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  1. Mine is 354402. I have never seen a Karmen body RHD. My assumption was Porsche did all the runs of RHD bodies. But, I am sure one day I will be proved wrong by some unicorn.
  2. Nice, is it a 354 4xx vin number? I think there must have been a batch of RHD bodies made in Sept 66
  3. I know of two 1967 cars, Saxon's car and mine, VIN numbers are four apart so I guess they were part of a small batch of RHD chassis. My car was completed on the 2nd Sept 1966 delivered to Rosemary from South Yarra 3rd of Feb 1967. Many years back I heard from a contact at Porsche that 23 912's where sold in Australia, 13 LWB so by deduction 10 SWB. Is this true? Not sure there are a lot of myths out there. Does anyone know this car? Looks like it was filmed in Victoria to me.
  4. No so much a unicorn, it is a three owner Brisbane car. First owner had till the early 90's when it was in an accident and needed a new rear quarter. Second owner fixed it up and painted it white because he hated the Bahama yellow. I bought it in the late 90's with the plan do historic racing. I built a 2.0 S engine and ran in historics as a 911S for 10 years or so before I bought something faster and more fit for purpose. In 2019 I decided it was time for a full bare metal restoration back to Bahama Yellow. I have seen the 911/912 delivery numbers to Australia, I am not sure how accurate they are. Evidently 13 SWB cars in total, not sure how accurate these numbers are. Anyhow, here are some photos.
  5. I have been looking after the 1967 car for the last 25 year

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