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  1. Hi Brian. Tried to send you a PM but it wouldn't go through. Send me a message if you'd like some details on my D90s.
  2. My vote goes to the 20B RX7 as well. It sounds like that's the car to scratch your itch. The GT3 can still come later...
  3. OzJustin

    WEC 2017

    Guess I'll be watching the Formula E next year. I've only watched a few races since it started but it did have a certain charm. High energy races with cars that sounded like vacuum cleaner spaceships...before each driver had to jump in their second car as the first battery ran out. Half the grid seem to be ex-F1 drivers. I echo the sentiments of the others here re the WEC. It will be good to see Porsche focus its energy on the RSR's. They haven't been as competitive as the Astons, Fords and Corvettes the last few years...
  4. I spoke to the seller of the Zyclam Red S2 a few months back. It sounded promising with belts and clutch done in recent years but I would be inspecting it in person if serious.
  5. No didn't go to Jason haha. An early 944 will be rocking it soon. Re the sway bar mounts - I'm not sure on the brand. Bruce/Sean Buchanan could possibly fill us in as they did a lot of the suspension work on my S2 (for a previous owner). I'm very impressed with the handling compared to a stock setup.
  6. That was a really interesting watch. I'm surprised to see such a time difference but goes to show the advancements of the Macan. I'd love to see a 944 Turbo with a chip and some KW's run the same lap.
  7. All the best Rob. A very well presented ad. Shame my budget couldn't stretch that far...
  8. Another key detail...I see a licence plate on it now too Rob. Have you burnt through a couple of tanks of fuel yet?
  9. I've had the pleasure of driving Rob's Turbo and can attest to the quality. It is a very well sorted car.
  10. Cool video. It's really good to see passionate people restoring these great cars so they're around for many years to come.
  11. As a Stone Grey owner I take offence to that. I do still crave a guards red car though...
  12. Vinny - You're welcome to purchase my VDO headunit which is the same brand as the dash cluster. Granted it's a 90s CD player capable unit but it's black with a black and white display and looks reasonably period correct. It will help fund my upgrade to an Apple CarPlay unit (blasphemy I know).
  13. 115 Porsches in attendance...wowser! Don could just about run his own Rennsport haha.
  14. Looks like a nice example and should sell quickly.
  15. Did anyone make it out to DHM? I would have loved to attend but had a prior appointment...
  16. Hi Rob I might take a quick look at your transaxle book when I'm next over your way. I'm still reading a 'Porsche Turbo' history book my brother bought for me at Xmas time so no rush with this order haha...
  17. Ok thanks for that. Let us know what the book is like when yours arrives.
  18. ANF - How many pages is the book and is yours a 100% English version? Ie separate English and German versions.
  19. Hi all For sale is the axle back exhaust off my Porsche 944 S2. It is 2.5in stainless steel with a FlowMaster muffler and only about 18 months old. Only selling because it is a little loud for my quiet neighbourhood. It has a really nice aggressive and angry note but would probably suit a track car or weekend only car. It should fit any 924/944/968 to my knowledge. Located Brisbane southside $300 negotiable Send me a PM if interested
  20. Any other Brisbane members want to place an order with me? We could get a couple sent out together... Perhaps a silly question but for those that have emailed the Porsche Museum, I assume their staff speak English?
  21. Flamingporsche - Geez we can close this thread down now. You have a ripper of a work-space there. I really like the AmmoNYC video showing his new garage space. That's the kind of setup I aspire to. The flooring really makes his space in my opinion.
  22. OzJustin

    WEC 2017

    Fantastic victory for the No.2 Porsche. They were down and out last night but hung in there and fought back. Webber should have hung around for one more year... Very exciting end to the GTE Pro category as well. The Corvette almost had it won with one lap to go but the two Astons put too much pressure on and forced the mistakes to win. Great British victory.

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