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  1. I'm curious on what the inspection revealed? PM if needed.
  2. Maybe we could drag the other cars out to one of the Cars & Coffee events. I'm sure your V8 rumble would turn plenty of heads there haha. Yes a 944 is still on the cards at some stage but probably not while I own the BMW. This car is such an awesome package it will be difficult to say goodbye to...
  3. Wow how did I only stumble upon this thread now! Chris you may recall we met briefly about 18 months ago and you were kind enough to give me a quick drive of your car (once we got it started with the failing battery haha). That was when it had the new paint and the old S2 3L engine. I was impressed back then but wow has it come a long way. You told me you were planning an LS1 swap and I encouraged you to do a build thread a while back. It turned out to be a great read too! You should be very proud of the car you've created. It looks like a real beast and is a testament to the owner. It would've taken real patience and persistence to get it to this point. I'd love to come have another sticky beak sometime. ?
  4. OzJustin

    WEC 2015

    Very stoked for Webber. He couldn't quite get to the top step for an F1 championship but great to see him pull it off in WEC. Now he just needs that elusive 24 hour race victory. It was fantastic seeing Hulk snatch the win this year but let's see Webber there in 2016. PS love Mark's wild frog kick on the podium again haha. I've got a signed photo of the same pose from his F1 days ?
  5. Link for this? I too have been wondering how far this problem will extend. Surely there are a huge number of players that must be very nervous right now. It could change the entire automotive landscape and balance of power as we know it...
  6. Cool photos. Great to see a nice Porsche out enjoying the aussie countryside!
  7. OzJustin


    Nice pickup Tim. Flash car for a P-plater too! Is this the burgundy interior one that was for sale early in the year?
  8. OzJustin

    New 911 Turbo

    Some nice upgrades from Porsche. The low end torque should make a big difference to the characteristics of the car. I hope the exhaust note still has a snarl...
  9. Ken was nice enough to take me for a spin in his 964 during one of the PFA skidpan days a year or two back. I was very impressed by the car and I dare say the next owner will be too. All the best with your sale Ken.
  10. OzJustin

    944 Turbo WTB

    Do you have any further details on the car (the red 88 944 Turbo in SA)? This was very close to what I was looking for 12 months ago (timing grr). As soon as I saw it listed I've been trying to work out how I could justify both my BMW and the 952 in the garage...
  11. Strong performance from Porsche and great result for Hulkenberg. They were expected to deliver against Audi and they delivered in style (and reliability)!
  12. It's been an exciting battle between Porsche and Audi thus far. The no.19 Porsche is looking strong. Hope it hangs on through the final few hours!
  13. Looking good Daryl. Keep us posted on how the paint job turns out!
  14. Ossie - Congrats on your purchase. If it looks and drives great to you then that's all that matters. Enjoy it!
  15. OzJustin

    944 Turbo WTB

    Hi Rai I will be watching your search with interest. I was also on the hunt for a Turbo S, made even more difficult by my picky self wanting a guards red one. That spec is about as rare as a unicorn! Needless to say I still haven't found what I started looking for about 2 years ago and am now in a BMW 135i instead. I will still own a guards red turbo one day but it could be a while. If you're not fussed on colour then I would just buy the best 86-90 turbo you can find and then add a Rogue or Vitesse tune should you want more than the 220hp of the base model. All the best with your hunt!
  16. The Yellowbird is a beast hey Kerry! Great article to get the licensing background. I've been frustrated for years not seeing Porsche in any decent racing games. If Porsche comes to GT7 I'd do a little dance haha.
  17. OzJustin

    Moderator Retirement.

    Thanks for everything Russ. I've only met you the once at a skidpan day a while back but you seemed like a top bloke. All the best.
  18. That Riviera blue looks incredible! Such a mean stance on the GT4 too.
  19. Sorry to hear about your last Porsche. I bet that fireball got a few looks from passers-by... Good luck in your search.
  20. OzJustin

    Cayman GT4 Spotted

    I'm sure the early Cayman's still drive great
  21. OzJustin

    Cayman GT4 Spotted

    I have found my new wallpaper! I was not a fan of the original Cayman (proportions were all wrong) but this thing looks mega. I really see this as a baby GT3. It could be Porsche slowly bringing the Cayman into play to take over from the top 911's. Baby steps to avoid the purist revolt...
  22. Kelly- Your Oz951.com website was an inspiration for my interest in these cars wayyy back in the day. It will be a shame to see you move your other car on after so long but I wish you luck.
  23. Looking good Pauly. I know this thread is about your coilovers but I too love the engine bay shot. Much polished bling!
  24. OzJustin

    Baby Boxster

    That's a real shame if true. Here's to hoping the next Boxster is cheaper with a cracking turbo 4 pot...That or ditch the convertible and reinvent the 944/968 platform like we're all begging will happen.
  25. Looking good. Love the clouds in the bonnet shot!

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