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  1. That Targa Tour looks like it will be a hell of a trip. Great video too!
  2. @Tingy - Am I reading my Carsales notification correctly and your Turbo is off to a new home?
  3. My vote would go to a set of Enkie NT-03. I believe Patrick Garvin was running a set many years ago on his 944 Turbo before it became the batmobile track car. He may be able to advise on the best size/offset. Re tyres - I would recommend Goodyear Eagle F1 A2 for a good wet/dry combo if going 17in+. The biggest determining factor for tyre options is obviously wheel diameter. The Michelin Pilot Sport 4 range look good but are only available in large sizes to my knowledge.
  4. Does anyone have any recent overseas purchase experiences given the changes to the GST threshold (i.e. now sub $1,000)? Are companies applying the GST and are customs enforcing?
  5. Hi Rod A few places I would recommend: BWA (NSW) FCP Euro Pelican Parts Paragon Products 944online Lindsey Racing Sonnen OEM Porsche Sunset Porsche
  6. Hi all I have a few parts from my 944 that are surplus to requirements. 1) Water pump, gasket and block off plug - $200 - SOLD As new condition and never fitted 2) Coolant expansion/reservoir tank - $90 Good used condition, no cracks or leaks 3) Brake booster housing - $120 - SOLD Used but in good working condition Freshly painted Part number: 94435502711 May suit other Porsches such as 924 and 968 Parts located Brisbane southside Happy for pickup or post at buyer's expense
  7. @stats011 Welcome to the forum. Nice collection you have there. Be sure to post up some more photos as you carry out the remaining work.
  8. Thanks for the tip Sean. I would love a set of MCS. Maybe when the Koni’s get a bit tired! ? How comfortable are they for the road? I had a set of high end coilovers from a respected company on another car in the past and found them very jittery at low speed. I’m talking bouncing in my seat at 60kph. How do the MCS fair with decent spring rates?
  9. Congratulations on your purchase and welcome to the forum Sebastian! Looks like a very clean car in that colour. While Jason E is a fan, I’m sure he’ll admit one day that Stone Grey Metallic (coincidentally the colour of my S2) is the pinnacle colour for 944s. Re your suspension height, my recommendation would be to save up for a set of KW Variant 3 coilovers and eliminate the torsion bars alltogether. Buchanan Automotive installed a set of Koni adjustable dampers (Paragon Products Koni kit) on my S2 and reindexed the torsion bars and the car handles excellent. I have driven my car back to back against a KW V3 equipped 944 Turbo and didn’t find a lot between them. The biggest difference is in the ease of adjustment, particularly given not so many suspension shops deal with the torsion bar design these days. Cheers Justin
  10. Oh damn. I completely forgot about the event this year. Great to see all the effort put into RP968 resulting in the win! ?
  11. Thanks Bruce. I should have realised it would never be so straight-forward. So it’s a bellhousing, flywheel and ECU on top then. I was looking to future-proof my next clutch install on the S2 with a higher rated Turbo model but it sounds like it may not be worth it. There goes my 3L 16v turbo build for now.
  12. I agree. You could snag one in the $20s but it would probably require a bit to bring back to scratch. IMHO maintenance is a key price factor for these cars. Big jobs like the clutch, belts, rollers, water pump, cam chain and guides are not cheap so the asking price should reflect. The starters on these cars are very small so the slow long cranks are pretty normal. I liken it to waking the beast. Cough..cough..cough..grrr! Modern fast crank cars are boring by comparison.
  13. Depends on the service history, recent maintenance, option codes etc. Is it the red one in SA you speak of?
  14. Thanks Bruce. I appreciate the info. You have me curious on the differences and interchangeability of the S2 and Turbo clutch/pressure plate kits. What clutch did you end up using in Nik's white 944 S2 3L 16v Turbo? From what I've read he started with a stock S2 setup. I've heard from one or two people that recommend the Turbo clutch plates as a more sturdy upgrade for S2's. I'm not sure if that's even possible though and what the limiting factor is (clutch plate thickness, diameter etc). I gather there are stronger than stock kits for S2 that don't shudder and can handle more abuse and/or torque.
  15. Bruce, I would love to get your thoughts on the clutch history and offerings for the 944 S2 and Turbo models. What is your preferred clutch plate, pressure plate, flywheel combination for these (I realise it will depend on torque etc for a modified Turbo)? How do you feel about the recent Spec 'push' type offerings that eliminate the clutch fork and slave cylinder?
  16. Thanks mate. Looks like a decent cost effective alternative to a dash reskin.
  17. Where did you source your dash cover from and do you remember the price?
  18. A RHD japanese delivery sounds like a rare one to me. Most are LHD from what I’ve seen. Both look like nice examples.
  19. I'm in so long as it is shared between Brisbane and Newcastle Tingy.
  20. It's a slippery slope isn't it Cab! Keep us posted on how you end up with your new speed sensor.
  21. I guess what I’m trying to say is ‘will you appreciate the handling, mechanical nature and driver involvement?’. If feeling these characteristics will put a smile on your face every morning then any blood, sweat and tears will pale in significance. If it’s just the badge then any extra maintenance over a Toyota 86 will likely get tiresome. As others have said, go and test drive a kind forum member’s car and you will know pretty quickly. Hopefully you’ll be grinning from ear to ear wanting to buy theirs.
  22. Hi Simon and welcome to the forum. You’ve certainly generated some interest in this thread. I’m surprised that nobody else has asked this question yet but the obvious question is why are you looking at a Porsche? What are you searching for in your replacement for the Mitsubishi Mirage? Do you want reliability, practicality, looks, engine performance, handling etc? While I agree with others that these cars can be reliable and not that expensive (relatively speaking) if you buy the right one, there may be other makes and models that better fit your criteria. As a passionate owner I would love nothing more than for you to join the ranks but you should be doing it for the right reasons. These cars (especially the older 80s versions) are true driver’s cars and demand a certain type of owner to truly appreciate. This is your car if you want perfect balance, excellent handling with great feedback in corners, very mechanical inputs and sounds, smooth engines (but lethargic by modern standards depending on the model you choose). If you get excited by the thought of chucking it into a corner and feeling every road imperfection, feeling the steering load up and the engine growling away then a 924/944 could be the one. If you want something a bit less mechanical/more modern but still want the Porsche badge then I agree a Boxster could be another option. You will lose some storage space in them compared to the 80s front engine cars though. Exciting times ahead for you.
  23. Wow Timm, she is really coming along! Congrats on the latest round of mods. The power and torque figures are looking very healthy. You might crack 400hp with E85... How is your transient response below 3500rpm now? I'm keen to take a gander at the next C&C if you're around.
  24. I was a little shocked to read this news about Dan last night but after reading some commentary on it today I think it's a brave move. I can understand his desire to build a new team around him as a number one driver and with a team that has the desire to reach the top step. Alonso succeeded twice with Renault in recent years to here's to hoping Dan's timing is right. He deserves a car to be fighting for the championship. I just hope Renault get their engine performance and reliability sorted in the next 6 months...

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