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  1. Some nice modern features integrated well. Great work Steve!
  2. I don’t know anyone who has used it but the basic specs look alright to me. I’ve read that we want a minimum of 1600ppm zinc but I’m not sure on what maximum is counterproductive. 2300ppm is up there.
  3. Still available. Have not heard back from the interested parties...
  4. Geez you Melbournites need to stop hogging all the RS Turbos. Share them around with your fellow states. @Ossie - Have Fitzgerald produced five replicas in total now?
  5. Hold on mate. Put the breaks on that one...
  6. Hi Rickie As I understand it, if your car is a later model than those listed above (i.e. S2 or later turbo) then you likely have a 25 spline axle. If you fit the range above you should be a 33 spline axle. I recall your car is an NA 2.5L so ‘should’ be a 33 spline (at least from the factory).
  7. Selling a set of four brand new CV (constant velocity) jointsThese are an upgrade over the OEM joints and have a larger, stronger cage and ball bearingsThey are Empi branded 33 spline inner raceI understand they will suit:- Porsche 924 1977-1982- Porsche 924S 1987-1988- Porsche 944 NA 1983-1989- Porsche 944 Turbo 1986-1987In as new condition. Only selling as I mistakenly ordered these but require a 25 spline version.Happy to post Australia wide$300 for the set of four. Price firm. https://i.imgur.com/U5TIvQH.jpg[/img] https://i.imgur.com/zBYbVa9.jpg[/img] https://i.imgur.com/bTzCiHj.jpg[/img]
  8. Hopefully they will work well with my 944 too. Had to snap them up. Thanks Francois!
  9. Good to hear Porsche have been cleared over the pass. Another one for the trophy cabinet! I agree Matt Campbell drove an amazing last stint with those fresh tyres. The 911 couldn’t match the grunt of the V12 Aston down the straight so he had to get creative with his pass in the twisty section. Awesome to watch! I will be tuning in again next year.
  10. Did anyone watch the race today? This is the first year I’ve properly tuned in and I found it pretty entertaining. Great to see a close battle between so many manufacturers and completely different engineering philosophies and strengths/weaknesses to the cars. How about the winning car and winning driver(s)... 👍
  11. Coolant tank and brake booster housing still available. Prices dropped.
  12. Hi Timm Keen to get in touch with you re the A65 poly but your PM box appears to be full/blocked. Shoot me a message when you get a moment.
  13. Low km's triple the price... I have always loved that gold colour though.
  14. Hi Zacc Will you be indexing the torsion bars yourself? If not then I’d think about the investment to properly setup your new coilovers. I understand it takes several hours to properly index torsion bars. If you delete them I believe you will have greater flexibility and simplicity of adjustment. Could be worth it in the long run. I’d be keen to hear other’s thoughts on how the ride/handling changes with and without torsion bars.

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