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  1. Fair enough Chris. You should bring it to Cars & Coffee Jindalee this weekend. I’d love to see it before you sell it!
  2. @Rob Are you sick of driving AWD Audi’s yet? Surely you need another 944 in your life...😉 Any plans for a replacement Chris?
  3. No longer required. Had the gas pressure on my new struts lowered and now they are excellent. 👍
  4. PM sent.
  5. Always handy to have a working defroster! How is your clutch change, dash recover etc going Brian?
  6. Hi all Checking if anyone has an old driver’s side hatch strut they no longer need. Must still work i.e. hold the hatch up when raised and light/defroster still has continuity. My current one has no continuity for the defroster but I’m not keen to use a new one due to the extra force it places on the hatch frame and glass. Let me know what you have. 😊
  7. Digging up an old thread. Does anyone have a glass fitter/resealer in Brisbane they can recommend? My S2 hatch has developed a hatch leak. It appears the previous attempt to reseal my hatch 2 years ago hasn’t lasted. The sealant is just flaking off with my fingernail. The frame doesn’t look to have separated though.
  8. I looked into RHD Llyod mats but apparently they aren't made. Didn't even consider the LHD version fitting though. If you happen to snap a photo of the driver's side footwell it would be great to see how well they fit.
  9. I don't think this is the problem. In my experience, the AU spec S2's run the fog lights with both parking lights or main driving lights on. The 'fog light' button just makes them even brighter.
  10. @Bobby44 Great looking restoration. Can I ask where you sourced your carpet mats from?
  11. You just need to turn it into a 500hp firebreathing 3L Turbo then you’ll be giggling like a little school girl rather than looking longingly over at your GTI. 😉
  12. From what I can tell those front and rear brake rotors will only fit the following: - Porsche 944 1987-1989- Porsche 944S 1987-1988 If this is not the case and they will fit an S2 then I would gladly take them off your hands.
  13. Have you tried your local Porsche dealer? I picked up a couple of excellent A0 size posters from them during the 70th anniversary celebration. They are proudly hung up in some snap frames in my garage now - 919, 917 etc.
  14. Congrats on your new purchase. Post up some more pics when you can! :D
  15. Exciting news. Maybe they can finally make the Panamera rear end look good in 2 door coupe form. 😭 I like the idea of a modern, front engined, four seat, big boot, 2 door Porsche sports car. 👍

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