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  1. Update on my adventures guys. First up I ran the VIN number with Porsche Australia and discovered that the car is actually an early 1988 model so is NOT a Turbo S. I also had the car inspected by T&D Auto yesterday and was quite disappointed with the results. The car has no Turbo S options present and there were a number of cosmetic, mechanical and electrical issues. I knew the car was cosmetically scruffy (and had budgeted that in), however the mechanical and electrical aspects left a lot to be desired. The car has good potential with the modifications, however, it would take a significant sum to bring it back to its former glory. This kind of sum is not what I was willing to invest. I'll leave it at that on the public forum. Anybody who wants further details feel free to PM me.
  2. Also looking forward to the next issue. The first one was a great read!
  3. Let me know your results Bruce. I will be very keen to hear how rare these cars (both Turbo and S2) actually are here.
  4. Thanks for the heads up Steve. I'm going to inspect the car tomorrow and am placing a deposit on the car subject to inspection results. Cross your fingers for me
  5. That was a good read and great to see the front engines represented. Sounds like you all had a blast!
  6. Can't beat Chris Harris talkin' Porsches. You can see the passion he has for these cars. It reminds me of another oldie I watched the other day (this one is from 2012):
  7. OzJustin

    Sad News

    Very sad news. My thoughts go out to both families.
  8. Just saw this on Rennlist earlier today. Joshua (Rogue Tuning) is doing some great things for the older Porsches.
  9. Incredible vehicles. Those closing stats really make you take notice 0-200kph in 5.3 seconds
  10. Another interesting doco. I was surprised to hear Magnus is looking to expand his garage, especially with some newer machinery. A 996 GT3 or 924 CGT may not suit his style ha.
  11. Tim - I'm always keen to hear about quality new independent Porsche workshops in Brisbane. There seem to be far fewer in Qld than down south. Do you have any details for DHM Auto Solutions? I couldn't find a website on google.
  12. Eric - Did you notice much difference between the factory exhaust and the Dansk cat-back? I have heard that the Dansk is pretty quiet unless you really step on it. Good stealth street setup with some growl when you want it?
  13. I have a funny feeling that I read something in the past stating the exhaust flanges between S2 & Turbo models vary? Weld on a compatible flange & it may be direct bolt on. My understanding is that the transmission tunnel & exhaust hanger locations are the same between S2 & Turbo so I don't foresee a problem for a cat-back Turbo system on an S2. Happy to be corrected by someone more knowledgeable however?
  14. Interesting numbers there Mark. I've got one of the Peter Morgan 944/968 books but I'm pretty sure it only has a table showing US and ROW (rest of world) numbers. Would be good to have a breakdown just for AU
  15. Digging up an oldish thread here but I'm curious to hear what exhaust options you guys have found for the S2? Fabspeed seem like the most common choice for the Turbos but they don't appear to have an S2 compatible model. Is there much difference between the S2 and Turbo exhaust from the cat back? The most talked about S2 exhaust I know of is Dansk. There are lots of forum posters recommending them. I also stumbled upon a Supersprint S2 option the other day. Supersprint sound incredible on E46 M3s. I wonder how they sound on an S2 http://www.supersprint.com/en/IT/prod-234-6698-porsche_944_s2_30.aspx
  16. Those are some interesting numbers guys. Only 160ish S2's in total made it to Australia? If that's true then there's no doubting their rarity. Has anybody ever sent a request to Porsche Australia for the official AU sales figures through the 944 life cycle? Obviously we would have to add a few UK imports to that list though.
  17. Mark - Those other two look like well cared for cars but my preference is definately red. My last two cars have been grey/silver so I'm determined not to own another silver car ha! Bruce - Totally agree the turbo kick is addictive. I currently own a Nissan 200SX (turbo) so I have a niggling suspicion that moving sideways to an S2 would leave a small gap without the boost. For those S2 owners (Mark, 9fan etc), I understand that the camshaft chain & tensioner/rollers & pads (x2), timing belt, balance shaft belt and water pump must be replaced every 3 years or 50 000km (with retensioning at 1 000 and 25 000km)? Is there anything I'm missing? Assuming this was due/or just for peace of mind how much do parts and labour normally equate to?
  18. Thanks for the thoughts guys. I'll be honest, I've been pretty set on a Turbo for a few years now but had never given an S2 a chance until recently. I picked up a set of black leather Porsche 964 sports seats (very rare so I snapped them up for my future vehicle) and the seller was kind enough to let me take his S2 for a spin. I wasn't expecting much having test driven a few Turbos over the years but was pleasantly surprised. It had more torque than I was expecting and felt very smooth. Given the crack down on speeding these days perhaps an S2 is the more sensible (and useable) option for a nice road car. If I really missed the Turbo then I could look at building a 3L lower compression engine and adding the associated turbo parts and take it to the track. I've read a few of the Buchanan's 3L S2 build threads and they sound like incredible cars. Does anybody know the history of this car? I was speaking to the owner the other night and it sounds quite promising. http://www.carsales.com.au/private/details/Porsche-944-1989/SSE-AD-890578/?Cr=6&sdmvc=1
  19. Looks like Porsche has done it again with the new GT3. I'm a little surprised how much power they can get out of the NA car (475hp) as opposed to the Turbo (550hp) though. I understand there will be mountains more torque across the rev range in the Turbo but I would have thought they would develop slightly more hp (only 75hp more)?
  20. You're probably right that the Big Reds aren't needed (definately not for a street car anyway). It would be a shame to tear up a collectible car. A solid base car with mods added seems like the way to go. Have you ever thought about going the turbo route with your S2 Greg? I have been wondering whether I should go a clean S2 and then if I really miss the turbo kick I could move to a 3L turbo build down the track. My estimate would be $20k to do it properly though. Hmm.
  21. The Big Red kit from Lindsey is about $2k but that is probably overkill for a street car. I'm sure even standard Turbo brakes with cleaned up calipers, drilled rotors and a new set of pads would look and perform admirably. Re Turbos - Yes totally understand where you're coming from. I've driven a stock 86 Turbo and it had nothing below 3000rpm. It was wait...wait...wait...oh there is a turbo on the car! I have also driven a Turbo S with modern GT3071 ball bearing turbo and Haltech ECU and that was a totally different story. Now that's the kind of Turbo worth owning!
  22. Yes you're probably right Greg. A lot of the Turbo S features can be added as upgrades to the standard Turbo. Sway bars are easy and often the turbo has been upgraded to a K26/8 or larger anyway. Brakes get a bit pricey if adding Big Reds to a standard Turbo. I do wonder about the LSD. I'm not sure if it was an option for 86-88 Turbo cars? Anybody know how they drive without an LSD? My understanding has always been that only the Turbo S has hardened 1st to 3rd gears. Given the S2 is supposed to have the same gearbox as the Turbo S (except with a different final drive), perhaps the S2 also has the hardened gears.
  23. Greg, No I have not yet looked into actual numbers that made it here. I suspect it would not be a great deal however, so seeing actual numbers may just depress me in my search. Re your second question, I'm most interested in the S model due to the extra goodies that come as standard - S4 brakes, sway bars, lsd, hardened gears etc. I do intend to modify the car to my specs though so an immaculate stock Turbo S that has lived in a cocoon is not necessarily of value to me. Even a nicely modified 86-88 Turbo with a bunch of upgrades would catch my eye if it was done right. Dare I say it but my wild mind has even started pricing up an S2 base car for a 3L turbo conversion...
  24. Bump - Nobody has spotted a hidden gem anywhere? Any 3L Turbos tucked away in a workshop looking for a new owner?

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