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  1. I'm running the 968 MO30 sway bars on my S2 and can attest to them being excellent for a street/track car.
  2. In case you decide to purchase directly from Porsche, these part numbers might help for a couple of those cheap items. They're on my 'to buy' list too. Rear tow hook cover - 951.505.349.00 Centre console switch blank - 944-613-259-02-1DB
  3. Just gave it a whirl and working well. Thanks for the new option Kerry.
  4. I might take you up on your offer Timm, though it will likely be a fair way down the road. It will be very interesting to see the gains on your 8v Turbo. Are you intending to do a before/after dyno comparison with the same setup? Are you expecting the driveability to improve substantially with the modern ECU control?
  5. Seems like there are a few aussie guys making the jump to VEMS. I'm very interested to hear how you all progress. I wish there was an aussie dyno tuner for those less inclined to self tune though.
  6. Looking good...that should add 10hp alone!
  7. Bilstein yellow for sure...Keep some colour!
  8. Great restoration read so far. I'm also keen to hear your thoughts on the VEMS for an S2.
  9. Congrats on your purchase. You should have lots of fun in it! You could give Hartech or NineAuto a call (I assume they're still around) and they might be able to recommend a Porsche experienced AC workshop.
  10. I did take a look at the car and am happy to fill in any prospective buyers. Shoot me a PM.
  11. Thanks Bruce. We were having a laugh but good for others to know their Turbo isn't really producing 29psi. It's funny seeing some modern stock road cars are well into the 20s in stock form. Crazy times...
  12. Haha that was gold. Geez Mark was wringing the neck of that Merc...Maybe he was afraid it would flip on him like the old days.
  13. Does your Turbo hit 2 bar as well Stephen? I know they're basing it off the stock 2 bar gauge but still...
  14. No wasn't Scott. I think I know the Brisbane Porsche dealer named Scott that you're thinking of though. He sold the red 89 Turbo a while back. This car is with Superior Automotive Group (the new owners of T&D Auto.
  15. I spoke to the dealer earlier in the week. Apparently it was owned by a Robert Hughes who is now living overseas. Did any Qld members know him?
  16. Thanks guys. I've heard of a few people using the Trans Gear oil but it's only a few dollars more for the Pro Gear fully synthetic so will go that way if it's what the experts are recommending. It's not like the change intervals are that frequent anyway.
  17. I see Supercheap has an oil sale this weekend. Does anyone have experience on the difference between Penrite Trans Gear vs Pro Gear apart from one being semi-synthetic and the other fully synthetic? Both are 75w90 GL5 and seem appropriate for our transaxles.
  18. FYI - 1988 944 Turbo on Ebay. Anyone game to make a bid? https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.com.au%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F222711214636
  19. The new concept is very impressive and far more modern but I think I prefer the original styling too. The new concept is definately more classy than a RWB car but there is something timeless about the original styling mixed with the modern performance upgrades. Having names like Hans Mezger, Williams and Chris Harris associated with the new build is sure to make it a fantastic driving experience though!
  20. Tell me about it...Where were all these red S2's in the 12 months I was specifically looking for a red one!
  21. Seems vety similar to the HPR30 20w60. I'm curious on this 'tacky additive' for when a car is rarely used though.
  22. Trust all the nice red S2's to start popping up months after I was patiently looking for one for a year. I do love my Stone Grey now though. Congrats on your sale Mark.
  23. Haha great read Rob. You weren't joking when you said the wheelbarrow played a major part! Jason - What short shifter did you go with and how is it performing?
  24. I've used Goodyear Eagle F1 A2 on my last two cars and they've performed very well, especially in the wet.
  25. I also use an Arcan jack and it has worked well for me the last few years. Has anyone tried the Esco jack stands? They seem like good quality.

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