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  1. just finished my Porsche 996 conversion in Fashion Grey only one I know of .
  2. ARIEH


    sorry White is all right !! Maybe my monitor , as it looked like a light grey. must be an amazing car to drive .
  3. ARIEH


    beautiful car ! is the colour crayon or fashion grey ?
  4. Thanks Ferry's Protegé I can resist tinkering with cars . I just did my defender up with a full body kit , then thought why not the Porsche .
  5. Hi All, I have just joined this forum and have had an old 996 for many years . I have been playing with the idea of a kit and was able to first get some cheap 991 headlights from ebay. I was very surprised how close they were to the 996.2 lights , obviously without the blinker section. That got me thinking that they should easily fit the car. I purchased a 997 GT2 body kit and started the work on the lights as i wanted to preserve the original parts if needed . I quickly realised that i should have either purchased a set of 997 lights or a different kit. I had to remove the original mounting brackets from the 996 and remodel and refit them to house the 991 lights , not an easy proposition. The kit also had to be re-glassed to the shape of the 991 lights . I have finally gotten it to the paint stage and will be painting it Modern Grey / Crayon soon . Any suggestions on paint colour would be appreciated . Thanks for reading and hope you like the results . I'm sure there are some haters but what the hell Cheers Arieh
  6. ARIEH

    996 to 997 with 991 lights

    body kit initial assembly .
  7. ARIEH

    991 lights to fit

    hand crafted the 991 lights to fit the 997 kit . had to redesign the mounting brackets as well lot of work
  8. ARIEH

    996 final fitment final fitment

    final fitment of 997 gt2 body kit with 991 headlights
  9. ARIEH

    996 to 997 body kit

    Purchased a 997 body kit for my 996
  10. ARIEH

    996 to 991 headlights

    purchased a cheap set of 991 headlights on ebay and was amazed to see that after 20 years there was not that much of a difference in shape to the 996 lights

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