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  1. Good to hear Brian. You were mad doing that job without a hoist but I take my hat off to you! Going well here. Enjoying something different with the French hot hatch. Fun car but I do miss the exhaust note of the S2. Hope to see you at an event sometime soon.
  2. Looks like a nice meet-up Brian. Always a nice drive out that way and good to see a bunch of 944s out and about. How is yours going? Clutch holding up well?
  3. Nice pick up. Having the choice of an NSX or 997 Turbo each day must be tough!
  4. Yes I've been a little surprised how limited the stock has been. Not many examples changing hands (at least publicly) at the moment. I have some 944 window glass for sale if anyone wants to pick up 'part' of a 944..
  5. OzJustin

    Stolen 944 Turbo

    So sad to hear for the owner. It's a 1990 model too so one of the last 15 Turbos in Australia. Hope he gets it back (and in one piece)!
  6. Thanks for posting. A good watch. Mr Cammisa's videos are always good value - he always has something insightful to say and knows the industry like the back of his hand.
  7. From what I've seen they bottomed out a while back and have been appreciating a little. COVID-TAX certainly makes it hard to judge though. Sort the known issues like IMS and they would make a fantastic weekender I reckon. I've toyed with the idea too!
  8. Congrats. Would love to see this one cruising around Brisbane. Surely some of the nice southern cars have to make their way up north eventually.
  9. OzJustin

    Exhaust mod

    You should post up a video of how it sounds.
  10. Bump for a fantastic looking 718. Can't beat a guards red Porsche!
  11. @slamdanke - Nice purchase! Slate Grey Metallic? Some colour as my old 944 S2 if so. Enjoy it. Rad!
  12. Fantastic looking 993. Good luck with the sale!
  13. Have you looked at the usual Porsche parts suppliers Shane? https://www.pelicanparts.com/catalog/SuperCat/944M/POR_944M_INTACC_pg5.htm I think I may still have the black cassette inserts from my old S2 but not the base armrest assembly.
  14. Bump - still have the window glass. $50 for the pair.

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