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    WEC 2016

    Just bumping this thread for the race today. Great to see Webber and Porsche up on the top step! The Audi's definately had Porsche's measure today but Porsche hung in there and capitalised on some Audi mistakes. Great race.
  2. Post up some farewell photos kpac. I love the champagne colour.
  3. T&D Automotive will probably be the top choice. I've used them for a PPI in the past and they were very upfront about the car. Don Munro at DHM Auto Solutions is another option I hear people mention reguarly. Bayside Performance Services is another shop with Porsche experience. Good luck with your search!
  4. Totally agree with you Timm. This is the kind of car I've been aspiring to for a good many years but no way would I purchase for that kind of money. To put it into perspective, one of the 968 RS Turbo replicas was going for approx $60k a little while back... I mean no disrespect to the seller Nik (especially if he's a PFA member) but I would have thought $50-60k is more in the ball park. You never recover the value of your modifications added. At the end of the day the market will decide the price I guess.
  5. Very sorry to see the bad news Robert. Good to hear you're unhurt and hopefully you'll be back in action with a replacement shortly.
  6. I'm hanging for this one. Logitech steering wheel and projector at the ready!
  7. I had that exact 'Momo Race 3000' wheel on my old Nissan 300ZX many years ago and thought it was great. I agree it probably doesn't suit your new 944 Turbo though. Perhaps a 968CS wheel instead of the reupholstered standard wheel... http://www.classicshop.porsche.com/pcos-usa/944/production-period-1985-1991/front-axle-steering/sports-steering-wheel-without-airbag-in-black-for-porsche-964-968-cs-and-944-968347084008yr.html
  8. OzJustin

    944 Hunt

    That's a bit of a shame. I thought all late 88 - 91 Turbos came with M030 as standard (and it was optional on all S2's)? At least it has option 220 (LSD).
  9. OzJustin

    944 Hunt

    The black one with fresh paint? I'd be curious to hear how it presents in person. It could be a good car with an engine freshen up.
  10. OzJustin

    944 Hunt

    That one looks to have sold quick. I would love to have seen the receipts for the $60k of work. Surely that would have covered engine, gearbox, LSD, suspension and some cosmetics/electricals at a minimum. Anyone on the forum purchase?
  11. Wow looks like it was a great turnout. Will have to make it out there one time soon. Thanks for posting the photos Woka. Excellent Porsche attendance.
  12. Wowser what a last 5 minutes to the race. Heartbreaking for Toyota. I think they deserved the win. Hats off to Porsche for pushing Toyota to crack at the end and capitalising on the misfortune though. 18 wins!
  13. If your first option doesn't work out then I can recommend 'Dent Removal Brisbane'. Jon Speller did some work for me previously and he was excellent. Very friendly, quality work and well priced. http://www.dentremovalbrisbane.com.au/
  14. OzJustin

    New 928?

    I see some C7 Corvette in the render. Bring it on the front engine!
  15. While I agree about the sound issue, Porsche need to stay relevant. I think it's fantastic they're pushing other brands like Tesla in the electric car race. I look forward to seeing one or two Mission-E's on aussie roads down the track. It looks cracking to me (if a little long)!
  16. I share your view. While the engineering behind the crazy power and speed of current gen cars is extremely impressive, there comes a point when that cannot be used on the road. I think that's one reason why mild but fun cars like the Toyota 86/Subaru BRZ and Mazda MX-5 have become so popular. They are useable on the road. The Cayman GT4 is another example. While it is still a very fast car it is comparatively accessible and you can enjoy the limits without hitting silly speeds. You're not getting old...
  17. I'm curious on what the inspection revealed? PM if needed.
  18. Maybe we could drag the other cars out to one of the Cars & Coffee events. I'm sure your V8 rumble would turn plenty of heads there haha. Yes a 944 is still on the cards at some stage but probably not while I own the BMW. This car is such an awesome package it will be difficult to say goodbye to...
  19. Wow how did I only stumble upon this thread now! Chris you may recall we met briefly about 18 months ago and you were kind enough to give me a quick drive of your car (once we got it started with the failing battery haha). That was when it had the new paint and the old S2 3L engine. I was impressed back then but wow has it come a long way. You told me you were planning an LS1 swap and I encouraged you to do a build thread a while back. It turned out to be a great read too! You should be very proud of the car you've created. It looks like a real beast and is a testament to the owner. It would've taken real patience and persistence to get it to this point. I'd love to come have another sticky beak sometime. ?
  20. OzJustin

    WEC 2015

    Very stoked for Webber. He couldn't quite get to the top step for an F1 championship but great to see him pull it off in WEC. Now he just needs that elusive 24 hour race victory. It was fantastic seeing Hulk snatch the win this year but let's see Webber there in 2016. PS love Mark's wild frog kick on the podium again haha. I've got a signed photo of the same pose from his F1 days ?
  21. Link for this? I too have been wondering how far this problem will extend. Surely there are a huge number of players that must be very nervous right now. It could change the entire automotive landscape and balance of power as we know it...
  22. Cool photos. Great to see a nice Porsche out enjoying the aussie countryside!
  23. OzJustin


    Nice pickup Tim. Flash car for a P-plater too! Is this the burgundy interior one that was for sale early in the year?
  24. OzJustin

    New 911 Turbo

    Some nice upgrades from Porsche. The low end torque should make a big difference to the characteristics of the car. I hope the exhaust note still has a snarl...
  25. Ken was nice enough to take me for a spin in his 964 during one of the PFA skidpan days a year or two back. I was very impressed by the car and I dare say the next owner will be too. All the best with your sale Ken.

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