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  1. Hi Mike I thought you could only pull it out for me and I couldn’t get anyone to come back to me re rebuilding it and also needed it sorted ASAP as the car is with Garry Russell about to have the AC installed making the replacement a larger job… sorry mate, next time… G
  2. Hi MFX Any chance you might have the new one still lying around? May need one after I do some investigations on my 79 SC over the weekend. Guy
  3. So I essentially only now need part No 16... Anyone have one lying around!
  4. Just seeing if anyone has a set they are looking to offload before I purchase new... Cheers Guy
  5. Thank you all so much for your replies. I feel like I have a plan of attack now.
  6. Hi Tom, Ian Thank you both for replying. That said, now Im a little confused, so Ive sent the pictures to the AC installer to see what he thinks. I will come back to you both ASAP. Thanks again Guy Not too sure? The car originally had AC but someone has removed the compressor and bracket at some point, so Im assuming maybe I need all of the parts as the AC guy has asked me to find a bracket that suits the car that he can mount the compressor to? I'll take a better photo once I get back to the car but here is a screenshot from a video I have on my phone
  7. Hi All Anyone have a second hand AC compressor bracket to suit a 79 SC or know where I might be able tp pick one up that isn't crazy dollars? Cheers Guy
  8. SCM491

    SC or 3.2

    Hi Yatesy Thank for getting back to me. Whilst I do like the copper brown when I see one, I just don't think it's for me. She looks like she's in really nice nic! Appreciate the reply
  9. SCM491

    SC or 3.2

    Hi Guys On the lookout for a great Aust Delivered SC or 3.2. If you're thinking of selling (or even just mildly entreating the idea - please let me know). I am ready to purchase Don't be shy...

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