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  1. That is HOT!! I'm not sure the WOVR impacts the value that much if everything if fully documented including repairs.
  2. Stuckeys will have rears in sept, cheaper than Michelins too!!!
  3. Thanks for that! How would you compare these V a pure high performance street tyre like the Michelin PS4s? I'll rarely be doing track days just drive day enjoyment.
  4. Looking at new tyres for my C2 with 18 x 11R, 8.5F rims. Tyre sizes 295/30/18 and 235/40/18 Currently have Michelin PS2 R, PS4 F It's near on impossible to find a matching set from any quality brand in those sizes. Options are; Michelin PS2 R, PS2 F Michelin PS4s R, PS4 F Anyone got any other suggestions? Have had PZero's on other cars and don't like them, Had PS4s's and really like them, just wish Michelin made a 235 4s Front.
  5. Oh my…. https://www.my105.com/search/details/2011-porsche-997-2-gt3-cup-car/bf909afa-357e-459e-87e5-27d6c8322c7c?fs=e&s=cl
  6. Nup, lenses would need turfing, but how many 997 s's were done with factory ceramic brakes and Aero Kits?? Bloody rare i'd say.
  7. Michelin PS4S's are the best all round performance tyre on the market, hold out for them if you can.
  8. How nice is this!!! Remove the light lenses though... https://www.carsales.com.au/cars/details/2005-porsche-911-carrera-s-997-manual-my06/OAG-AD-20878976/?Cr=6
  9. Nice Track 996.2 Turbo, Kiwi car, WOVR, looks like it's had a swim. https://collectingcars.com/for-sale/2002-porsche-911-996-turbo-3?fbclid=IwAR1TKPKZYlNuT40JgwA63aMh1HTsRhbmtJhy9CJjDjiKKbc6TccHuj4YrEI
  10. With regards to stretching to the next model where does it stop? I guess budget and need for a car now dictates all that.
  11. Wowzer, those prices... YTG; "You're Too Greedy"....

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