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  1. I haven't heard of any Australian distributors but you can order directly from Focus 9. I ordered one for my old 944 S2 a while back and it arrived quickly and performed well (the pump prime feature helped too). https://www.ftech9.com/new-products?category=SSR+(Solid-State+Relays)
  2. Congrats on the quick sale John. 👍 What state is it off to?
  3. Facebook seems to have the algorithm nailed. Far better exposure via that platform than others like Carsales and Gumtree (being left in the dark ages). Good luck John!
  4. Happy New Year all. So what are the 2021 predictions for used car prices given ongoing COVID and economic conditions?
  5. Can’t believe not one person wants your window glass! I’ve got a pair that I also haven’t been able to sell/give away. Four for one deal perhaps. I was going to contact local workshops like DHM or TD to see if they could use them.
  6. All the best with the sale John. The S2 looks fantastic with the Cup 2's. I dare say even better than the 996 lightweights I had on it! 👍
  7. I’m keen to move on the window glass as it’s taking up space. $100 for the pair if anyone is keen.
  8. Have you got a Turbo itch Brian? A lot of those parts (e.g. engine, gearbox etc) have been up on gumtree separately for a long time so worth checking if it's a parts car that has been put together as a rolling package. I recall Nick having a fair few 944s - red Turbo track car, black S2 etc?
  9. Bumping this thread. Still a few items to go. Make an offer on what’s left. 😊
  10. A couple of those look like bullet holes mate. You trying to outrun the cops... Worst case, surely those plates will add 10hp to your GTI
  11. Good job on this Stepo. I did the same thing on my old 944 and it made a massive difference. I bet you're looking forward to driving it more at night now!
  12. That video with Jason was hilarious. Super entertaining but also very informative.
  13. Oval dash, sports seats and guards red. Can't go wrong there!
  14. Original post updated to show what's remaining. Make an offer.

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