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  1. Wow Timm, she is really coming along! Congrats on the latest round of mods. The power and torque figures are looking very healthy. You might crack 400hp with E85... How is your transient response below 3500rpm now? I'm keen to take a gander at the next C&C if you're around.
  2. I was a little shocked to read this news about Dan last night but after reading some commentary on it today I think it's a brave move. I can understand his desire to build a new team around him as a number one driver and with a team that has the desire to reach the top step. Alonso succeeded twice with Renault in recent years to here's to hoping Dan's timing is right. He deserves a car to be fighting for the championship. I just hope Renault get their engine performance and reliability sorted in the next 6 months...
  3. I’ve got a couple of 944 shirts Brian. Got them from a Rennlist member about a decade back. Great shirts. Will wear one to C&C in the future (when it’s warmer) and see if you notice.
  4. Nobody owning up to purchasing the black 89 Turbo? I know some forum members were interested...
  5. Yep some nice examples have changed hands recently. If anyone is in the market for a decent S2 (burgundy in Brisbane) I might have a lead for them.
  6. Curious to hear if any forum member snapped up either of these Turbos? Black 1989 944 Turbo with a GTX3071 upgrade (was gone in a couple of days): https://www.carsales.com.au/private/details/Porsche-944-1989/SSE-AD-5516854 Nik’s White 1990 944 S2 Turbo (someone scored an amazing buy): https://www.carsales.com.au/private/details/Porsche-944-1990/SSE-AD-4212111
  7. Yes a definite perk. Did you have any leaks in the headers to sort out before coating? I've read it's pretty common for cracks given their age.
  8. Sounds like a fair price for the bling you're now rocking.
  9. Looking good mate! Can I ask what Comp Coatings charged you to silver ceramic coat the headers?
  10. Sounds like a plan. I’ll be curious to hear what you think of the Powerflex black and whether they’re too harsh for the street. They have the slightly softer purple ones too.
  11. Interesting read Rob. I have often wondered how much variation there should be but have never done back to back like you to know for sure. How does the RS drive now with the poly bushes?
  12. Hi Tim I just ordered a set of the 968 castor blocks for my S2. They were $167 for the pair from BWA if that helps. Probably worth finding a cheaper used set if you want to put poly in them though. I might put Powerflex black bushings in mine when I wear them out. Could be a while though.
  13. Amazing looking example Sean. How many hours do you think you’ve put into it to get it to this point? That engine bay is a work of art! I bet Bruce will take the long way home each day.
  14. Thanks for sharing your insights Mark. It's always nice to read direct comparisons between models, especially from a single owner familiar with them. I think you came to a good conclusion too (though I might be biased)...
  15. Thanks for the shots WOKA. Nice to see a few fresh cars - I've been to a fair few of these but haven't spotted the 996 GT3 RS before. The F40 definately seems to get a lot of love each month...
  16. My 2c: If going local I would recommend BWA Auto. Always very helpful and prompt. Paragon products and Lindsey Racing have a good range of products, including performance upgrades. 944Online have a good range though their postage is high. FCP Euro are excellent on postage cost and quick delivery though they don’t have the largest range of products for the front engined Porsches. Sonnen Porsche Parts have excellent genuine Porsche parts pricing though their postage is pretty pricey unless making a bulk order. Only944 have a small range of original replacement and upgrade parts. Parts quality is excellent, as is postage price and communication. Can’t recommend Kyle enough. What parts are you specifically looking for?
  17. Looking good. Can you repost your head gasket photos from your earlier post as they don't seem to be showing?
  18. Are you north or southside TAV? I've used Ken at Accurate Suspension (southside) for my last two cars and have always found he does good work. He does corner weight setups for a lot of track cars and knows his stuff. http://www.accuratesuspension.com.au/
  19. Shame about the head gasket Cabs. Probably irrelevant given the age but how many km’s on your engine? Hopefully will be nice and reliable once you get that batch of work sorted.
  20. I've had two exhaust setups on my S2. The first was a high flow cat and a FlowMaster muffler. This muffler is tiny and borders on a straight through setup. It may have been ok for a track car but it was WAY too loud for the street. My house would shake when I started it up and it had horrible drone. I ended up removing it and having Custom Exhaust Specialists (CES) fabricate a new muffler in 304 stainless. The new muffler was much larger than the FlowMaster but it still sounds really nice in my opinion. It is reasonably quiet at low revs and has minimal drone compared to the FlowMaster. It has a nice deep tone to it, probably akin to a Magnaflow which I've had on a previous car. Sounds great in tunnels too!
  21. Definately YES. I don't see the feminine side of things, besides red goes faster!
  22. Thanks. I ended up getting an Amaron 74AH, 690CCA. My S2 now starts much quicker than with the tiny Odyssey. Very happy with the battery and it fits nicely in the battery tray, even being a 190mm high top model.
  23. Congrats Vinny. Can I ask what state she's headed to?
  24. I see Vince's 944 Turbo has just been listed for sale. Some very impressive photos in the ad. Slate Grey Metallic is a stunning colour if I do say so myself (biased)! https://www.carsales.com.au/cars/details/Porsche-944-1986/SSE-AD-5259226/?ret=search-alert&utm_source=internal-carsales-notification-centre-search-alert&utm_medium=email
  25. Bumping this old thread. I am in need of a new battery for my S2 and seeking recommendations. What is the best factory size (270 x 175 x 175mm to my knowledge) battery available? The higher CCA and Ah the better! I'm also interested in what battery brackets people are using if not running a stock battery (I'm using a tiny lightweight Odyssey at present). I've discovered that the Optima D34 and FullRiver battery that I had my eye on is too tall (200mm). Edit: The Varta E38 (750CCA, 74Ah) is top of my list at present. The width and height (175mm) seem to fit but it's going to be mighty close with the length (at 278mm).

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