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  1. What sort of budget are you looking at? Cheers, Geoff.
  2. Well done John......it looks a fantastic car. Looking forward to seeing it. Welcome to P car ownership. Cheers, Geoff.
  3. https://www.carsales.com.au/cars/details/Porsche-911-2002/SSE-AD-5915775/?gts=SSE-AD-5915775&gtssaleid=SSE-AD-5915775&rankingType=Spotlight Now down to $249000. Still about $80000 overpriced....... Cheers, Geoff.
  4. Welcome...... Pics or it didn't happen...... Cheers, Geoff.
  5. They are all part of a Collection.......Owner wanted them all sold, so the Beetles came too..... Cheers, Geoff.
  6. Great colour....you can't go wrong with a GT4, congratulations. Cheers, Geoff.
  7. I know the owner. He buys and sells through them regularly. It's a nice car. He has three cars for sale there at the moment. He just bought a 991.2 from them. They currently have my old Ferrari 328 GTS for sale. The owner bought it from them, when I sold it, via the CTS. The same cars are bought and resold regularly through them. Cheers, Geoff.
  8. Hi Sebastian, Welcome to the Forum. If you have any questions, then you have come to the right place. The guys will be only to happy to help...... it's good to see that the car is going well. It is a good car, which you should be very happy with. Cheers, Geoff.
  9. The 05 VK Big banger is not what it is portrayed as also....... Cheers, Geoff.
  10. I did point that out to the prospective buyer..... It probably helped my sale, that that one was $10000 more. The new Owner is a nice guy and is keeping it original. Cheers, Geoff.
  11. SOLD SOLD SOLD......... The car will be staying in Sydney, so I might see it around. Thanks guys. Cheers, Geoff.

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