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  1. Have you looked at the usual Porsche parts suppliers Shane? https://www.pelicanparts.com/catalog/SuperCat/944M/POR_944M_INTACC_pg5.htm I think I may still have the black cassette inserts from my old S2 but not the base armrest assembly.
  2. Bump - still have the window glass. $50 for the pair.
  3. Not sure if you're still looking for an AC compressor or AC specialist but I went through this process on my old 944 S2. This was the new Denso compressor I ordered for my S2. Pricing was very competitive at the time and lifetime warranty on the part via FCP Euro. Obviously exchange rates will play a part. - https://www.fcpeuro.com/products/porsche-a-c-compressor-944-968-471-0128 I used a Porsche specialist at Alexandra Hills to refurb my system. It came at the recommendation of Don at DHM Auto. I'm not sure if he's still operating but I'm happy to give you his phone number to make an enquiry.
  4. @Frosty20112 - Nice job on the renewal. Can't beat fresh suspension and brakes on a sports car!
  5. I'm of the same understanding as you wilburforce. Red Bull could badge what was a Honda created engine as anything they want (in terms of naming rights). I'd be pretty disappointed if Porsche joined F1 as nothing more than a Red Bull naming partner. If they come back to F1 then I'd expect them to properly commit with a new Porsche-designed engine to utilise their significant engine skill and flex their muscles, perhaps for the 2025 engine refresh.
  6. That is an exceptionally well done replica for a backyard job. Good on him for having a crack and succeeding! I wonder if it's disappointing firing up the Boxster engine and expecting a 9,000 rpm screamer though!
  7. Post some pics and details on the car when you’re able. 😃
  8. Brian - Have a look for member "JET951" (the Buchanan's) on Rennlist. I recall reading about Sean's 3L Turbo build and a few customer cars some years back. Some very interesting threads. I'd love to hear more from Sean on the evolution though. The Buchanan Auto Facebook snippets are never enough. 😀
  9. Great article. If any new owner follows that advice I agree they’ll be on the right track.
  10. I probably appreciate where you're coming from re the aesthetics more than most. I was dead set on a guards red 944 Turbo and hunted for over a year with no luck so ended up purchasing a stone grey car. If you value a particular colour then I think it's worth holding out for (within reason)! Re pricing for the major belt service - I did some of that work myself alongside a generous friend and any other work at my local indie was done alongside other jobs so a bit hard to say. Places like BWA Auto will be able to sell your the front engine seal kit, belts and water pump kit for a good price. For labour, your best bet will be to make a few calls/emails to recommended workshops. Off the top of my head for Melbourne are - Hartech, NineAuto and Harrisons RRR. Good luck and keep us posted on your ownership search.
  11. @slamdanke - I think your best bet is to go and view each car, see how they drive, and assess how much looks worn out e.g. brittle fuel lines, suspension bushes etc. The 944s are fantastic cars and the engines etc last a long time so long as they've been cared for. Ask the owners what oil they've been using - you're looking for a good 20w50 with high ZDDP to prevent wear to the engines. Both of those 86 Turbos seem to have good history and records for major engine restoration which is a big $ plus. These cars get expensive fast if things are neglected. Make sure the timing belt, water pump etc service has been done in the last 4 years. Clutch jobs are intensive on these cars so make sure it engages smoothly and has no funny noises. Also worth checking if performance is standard or whether they've had a boost controller/ECU upgrade. The slate grey car has some history on this forum and seems to have been cared for. I don't have any background on the garnet? red one but it would possibly be my initial preference. It also has the rare sports seats, but I'm not sure what value you'd place on them. Do you plan on keeping the car stock and just enjoying or upgrading to modernise it a bit? You'll definately want to put some money away for routine maintenance if you won't be turning a spanner yourself, but also have a think about what you want from the car. The handling is amazing on these cars with a few upgrades and the engine performance is plenty for the road with some basic upgrades to improve turbo lag.
  12. Cams now sold. Still have the window glass. Any offers considered.
  13. If no luck locally then perhaps you could consider posting over to Otto Instruments in Brisbane who are a VDO specialist. They did work on my old car and were quite knowledgeable.
  14. @Pembo - How did you find the crowd? I've been going for years but have found in recent times that the end of the Turbo Drive strip has become a hoonfest. The event is certainly not lacking in cars though!
  15. Snap them up mate! Should look almost as good on your speed yellow as my old stone grey metallic. 😉

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