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  1. Thanks Plugger. No this will be my first Porsche. What are the details on your black S2... ?
  2. Thanks for the thoughts all. My current preference is for an S2 but I would still consider a Turbo given the slim pickings. I'm aware of the market and acknowledge that $30k won't be an easy buy. I do feel it's a reasonable ballpark budget for a 'good' car though. I'm not expecting a sub 100,000km concours example at that pricepoint obviously. Case in point is the recent red 944 S2 in WA for $29k. That is my target car. Well cared for and an arguably fair price. I made contact with the seller the arvo it was listed but a deposit had already been taken. I'm in no rush (market aside) so let's see what becomes available and will go from there.
  3. OzJustin

    944 Turbo or S2

    Thanks for the advice all. A few years ago I was set on a Turbo but now my head is leaning more towards an S2. Timm - I would love the luxury of driving both cars back to back but there are just so few cars out there, let alone willing owners. I'm not in any great rush (market aside). I'll know the car when I spot it though. :)
  4. OzJustin

    944 Turbo or S2

    I'm currently starting a hunt for a 944 Turbo or S2 coupe after a few years out of the market. I'm most keen on a red S2 but will consider other colours. I'm located in Brisbane but willing to travel Australia wide for the right car. My budget is ballpark $30k for the best possible car I can find. Should you be aware of a suitable car I would love to hear from you.
  5. Fair point jldmelb. My financial member status has now taken effect. Now to find the car to put a PFA sticker on.
  6. Looking good Jason. I thought it presented well at the last cars and coffee (just close your eyes when inside until that's sorted).
  7. I figure this thread will probably see the most relevant traffic for my request. I'm currently starting a hunt for a 944 Turbo or S2 coupe after a few years out of the market. I'm most keen on red but will consider other colours. I'm located in Brisbane but willing to travel Australia wide for the right car. My budget is ballpark $30k for the best possible car I can find. Should you be aware of a suitable car I would love to hear from you.
  8. It does sound like there is high praise on the new batch of four cylinder turbo engines, apart from the noise they make. Even that is subjective though. If you haven't experienced an NA flat six then the turbo four probably sounds great compared with other sports cars.
  9. Yes I agree Warren. I think I'd choose a new Porsche model that was more engaging than one that does 0-100kph 0.2 seconds quicker but then again I'm not the one with my neck on the chopping block if the new model doesn't sell well. From everything I've read the 911R is an incredible machine. I'd love to see Porsche apply the same ethos with the Cayman line but I'm not convinced they will. At least not in GT4 RS guise. I think that will be a numbers car (a couple of tenths slower than a GT3 RS, through gearing perhaps if it's snapping (pun intended) at the heels too much).
  10. Interesting prospect. I'm not sure how I feel about it to be honest. The Cayman was always meant to be a driver's car rather than a numbers car, but now it seems that Porsche is forcing its own hand through adding turbo torque to the lower specced crocs. I wouldn't turn down the keys to a GT4 RS though...
  11. I don't want to get this thread off topic but have you read JMG's 'tuning the 944 Turbo' articles? They're very informative and break down every core part and their limitations in boosting performance. I know Pauly has drafted a similar sticky thread on the Rennlist forum. http://www.jmgporsche.co.uk/index.php/menu-articles/articles-performance/item/178-tuningthe944turboparttwo Happy to chat via PM if you like so we don't derail the thread. :)
  12. I agree with you on the projector Tony. There is nothing like screen size. I went from a 24" pc monitor to a 120" projector screen and the immersion difference is wow! Assetto Corsa and Dirt Rally are my currents favs. I would also not rule out the trusty Logitech G25 wheel as it has perhaps the most flexibility re transmission options. It has traditional 6 speed manual, sequential shift and paddle shift. Most current wheels don't have sequential shift (e.g. for rally cars) to my knowledge.
  13. I've heard good things about Hartech on the grape vine. The owner (Adrian) owns a 944 Turbo to my knowledge. What work are you getting done Vinny?
  14. That's a really smooth dyno curve (well straight line really). Amazing how the torque is flat all the way from 2k - 6.5k rpm. Nothing like modern turbo engines. Only 5kw loss is impressive.
  15. Was a fun event but a shame about the rainy weather. Good turnout considering. I snapped a few pics on the iphone (no SLR that day) if anybody wants me to post them. It was the usual suspects, although I think I saw Jason's new S2 out for the first time?
  16. Hi Trev, what would you estimate the weight and depth to be per sign? Do you have a photo of the rear of the sign showing the aluminium frame? I'm just trying to see if it would be feasible to courier one sign cut in two pieces (assuming you'd consider this option).
  17. I'm doing up my garage at the moment and this would be perfect. I wonder how much to courier to Brisbane if I only wanted the 3m 'Porsche' side hmm..Anybody want the 'Mobil1' side?
  18. Fantastic pics Chris and Timm! Great to see your car is back in action reliably Chris. The TE37 wheels and splitter really suit the car too.
  19. OzJustin


    Really interested to hear your thoughts on the VEMS as you get to drive your car a bit more Bruce. As far as I know you're the first Australian owner to be running the VEMS ECU. Did you notice the response improve with autotune compared to your factory DME setup?
  20. Thanks for digging up that Rennlist thread Timm. I knew I had read about a high output NA somewhere! If it's the car I'm thinking of it sounds mental at full noise (check youtube). My NA pick is the S2 body with the 968 engine and 6 speed.
  21. I read on Rennlist that a stock S2 with a modern VEMS ECU upgrade put down 207rwhp and 270rwnm. You could probably add an exhaust, more aggressive cam etc and make a little more NA power but it would likely bump the torque further up the rev range affecting drivability. I agree the best way to go would be forced induction. That or drop a big LS V8 under the bonnet like Chris did.
  22. Totally agree. Porsche is one of the premier sports car brands and to not have them in the majority of racing games for the last decade is a crying shame. It's really telling when you see the excitement of a Porsche pack in Assetto Corsa. I know I'm loving driving the 911 RSR around the ring. It sounds and drives amazing. I found a 944 Turbo mod to add to the game too. Not quite the same calibre but still very entertaining. Even the Panamera and SUV's are worth sampling for a 'test drive'.
  23. I've been using Duragloss Aquawax for many years and it's similar to the Autoglym. Works really well if your car is still a little damp after washing. Highly recommended, if just for the coconut banana smell haha. Their car shampoo smells like cherries. ?
  24. Crossing my fingers for this too. This could do wonders to raise the profile of Porsche for the masses.

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