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  1. Bump - Nobody has spotted a hidden gem anywhere? Any 3L Turbos tucked away in a workshop looking for a new owner?
  2. Nice find. I'm sure this has been posted before but Magnus' longer doco 'Urban Outlaw' is also worth a watch. http://www.reelhouse.org/mos/urbanoutlaw/urbanoutlaw
  3. Very impressive. I wasn't sure about the 918. On paper it is way behind the Mclaren and Ferrari but I guess we need to trust the Porsche engineers more. They seem to be able to do amazing things making less powerful and heavier cars punch above their weight!
  4. $59k for a RWB car - bargain! Love those Japanese masterpieces. Very tough!
  5. That is true. It will help fill the time between Issue 1 and 2 of VitaminP though
  6. Thanks for sharing Kerry. Downloading for a read now. Not to steal the thunder of this thread but another free online Porsche mag I've been reading for a few years now is Autobahn Ambition available here: http://www.autobahnambitionmag.com/
  7. Totally agree with you teknostar. Sell a cup of coffee for $4 and sell 500/day or sell for $3 and sell 1500/day. I know which one I'd choose... I'm sure Porsche Australia have done their figures though so perhaps there is something we're missing
  8. I bought from Tirerack maybe 9 months ago now and they were fantastic to deal with. Excellent prices and the tyres arrived quickly. Definately try to keep your order under the $1k limit to avoid taxes. I ordered a set of Goodyear Eagle F1 A2 tyres 235/40-18 & 255/35-18 respectively and am very happy with them. For road tyres they provide a high level of grip (especially in the wet). Strongly recommended for anyone not looking for R-spec. Oh and they're cheaper than their Michelin PSS competition with only slightly lower dry level grip too
  9. Great to see you guys (and gals) enjoyed the course. I did the Brisbane equivalent some months ago and definately learnt a few things! Very good basic course for the money. Where are the pics of all those shiny Porsches now?
  10. Very happy for Ricciardo. I'll admit I'm a little nervous for his first season next year. It's likely Vettel will crush him initially so I hope that doesn't dent his confidence. Based on the interviews I've watched/read it sounds like they're grooming Ricciardo to become Vettel's successor. If he can stick it out then he has a good shot at a title in the next few years. We might have two Aussies carving up the track soon (one in a Porsche no less)!
  11. Yes that car has been listed for some time now. I've no doubt it's a quality car but coming from Classic Throttle Shop it's about $10k overpriced in my opinion. If they were to drop the price then I might have a look at it.
  12. 9fan - When you say check Porsche Australia are you suggesting their pre-owned cars or just check how many were sold in the country? I agree what I'm after is reasonably rare. I've only seen 4-5 red Turbo S's for sale in the last 2 years or so. Greg - Thanks for this. I'm aware of the two red 87 Turbos on the SA Porsche club site. They are tempting but aren't S models & would need a bit of money to make presentable/reliable.
  13. Hi all After many years of wanting a 944 Turbo I've finally decided to start the hunt in earnest. My preference is for a well looked after 944 Turbo S (guards red strongly preferred). If you're selling such a car or know somebody who is please let me know. I have been watching the market for some time and given how long I've waited I'm prepared to wait for the right car. Justin
  14. Unique looking 968CS and a great read. Thanks for sharing Paul. Mark's Turbo looks unreal too. Seeing how it was as a shell to now is quite a transformation! Speaking of rare colours - A guy I bought some seats off resprayed his 944 S2 in the grey from a 997 GT3 RS. I don't have any pics but it was definately something different. This colour: http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/8/80/Grey_Porsche_997_GT3_RS_facelift_IAA_2009_(3).JPG.JPG
  15. Very impressive build. The styling is a little busy but when you have that kind of power I think you need a kit that screams as much as the exhaust would!
  16. My story involves a 944 Turbo S with Garrett GT3071 conversion, Haltech ECU, top end refresh, new clutch, exhaust etc for $19k. I turned it down at the time because the guards red paint was very poor and in need of a respray. If I had my time again...
  17. OzJustin


    Only just stumbled across this thread. Some very insightful info from Bruce Buchanan, I had read a little about the ZDDP issue in one of the Rennlist threads but your post is far more concise. Thanks for sharing the important details
  18. Hi guys, I'm looking into purchasing a Guards Red 944 Turbo S at present, which requires a respray badly. I'm trying to get an indication on the rough cost to factor it into my offer price. I'd like to go a factory respray to all but the engine bay to keep the cost down. If you live in Brisbane and have had your car(s) resprayed recently, who can you recommend? Thanks
  19. I really like what they're doing with the body. Obviously it's not finished yet but squishing the roof down and widening the track is really making it more aggressive. I can actually see some similarities with a Ferrari 360 in the second shot believe it or not (squint a little!).
  20. Merry Xmas all. Have a relaxing enjoyable break. Douglas - Excellent video too. Thanks for sharing.
  21. Hi all, I know the 4.0 GT3 has been around for a little while now, and what a car! I just stumbled across a new Winding Road mag article of it for anyone interested. Needless to say they're quite fond of it too. Anyone on the waiting list? http://www.windingroad.com/articles/reviews/driven-2011-porsche-911-gt3-rs-40/?utm_campaign=Weekly+Email&utm_medium=email&utm_source=email-289&utm_content=WR76+5
  22. Congrats on your new acquisition Nicko. Hope you've enjoyed it the last few months. Can't beat a well looked after 944.
  23. Hi everyone Justin from Brisbane here. I'm 25 years young and looking to join the Porsche ranks in the not too distant future. I've owned a number of japanese sports cars over the years but from my 18th birthday I haven't been able to shake a desire to own a 944 Turbo. Sitting on the Rennlist and Pelican Parts Forum and seeing all the stunning 951's being built up hasn't helped my desire. My current Nissan Silvia is probably screaming at the thought of being replaced right now. I've attended a number of Porsche Club QLD cruise days and concourse events. Great to finally stumble across an Australian Porsche Forum. I look forward to chatting all things "Porscha" with you all!

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