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    1994 968

    Congrats on your purchase and upgrades. The only part I'm sad about is that the car left Brisbane for Melbourne!
  2. Keep the posts coming. I love reading about these restorations!
  3. Does the 'pump prime' make any noticeable difference to starting performance? @brian in buddina Let me know if you decide to go for a solid state relay. I (and maybe others) would be keen to split postage with you. Alternatively, I have a spare new DME relay I could sell you.
  4. Keep us posted on the rebuild/refresh. Great to see another front engine car being restored! 😃
  5. Good one Tingy My understanding is that the factory spec bulb is actually a 3w so no issue with what I installed (mine were underrated before). People seem to have problems if installing 4-5w bulbs.
  6. I can attest to this. As Rob may recall mine disintegrated during some work. I’ve moved my plug/wiring as far forward away from the exhaust manifold as possible. Perhaps some heat sleeving would be beneficial.
  7. Quick update to this thread. I ended up going with the Clarks Garage suggestion (al foil and masking tape). It stuck down surprisingly well so only time will tell if it lasts long term. In terms of performance, the al foil made a massive difference to brightness. I could barely see my dash gauges at night before the refurb (not surprising given the heavily worn silver paint on the prisms). Now I can see all my gauges perfectly at night and the dimming control is quite effective. Final point - I discovered I only had 2w bulbs installed when I removed the cluster. I upgraded to 3w Narva bulbs (below the 3.7w max recommended by Clarks Garage) and feel no need to pursue brighter LEDs. The warm white bulbs are a better match for the rest of the stock dash bulbs too. Highly recommended refurb!
  8. Good idea Brian. I tried a sign shop today but they didn’t have anything suitable. Ended up getting some chrome spray paint similar to what would have been on the cluster when new. Will see how it turns out.
  9. Yeah I wasn’t too keen to go with tape for that reason. Not sure how others are doing it. Clarks Garage seem to be suggesting al foil stuck down with masking tape. http://www.clarks-garage.com/shop-manual/elect-08.htm
  10. Digging up this thread as I’m in the middle of refurbishing my dash cluster. What silver paint or aluminium foil tape is everyone using for the three prisms that reflect the light onto the dash? i have aluminium foil tape for foil insulation but it is only single sided so will be upside down/not shiny if sticking to the back of the prisms.. I wonder if kitchen al foil stuck down with electrical tape would hold?
  11. @Motosport Fantastic example! All the right options and looks like it’s been lovingly cared for. That engine bay is super clean! You should be very proud. 😊
  12. Nissan Quest alternator swap...
  13. OzJustin


    Great colour combo with the green and gold! What paint code is that?
  14. I’ve sourced dust cap kits from Qld Speaker Repairs before and they’ve been good to me. Recommended for those going down the DIY path.
  15. A 944 as a chippy’s car of choice. Haven’t come across that one before but good on him for making use of the large hatch. 😆
  16. Took mine for a 200km+ drive today (Numinbah Valley and quick run across the border). Heaps of fun and didn’t miss a beat. These cars are still so under-appreciated!
  17. It was a BMW 135i (twin turbo) mate. 250rwkw on a basic tune with bolt ons. 😎The 125i is the NA version. To the OP - I had one for 3.5 years and it was a fantastic car. The 2008-mid-2010 is the N54 twin turbo engine (same as in the 1M). The late 2010 onwards use the N55 twin scroll single turbo engine. They are both excellent engines and respond very well to tuning. The N55 is arguably more reliable but the N54 has better performance potential. The engines themselves are very strong. It’s the ancilliaries that are the common failure points e.g rattling wastegates, high pressure fuel pump, injectors, water pump etc. My car was perfect the whole time apart from a dead water pump at the 60kkm mark. Treat it with respect and it will look after you. If you’re after a two door auto or dual clutch then I’d recommend a 135i or even a 335i (put some money aside for maintenance though). If you’re after a four door then like others have said, I’d go test drive a VW Golf GTI or R. Happy hunting. 😊
  18. Fair enough Chris. You should bring it to Cars & Coffee Jindalee this weekend. I’d love to see it before you sell it!
  19. @Rob Are you sick of driving AWD Audi’s yet? Surely you need another 944 in your life...😉 Any plans for a replacement Chris?
  20. No longer required. Had the gas pressure on my new struts lowered and now they are excellent. 👍
  21. PM sent.
  22. Always handy to have a working defroster! How is your clutch change, dash recover etc going Brian?
  23. Hi all Checking if anyone has an old driver’s side hatch strut they no longer need. Must still work i.e. hold the hatch up when raised and light/defroster still has continuity. My current one has no continuity for the defroster but I’m not keen to use a new one due to the extra force it places on the hatch frame and glass. Let me know what you have. 😊

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