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  1. Yes correct. Just used the normal belt and boot fixing point. Once in and tensioned it is quite snug. I also place some carpet under the back seat to protect the seat fabric and it also seems to hold the seat in more firmly.
  2. I have a Mother's Choice Allure (model GS2013). It fits into the back seats of a 944 with little trouble. My little boy loves going for Sunday drives with me.
  3. I've used this stuff along the corrugations at the base of my garage's slab and it worked well. Takes a bit of time to cut neatly though.
  4. Surely you're missing some front engine fun again Tingy? I appreciate the kind comments all. Hopefully my ad provides a reasonable indication of the work that has gone into the car. I just want it to go to a good home.
  5. I think the big thing we can take from this thread is the love for P-cars of all shapes, sizes and eras!
  6. 1989 Porsche 944 S2 Australian delivered to Hamiltons of South Yarra on 3 July 1989 (one of 128 Australian delivered S2 models) Matching numbers car Factory 3L M44/41 engine, 208hp, 155kw, 280nm Stone Grey Metallic (LY7U paint code) Black Porsche script seats 5 speed manual Original 16in Design 90 wheels (recently refurbished) with Michelin Pilot Sport 3s with plenty of tread (plus one extra D90 wheel/tyre as a spare) KM’s: 200,800km Price: $38,000 Background: Full service history from new with original Porsche log book, fully documented records and binder several cm’s thick with receipts. Extensive history over the years with Porsche specialists including DHM Auto Solutions, Buchanan Automotive and BWA Auto. I have a spreadsheet documenting the last 20 years of servicing and am happy to share with interested parties. Approximately $70,000 spent on maintenance in the last 20 years Two Porsche keys, original toolkit and air compressor, space-saver spare wheel, 968 CS steering wheel, new genuine Porsche floor mats Always garaged and regularly washed. Gyeon quartz coating applied to paint Extremely well maintained and very reliable Very healthy engine with excellent compression – tested recently at 180, 178, 181, 180 psi The connecting rod bearings have been replaced less than 45,000 km ago and the car has excellent oil pressure. Serviced every 12 months or 10,000 km since new (all the way back to 1989). Extensive preventative maintenance performed, much of it within the last 5,000 km. This includes ALL major work that are common problems on these cars. All fluids and consumables recently replaced. Nothing to spend. Just jump in and drive. Any inspections welcome. Everything works on the car including common neglected points such as the clock, sunroof and the hatch release button. Much of the suspension has been upgraded to the highly desirable 968 CS specification. This includes the larger 968 CS sway bars, larger 30mm solid torsion bars, Koni height adjustable dampers (Paragon kit) with Racer’s Edge camber plates, KLA strut brace, 968 front control arm rear mounts & bushes, rebuilt ball joints etc. Original parts will come with the sale including the factory steering wheel, front and side amber indicators etc. I have owned for the last 3 years and it still puts a smile on my face every time I drive it. This car has been my pride and joy and is a very reluctant listing. Only offering for sale due to a growing family. I will be back in another Porsche at some point in the future. Notable maintenance in the last 5-10,000 km: Oct 2019 – AC system overhaul Oct 2019 – Gauge cluster refurbished (excellent night lighting now) July 2019 – Rear hatch resealed Feb 2019 – New clutch + CV joints + shifter + gear linkage Jan 2019 – Refurbish steering shaft Nov 2018 – Replace engine mounts (genuine Porsche) July 2018 – New 968 control arm mounts May 2018 – New intake and exhaust camshafts, timing chain + guides + cam position sensor, new front engine seals, rollers, water pump, thermostat, cam + balance shaft + power steering + alternator belts + all fuel lines + various hoses + air filter + fuel filter + brake booster Mar 2018 – New DIN65 battery June 2017 – New exhaust system May 2017 – Clutch master + slave cylinders Sep 2016 – New windscreen Mar 2016 – New radiator Note: The above is only a snapshot of some of the more significant recent maintenance items. My spreadsheet documents everything from bonnet shocks to power steering hoses, heater control valves to hatch pins, new dust boots to diff seals etc. This car has not been left short of ongoing and preventative maintenance and will serve its new owner well for many years to come. Interested parties feel free to message me should you wish to obtain further details. Located Brisbane southside Regards, Justin
  7. Here's mine: Carrera GT 997.2 GT3 RS 4L 1990 944 Turbo 968 Turbo S Cayman GT4 Tough list. Would love a 964 Turbo S or 993 Turbo S in there too...
  8. @Kerry - I would appreciate your assistance.
  9. Hoping one of the PFA admins sees my post and can assist me. I paid my financial membership renewal via direct deposit many weeks back but my status is continuing to show as a non-financial member. I've tried the support/contact us section to notify an admin but am yet to receive a response. Can anyone assist? Regards, Justin
  10. Wouldn't have guessed a ute was on the horizon. Datsun 1200... Good to hear the knee is going well.
  11. @chris_f Congrats on the sale Chris. Sounds like some perseverance was needed. I bet it was a sad day seeing it on the trailer! @Rob I heard you were selling the TT RS. Any idea what you'll replace it with? Something two pedal I take it?
  12. Looks like a nice example Ossie. The sports seats look to be in superb condition! How many miles?
  13. That would be great to see Gavin. This is the best demo video I've seen to date:
  14. Yes I decided to grab one from ARB today to replace my current extinguisher. No need for a seat mount now as it fits perfectly in the map pocket of my door. 👍
  15. Digging up this thread. Has anyone had to use one of these extinguishers yet? ARB still seems to be the only AU distributer at $165 each?
  16. Wowser that 944 is mental fast. It's getting close to being an 8 second car. 😐 I prefer the sound of the McLaren though. 😜
  17. Nice progress! The headers turned out really good.
  18. I have the Paragon Koni kit (set at 75% firm) on my car and am very happy with it. My car also has the larger 968CS sway bars, larger torsion bars, KLA front strut brace, Racer’s Edge camber plates, 968 control arm bushes and lots of camber. For a street car it performs very well and is not too harsh. There is more body roll than I initially expected but it is still very enjoyable. After the initial roll it sets nicely into corners. Highly recommended. 😊
  19. The pump prime version seems to be US$77. Shipping for 3 of them to Brisbane is still US$37 so about AUD$18 each. Worth some consideration if it gets the big 3L lump starting faster. This ‘full’ harness looks pretty comprehensive (noted it doesn’t cover cycling valve)? https://www.lindseyracing.com/LR/Porsche/LR-951-HAR-FULL.html
  20. Good advice Tingy. I wasn’t aware Lindsey have full harnesses now. This is good peace of mind for our old cars. @Jason E Time to order one of these solid state relays in time for Xmas? Any other Brisbane owners keen to order one and share postage?
  21. Stunning Bobby! I like the black and gold colour combo (goes with the interior too).
  22. Funny how there’s been a bunch of black S2’s cropping up lately. They look very mean in that colour with a nice polish and wax!
  23. OzJustin

    1994 968

    I’m just bitter that so many of the front engine cars end up in Melbourne! 😛

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