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  1. Looks like a nice example Ossie. The sports seats look to be in superb condition! How many miles?
  2. That would be great to see Gavin. This is the best demo video I've seen to date:
  3. Yes I decided to grab one from ARB today to replace my current extinguisher. No need for a seat mount now as it fits perfectly in the map pocket of my door. 👍
  4. Digging up this thread. Has anyone had to use one of these extinguishers yet? ARB still seems to be the only AU distributer at $165 each?
  5. Wowser that 944 is mental fast. It's getting close to being an 8 second car. 😐 I prefer the sound of the McLaren though. 😜
  6. Nice progress! The headers turned out really good.
  7. I have the Paragon Koni kit (set at 75% firm) on my car and am very happy with it. My car also has the larger 968CS sway bars, larger torsion bars, KLA front strut brace, Racer’s Edge camber plates, 968 control arm bushes and lots of camber. For a street car it performs very well and is not too harsh. There is more body roll than I initially expected but it is still very enjoyable. After the initial roll it sets nicely into corners. Highly recommended. 😊
  8. The pump prime version seems to be US$77. Shipping for 3 of them to Brisbane is still US$37 so about AUD$18 each. Worth some consideration if it gets the big 3L lump starting faster. This ‘full’ harness looks pretty comprehensive (noted it doesn’t cover cycling valve)? https://www.lindseyracing.com/LR/Porsche/LR-951-HAR-FULL.html
  9. Good advice Tingy. I wasn’t aware Lindsey have full harnesses now. This is good peace of mind for our old cars. @Jason E Time to order one of these solid state relays in time for Xmas? Any other Brisbane owners keen to order one and share postage?
  10. Stunning Bobby! I like the black and gold colour combo (goes with the interior too).
  11. Funny how there’s been a bunch of black S2’s cropping up lately. They look very mean in that colour with a nice polish and wax!
  12. OzJustin

    1994 968

    I’m just bitter that so many of the front engine cars end up in Melbourne! 😛
  13. OzJustin

    1994 968

    Congrats on your purchase and upgrades. The only part I'm sad about is that the car left Brisbane for Melbourne!
  14. Keep the posts coming. I love reading about these restorations!

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