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  1. Will have 4 new PS4’s fitted before we return to Cayman territory (Tas) in April.
  2. And the owner was sitting in the passenger seat so you couldn’t chase down Mrs Redracn driving the R😬
  3. Hi Redracn, are you saying the 981 GTS is the better car😀
  4. Thanks for the suggestions Raven & Niko. Niko, I have used VuPlex but haven't had good results. I'll try the De Solve It first to see how it goes. I use Bowden's Rubber Off on the track car but it doesn't work well on the PPF
  5. Can anybody recommend products to clean insects, tar, rubber etc off clear PPF (Invisible Car Bras wrap)
  6. Hey Ando, was that the problem when you went sliding past the turn off to Old Sale Road?😬
  7. Contact Russell Kap https://kap.industries I have his bracket in my 981 Cayman
  8. Sorry Caretaker, sold and picked up this morning.
  9. I still have these pads, taking up space in the garage, price reduced to $50.00.
  10. Hi flamingporsche, would you be okay with shipping them to Melbourne if I organised the freight? Cheers Garry
  11. We put this shelving into my son's garage. https://falconshelving.com.au/collections/heavy-duty-long-span-shelving
  12. I have a set of BBS 18" wheels for sale. Rears RS707 18x10 ET50, Fronts RS706 18x8.5 ET45.
  13. Update, buffeting comes back at about 130kph and is really bad all the way to 230kph.

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