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    Cayman GT4 Spotted

    I have found my new wallpaper! I was not a fan of the original Cayman (proportions were all wrong) but this thing looks mega. I really see this as a baby GT3. It could be Porsche slowly bringing the Cayman into play to take over from the top 911's. Baby steps to avoid the purist revolt...
  2. Kelly- Your Oz951.com website was an inspiration for my interest in these cars wayyy back in the day. It will be a shame to see you move your other car on after so long but I wish you luck.
  3. Looking good Pauly. I know this thread is about your coilovers but I too love the engine bay shot. Much polished bling!
  4. OzJustin

    Baby Boxster

    That's a real shame if true. Here's to hoping the next Boxster is cheaper with a cracking turbo 4 pot...That or ditch the convertible and reinvent the 944/968 platform like we're all begging will happen.
  5. Looking good. Love the clouds in the bonnet shot!
  6. Tazz - Your comment got me thinking about this 928 I spotted on Carsales the other day. 5L supercharged and 500hp. Would be fun I bet! http://www.carsales.com.au/private/details/Porsche-928-1988/SSE-AD-2635996/?Cr=9&sdmvc=1
  7. Pauly - I too thought this thread was about engine mounts initially haha. Raafrebel - If you don't mind doing a bit of reading to get to know the 944 models then I'd highly recommend having a browse of Clark's Garage. He has a wealth of info on these cars. http://www.clarks-garage.com/
  8. Such a sad sight... Sprinklers should be mandated in all shops housing Porsches!
  9. That thing belongs in Dubai with the wrap! 2300hp sheesh...
  10. OzJustin

    Baby Boxster

    That render looks really sleek, wide and aggressive like a baby Carrera GT. I think it has lots of promise if it sticks to the 1200kg 2L turbo formula. If Porsche AU sold it for $70-80k it would sell like hotcakes. We know the price will be inflated though... The only thing I've never liked about Boxsters and Caymans is their limited practicality. The mid/rear engine design means they have very limited boot space. I'm dreaming of the day Porsche create a modern 944 (perhaps with these new 2L turbo powerplants). The huge hatch with the rear seats down means the 944's were very practical with the performance to match. Come on with a front engine rear wheel drive sports car Porsche! People are still modding 25 year old 944 Turbos so I see an exciting modding community emerging with this new breed of small capacity Porsche turbo drivetrains.
  11. You beat me to the punch Rob haha. I've also got the email alert on CarSales but obviously wasn't quick enough to move on it. Looked like a great car. Being local let me know if you ever want to sell it Was there a reason you went for the A-tune rather than M-tune?
  12. Nice collection there Rob. Re the 1990 944 Turbo in your current stable - did you end up purchasing it from VIC? I recall there being a nice blue one on carsales a little while back with blue leather, rebuilt engine and Fabspeed exhaust.
  13. OzJustin

    944T video

    I've watched that vid half a dozen times since it got uploaded in 2013. Love it. Can't beat a sleek red 944! Nice flames there too Pauly
  14. Now that is impressive! Care to share what metal will go in it...
  15. How are members finding rFactor2? I really enjoyed rFactor1 and Simbin's GTR2. I occasionally dust off my G25 wheel and play some F1 2012 when it's an F1 race weekend.
  16. Good thinking Russ. I do a similar thing in my garage. I've only got 50cm high concrete walls on either side where the doors open so I lay some thin carpet over the wall as a buffer. Same principle as yours though. Works well
  17. That's my next option if I don't have any luck here
  18. Hi all, I'm very excited to say I'm getting married in May this year and I would love to incorporate the Porsche marque into some of our wedding photos. If anybody would be kind enough to offer their car for some photos after the ceremony we would be very appreciative. I'm looking for an early car if possible, 356 or 550 replica preferred, however I will also consider a suitable 911. Details: Saturday 10 May 2014 Manly 4PM photos (car would be needed for perhaps 1-2 hours) Feel free to send me a PM for full details. Thanks Justin
  19. I'm pretty sure I have that exact Ctek charger and it has been flawless for me. http://www.12volttechnology.com.au/0-10amp-battery-chargers/139-ctek-mxs-50-12-volt-battery-charger.html I've used it on my Optima yellowtop deep cycle and a marine battery for a small boat of mine. Ctek make great products.
  20. Wow that Ruf sounds incredible! Massive intercooler - I too have always wondered how they fit haha.
  21. To those of you using the DAS6 polishers, are you ever concerned about over-using them and wearing down the paint? I've been to one of the CarCareProducts detailing courses and that was one question I forgot to ask. My understanding is that you should only need to polish your paint maybe once every year or two if you are regularly applying a good wax/sealant? Pulling out the machine polisher every 3 months would surely wear down your paint quick smart...
  22. Do you have any more details on this beast Patrick? While we're on the topic of worked 968's - this supercharged black CS has been for sale for a good while too. Quite a few nice examples getting around at the moment. http://my105.com/ListingDetails/tabid/65/p/1/k/porsche%20968/id/10567/Default.aspx
  23. What's the top speed on a standard C7 vette? Do you guys know what Hennessey have tinkered with? I can't believe those yanks can get a fully trimmed C7 with Z51 performance pack for $60k. That is the bargain of the century! Soooo wish they made them in RHD and released them here (without the $200k AUD tax)...
  24. There have been two of these black 968 Turbos for sale for the better part of a year. They've slowly been dropping in price but haven't sold yet to my knowledge. Fantastic cars for sure! I'm sure many of us would be tempted if they got down closer to the $50-60k mark
  25. Thanks guys. I did express interest in 9fan's car some weeks ago but he never got back to me. At this point I've decided to place the 944 hunt on hold for a bit.

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