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  1. Shame I missed this one. Will try for one down the track. Got a good laugh out of your FEP Society Committee and agenda Brian.
  2. Well done to reach 3,000 members! I remember joining the forum years ago and it was pretty quiet. It's a busy hive of activity now and is growing daily.
  3. I had not heard of this clear Infinity tint before Jason. Sounds like a great idea though and keen to get your thoughts on its effectiveness. Wow we're racking up a list of things to talk about at C&C Saturday. ?
  4. It's a shame that car sales don't have the same disclosure as houses. We may never know if he actually sold it or just took it off the market due to lack of interest... I see the black 89 Turbo in Vic has been dropping price daily. Anyone know the story on that car/been to inspect?
  5. That is a very impressive package. I bet it would be a blast to drive! All the best with your sale.
  6. Congrats on the purchase Steve. Looks like a really clean example and looks great in white.
  7. I'm a big fan of the Kalahari beige metallic colour. It's quite rare and my second favourite colour behind indian/guards red. Agree the car is well overpriced though...
  8. I could be keen down the track Brian. You have great taste Jason. This is also my wheel of choice. I'm keen to take a look/feel once you get it installed. How much can you source the wheel and boss kit for Bruce?
  9. Congrats on the purchase Brian. Post up some pics when the modelling agency allows!
  10. Thanks for sharing Ossie. It was great to hear a bit more on the history of this car and what you have planned for it. Should be a nice reliable package for you once the restoration is complete! Keep us posted on the progress.
  11. Wow that is one hell of a restoration! Someone is going to score with this one. Hope it goes to a good home.
  12. I'm with you on this one. Modern performance with classic looks is the real drawcard here. How many older cars do you wish had a newer engine and better tech features etc. They have nailed the formula...except for the interior which looks like a dodgy autosalon car with all that alcantara. That said, I'm also a big fan of the Singer cars which are more akin to art in my opinion. The RUF engine may have the edge though. The specs are compelling and that is a bucketload of torque!
  13. Yes agree on the number exchange. I saw your Turbo down the far end Rob. Was looking particularly shiny today. I was parked down the other end out the back of the REIQ carpark. Maybe we should exchange mugshots rather than numbers haha. We probably cross paths a dozen times when walking the strip.
  14. Sounds like a plan. There are plenty of front engined owners in Brisbane these days. My Beemer is front engined...until I sort a Porsche. ?
  15. I should be there. Shame you can't make it Jason. Missed you at the last one! Still keen to have a chat about your car...
  16. Is the one you see around your suburb this specific car that sold or a different one? Care to put me in touch with the owner if it's a different red S2... ?
  17. Bummer. Had my fingers crossed for the interstate deal Trev. Some garages are going to look great shortly!
  18. Edgy - Great idea but I'm already onto it. I've emailed every Porsche specialist workshop and dealer I know of throughout the country. I'm based in Brisbane. Most of the cars coming up for sale seem to be Sydney cars unfortunately... Plugger2 - Thanks mate. No luck with the Gumtree wanted ad yet but worth the exposure. I wish I could say yes re the Gumtree S2 but no it wasn't me. I contacted the seller late last night to request further details (and perhaps at least one photo...) but he already had four interested parties. It is a very unique colour from my google search. Zyclam red pearl (it's more a purple burgundy metallic) with white linen leather interior.
  19. Thanks Plugger. No this will be my first Porsche. What are the details on your black S2... ?
  20. Thanks for the thoughts all. My current preference is for an S2 but I would still consider a Turbo given the slim pickings. I'm aware of the market and acknowledge that $30k won't be an easy buy. I do feel it's a reasonable ballpark budget for a 'good' car though. I'm not expecting a sub 100,000km concours example at that pricepoint obviously. Case in point is the recent red 944 S2 in WA for $29k. That is my target car. Well cared for and an arguably fair price. I made contact with the seller the arvo it was listed but a deposit had already been taken. I'm in no rush (market aside) so let's see what becomes available and will go from there.
  21. OzJustin

    944 Turbo or S2

    Thanks for the advice all. A few years ago I was set on a Turbo but now my head is leaning more towards an S2. Timm - I would love the luxury of driving both cars back to back but there are just so few cars out there, let alone willing owners. I'm not in any great rush (market aside). I'll know the car when I spot it though. :)
  22. OzJustin

    944 Turbo or S2

    I'm currently starting a hunt for a 944 Turbo or S2 coupe after a few years out of the market. I'm most keen on a red S2 but will consider other colours. I'm located in Brisbane but willing to travel Australia wide for the right car. My budget is ballpark $30k for the best possible car I can find. Should you be aware of a suitable car I would love to hear from you.
  23. Fair point jldmelb. My financial member status has now taken effect. Now to find the car to put a PFA sticker on.
  24. Looking good Jason. I thought it presented well at the last cars and coffee (just close your eyes when inside until that's sorted).

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