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  1. RVL

    Reborn 76 911S

    I believe this is a nut and bolt restoration
  2. RVL

    Reborn 76 911S

    It is completely torn down. Everything has been completely refurbished. Pistons went to US for reconditioning then it all went to the engineers for balancing. It is ready to go back together in the next few weeks when the remaining parts being cerakoted get back. Brad McKernan at McKernan restoration is doing the rebuild. They are at Kippa Ring so nice and local for you
  3. Yep, that's the car. I decided to take it off the market. I'm trying to get all the back story re Nations Cup. Seems like it has a bit of race history which is cool.
  4. RVL

    Reborn 76 911S

    Sure does. Looking forward to it. Just waiting on a few parts to come back from the being ceramic coated and the engine will go together. I have all the parts on a shelf. Where possible all lightweight RS OEM parts have been ordered. Just about to get started on restoring the wheels and bright work.
  5. RVL

    Reborn 76 911S

    Paint and under body now done. Time to put her back together.
  6. RVL

    Reborn 76 911S

    US car. Euro spec. 2.7 with CIS
  7. RVL

    Reborn 76 911S

    It’s back to original- even got the paint from Germany
  8. Here's the build sheet with 003 and 722 codes
  9. Here are a few photos of my project. Start to date...Engine rebuild starts shortly. 2.7 euro spec.
  10. Here are a few more photos. Engine cut off, cage modification and, I believe it has a Starr exhaust. It would be great to confirm that #70 is the car.
  11. I can't seem to find the GT3 post (pg 94) your referring to. Could you please share?
  12. Hi all,I was wondering if I can get some help? I have been told on two occasions my car was a Nations Cup car. I have no proof though. The car has an RS diff, RS gearing, upgraded brakes, internal and external engine cut off. If there is anything else I can provide for confirmation please let me know. TIA, Rob

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