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  1. I haven’t had first hand experience but I have been involved with Club Permits since 2015. If you want to change your car from Club Permit to full Victorian registration then you are actually registering an unregistered car. The following is taken from the VicRoads instructions on registering an unregistered vehicle. How much does it cost? Use our fee calculator (on the right-hand side) to find out how much it costs to register your vehicle. Here’s what you pay for: standard registration charge number plate fee Transport Accident Commission charge motor vehicle duty fee You don’t have to pay motor vehicle duty if you’ve got evidence that your vehicle’s already been registered in your name in Australia. Hope this helps.
  2. If you ever want to move a Club Permit vehicle to full registration in Victoria then the only time stamp duty is not payable is if the vehicle has previously been registered in your name. This info is available on the VicRoads website.
  3. I have the CTEC permanent connector on my 981 Cayman and have connected the negative to the unused wiper mount using an M8 bolt and then I brought the lead out under the main cover next to the windscreen washer bottle.
  4. Hi 550Spyder Fabspeed do use the HJS 200 cell cats and even though their web site states “for track use only” they don’t appear to have a long lifecycle when on a car used predominantly on the track like mine has been. The problem may be in the actual diameter of the cat which I believe Fabspeed may have increased in their latest headers. If you are looking for a set then check out Soul Performance, they use the large diameter and should be easier to install, the Fabspeed design has restricted access to one of the head bolts on both sides. I don’t have any experience with the Carnewal product so don’t know what diameter they use. PM me if you want more detail.
  5. Sold, heading up North, wish I was going with them.
  6. Rennline FE04 Fire Extinguisher Mount to suit 987, 997, 981 & 991 with limitations on seat type. Details are available on Rennline’s website. Currently retails for $125.00USD plus freight. Price $125.00AUD plus postage.
  7. Hi Grimmy, I'm interested in these, can you give me the ET for the wheels. Cheers Garry
  8. RedMan


    Hi Arne, I’m getting my 981 muffler cut open by Richard at Rowville Exhaust later this week to repair a rattle. Mine has already been modified by Peter Star so I’ll ask Richard if he can modify a standard muffler.
  9. You should be able to buy a stand alone receiver board that can be connected to your garage door motor.
  10. I have two 981’s with PDK and I agree with CheesyGrin, his comments are spot on.

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