the same 3 chords and the truth Some lo-o-o-o-ong songs 'cause they tick the miles over. American Pie, Telegraph Road Some epic 70's rock, to make the car feel young. Kansas, Boston, Lynyrd Skynyrd And finally, because it fits...

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