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  1. Hi all For sale is the axle back exhaust off my Porsche 944 S2. It is 2.5in stainless steel with a FlowMaster muffler and only about 18 months old. Only selling because it is a little loud for my quiet neighbourhood. It has a really nice aggressive and angry note but would probably suit a track car or weekend only car. It should fit any 924/944/968 to my knowledge. Located Brisbane southside $300 negotiable Send me a PM if interested
  2. Any other Brisbane members want to place an order with me? We could get a couple sent out together... Perhaps a silly question but for those that have emailed the Porsche Museum, I assume their staff speak English?
  3. Flamingporsche - Geez we can close this thread down now. You have a ripper of a work-space there. I really like the AmmoNYC video showing his new garage space. That's the kind of setup I aspire to. The flooring really makes his space in my opinion.
  4. OzJustin

    WEC 2017

    Fantastic victory for the No.2 Porsche. They were down and out last night but hung in there and fought back. Webber should have hung around for one more year... Very exciting end to the GTE Pro category as well. The Corvette almost had it won with one lap to go but the two Astons put too much pressure on and forced the mistakes to win. Great British victory.
  5. OzJustin

    WEC 2017

    Nooo No.1 car has retired. Could an LMP2 car win outright eek...
  6. OzJustin

    WEC 2017

    Very close racing in the GTE Pro class. Top seven cars within a lap of eachother.
  7. OzJustin

    WEC 2017

    This race never fails to excite. Heartbreaking for two of the three Toyotas all in the space of 5 minutes. I reckon an LMP2 car could be on the podium outright! Hang in there and bring the cars home Porsche. :D
  8. OzJustin

    WEC 2017

    Crossing my fingers that Porsche can pull a rabbit out of its hat this year but Toyota looking very strong (and have the numbers with their third car). Perhaps Porsche may have the reliability and fuel efficiency edge to stretch out the stints...Toyota will be desperately trying to make up for the disappointment of being so close last year though.
  9. Congrats on the sale Tingy. Hope it went to a good home. Funnily enough, after seeing your pics I'm sure your S2 was formerly a Brisbane car listed on Carsales a while back. I never looked at it personally but it presented very well in the ads.
  10. Someone is scoring a great set of wheels. Do you know the weight of your Speedlines Chris?
  11. Wow another crash. I thought I was reading an old post from one of his earlier crashes at first. Glad he is ok. Definately needs to stop testing fate...
  12. Thanks for posting Jonathan. Definately looks a bit unloved cosmetically. The paint looks dull, body dents, rear bar cracked and wheels have seen better days. Could be a good project for someone though. I love seeing neglected cars returned to their former glory.
  13. Yes while I would be cautious I would also give the seller the benefit of the doubt. In my experience some gumtree sellers can be very lazy and just want a quick sale, but often the product involved is still genuine. In the case of the S2 the seller says the body is rough so perhaps he thinks photos won't aid his sale. He does have another separate product listing with photos...
  14. For anyone interested there's an 86 Turbo and 90 S2 currently on Gumtree...
  15. That's great info, thanks Allan. How do you find the interior brightness with the LEDs?
  16. Looks like a great car. GT3s look so clean in white. Someone bring it back to Brisbane.
  17. I'll make you a counter offer. You can have the four schmick D90s for your cam cover and I'll throw in a fifth D90 as a spare if you throw in your white S2. ? On a more serious note - thanks all for the comments. Very excited about the new car.
  18. Will discuss with my wife. Surely mates rates... Re pictures - here you go: http://porscheforum.com.au/topic/11518-my-1989-944-s2/#top
  19. Well I figured it was about time I put a post up on my new purchase. I recently became the owner of a 1989 944 S2, my first Porsche, and more than a decade in the making. Sincere thanks to Rob and Jason for their assistance through the process. Now some brief details on the car. Stone Grey on black Porsche script interior Australian delivered 193k km Full service history from new A few notable goodies on the car: - Koni MO30 adjustable suspension - 968 CS sway bars front and rear - Racer's Edge camber plates - KLA strut brace - Braided brake lines - 9Tuning performance chip - 2.5inch stainless exhaust - 18inch 996 Carrera lightweight wheels (8 and 10in widths) The car also came with a box of spare parts and recently refinished stock Design 90 wheels with new Michelin tyres I have some maintenance to perform on the car to get it nice and reliable (timing chain, belts, water pump etc) but it should be a good base for my weekend purpose. Looking forward to the ownership experience. I only have a couple of photos from the seller at this stage. I will be sure to create an ownership thread and post plenty of pics once I've had a chance to detail her and get the SLR camera out. Justin
  20. Tingy - I'll trade your black cam cover for my mint, original and unmarked beige cover that would be far better suited to a stock looking example like yours... ?
  21. Very sorry to hear of the sale Chris. I only bought an S2 a week ago too! Someone is going to score an excellent car here.

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