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  1. OzJustin

    944 intermediate shaft and CV axles

    Hi Timm Keen to get in touch with you re the A65 poly but your PM box appears to be full/blocked. Shoot me a message when you get a moment.
  2. OzJustin

    944 sale price

    Low km's triple the price... I have always loved that gold colour though.
  3. OzJustin

    944/968 Coilovers interchangeable?

    Hi Zacc Will you be indexing the torsion bars yourself? If not then I’d think about the investment to properly setup your new coilovers. I understand it takes several hours to properly index torsion bars. If you delete them I believe you will have greater flexibility and simplicity of adjustment. Could be worth it in the long run. I’d be keen to hear other’s thoughts on how the ride/handling changes with and without torsion bars.
  4. OzJustin

    Front Engine'd Porsche's at Le Mans ( 1981 )

    Interesting read Bruce. It wasn't a typo in the below sentence? A 400rpm powerband would be ridiculously difficult to drive around, even at Le Mans with high revs on the long straights! " it had bad turbo lag and only had power between 5,300 RPM & 5,700 RPM ,( was designed to have power from 3,000RPM ) "
  5. I'm running a set of these Carrera 5 spoke wheels on my 944 S2 and they are excellent. Very light too. Highly recommended.
  6. You chasing a set of Cup 1's Jason? Some track wheels for you...
  7. OzJustin

    944 intermediate shaft and CV axles

    Would be great if you could confirm if it was JMG. How long has yours been installed and I take it yours has been performing well and nice and smooth?
  8. OzJustin

    944 intermediate shaft and CV axles

    Thanks Port. Can I ask which supplier you bought through? You didn’t have any luck with local driveshaft shops for a rebuild?
  9. OzJustin

    944 intermediate shaft and CV axles

    That’s good longevity feedback. Thanks Timm. Did you notice any NVH change after you surrounded the stock gearbox mount with A65 poly? Shifting more precise?
  10. OzJustin

    944 intermediate shaft and CV axles

    Thanks for the recommendation 9fan. 👍 https://www.lindseyracing.com/LR/Porsche/LA-CVLB-085024.html
  11. OzJustin

    944 intermediate shaft and CV axles

    Thanks for the link Timm. Any driveability or NVH issues with the VW forged CVs? Are they a direct bolt-on to the stock axle setup but are just stronger? I might take you up on the leftover poly (thanks!) What hardness rating did you go and any longevity issues like Tazzie describes above? Will keep you posted re intermediate shaft options. I wonder if somewhere like Universal Driveshaft Services Qld could rebuild it with better bearings..
  12. OzJustin

    944 intermediate shaft and CV axles

    When you say the poly worked well ‘for a few months’ what happened after that?
  13. Hi all Seeking advice from members on the best supplier for a new or rebuilt RHD steering intermediate shaft (the one with U-joints on each end). My joints appear worn out and I’m getting some steering knocking so looking to replace the shaft. I came across this rebuild service from JMG in the UK and find it interesting that they say RHD shafts suffer more than LHD due to the proximity of the exhaust manifold i.e heat kills the bearings. JMG apparently install higher temp bearings. I need to email them to see if they still provide this service though. https://www.jmgshop.com/rhd-944968924s-steering-shaft---all-models-259-p.asp Any experience or local suppliers you would recommend? I’m also looking to change the clutch on my car shortly so will probably replace or repack the CV axles ‘while I’m in there’. From my research it looks like the OEM GKN axles are the best new replacement short of the beefier Lindsey Racing items (which are pricey and I doubt I would need unless I was to turbo the S2 at a later date). https://www.paragon-products.com/Axle-Assembly-p/pp951.332.038.02.htm https://www.fcpeuro.com/products/porsche-axle-shaft-assembly-gkn-95133203806 Again I’m seeking any first hand experience on whether new GKN axles or repacking my existing axles (including workshop labour) is the way to go? I have read that the polyurethane gearbox mount mod does a decent job of preserving CV axles. I have no problems with my current axles but am curious if any members have performed this mod? https://rennlist.com/forums/944-turbo-and-turbo-s-forum/728661-any-diy-for-the-transmission-mount-3.html
  14. Looking very slick floorprawn. Can’t beat a guards red 944!
  15. OzJustin

    Where to buy 944 parts

    Are you sure FCP add GST? I just added some items to my online cart to check and it showed $0 tax when shipping to Australia...

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