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  1. Water pump now sold. Have also added a brake booster housing to my listing.
  2. OzJustin

    A over ripe banana

    This looks like a very interesting swap. Definately keep us posted on the banana.
  3. OzJustin

    Replacing 944 S2 front bumper with earlier model's

    You guys are classic ?
  4. OzJustin

    My 944 Cabriolet

    That Targa Tour looks like it will be a hell of a trip. Great video too!
  5. OzJustin

    944 sale price

    @Tingy - Am I reading my Carsales notification correctly and your Turbo is off to a new home?
  6. OzJustin

    944 rim/tyre recommendations

    My vote would go to a set of Enkie NT-03. I believe Patrick Garvin was running a set many years ago on his 944 Turbo before it became the batmobile track car. He may be able to advise on the best size/offset. Re tyres - I would recommend Goodyear Eagle F1 A2 for a good wet/dry combo if going 17in+. The biggest determining factor for tyre options is obviously wheel diameter. The Michelin Pilot Sport 4 range look good but are only available in large sizes to my knowledge.
  7. OzJustin

    Where to buy 944 parts

    Does anyone have any recent overseas purchase experiences given the changes to the GST threshold (i.e. now sub $1,000)? Are companies applying the GST and are customs enforcing?
  8. OzJustin

    Where to buy 944 parts

    Hi Rod A few places I would recommend: BWA (NSW) FCP Euro Pelican Parts Paragon Products 944online Lindsey Racing Sonnen OEM Porsche Sunset Porsche
  9. Hi all I have a few parts from my 944 that are surplus to requirements. 1) Water pump, gasket and block off plug - $200 - SOLD As new condition and never fitted 2) Coolant expansion/reservoir tank - $120 Good used condition, no cracks or leaks 3) Brake booster housing - $150 Used but in good working condition Freshly painted Part number: 94435502711 May suit other Porsches such as 924 and 968 Parts located Brisbane southside Happy for pickup or post at buyer's expense
  10. @stats011 Welcome to the forum. Nice collection you have there. Be sure to post up some more photos as you carry out the remaining work.
  11. Thanks for the tip Sean. I would love a set of MCS. Maybe when the Koni’s get a bit tired! ? How comfortable are they for the road? I had a set of high end coilovers from a respected company on another car in the past and found them very jittery at low speed. I’m talking bouncing in my seat at 60kph. How do the MCS fair with decent spring rates?
  12. Congratulations on your purchase and welcome to the forum Sebastian! Looks like a very clean car in that colour. While Jason E is a fan, I’m sure he’ll admit one day that Stone Grey Metallic (coincidentally the colour of my S2) is the pinnacle colour for 944s. Re your suspension height, my recommendation would be to save up for a set of KW Variant 3 coilovers and eliminate the torsion bars alltogether. Buchanan Automotive installed a set of Koni adjustable dampers (Paragon Products Koni kit) on my S2 and reindexed the torsion bars and the car handles excellent. I have driven my car back to back against a KW V3 equipped 944 Turbo and didn’t find a lot between them. The biggest difference is in the ease of adjustment, particularly given not so many suspension shops deal with the torsion bar design these days. Cheers Justin
  13. OzJustin

    RP968 wins World Time Attack 2018

    Oh damn. I completely forgot about the event this year. Great to see all the effort put into RP968 resulting in the win! ?
  14. OzJustin

    968 "Green Stripe " clutch pressure plate

    Thanks Bruce. I should have realised it would never be so straight-forward. So it’s a bellhousing, flywheel and ECU on top then. I was looking to future-proof my next clutch install on the S2 with a higher rated Turbo model but it sounds like it may not be worth it. There goes my 3L 16v turbo build for now.
  15. OzJustin

    944 sale price

    I agree. You could snag one in the $20s but it would probably require a bit to bring back to scratch. IMHO maintenance is a key price factor for these cars. Big jobs like the clutch, belts, rollers, water pump, cam chain and guides are not cheap so the asking price should reflect. The starters on these cars are very small so the slow long cranks are pretty normal. I liken it to waking the beast. Cough..cough..cough..grrr! Modern fast crank cars are boring by comparison.