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  1. Excellent video. I love seeing these cars restored. Should be good for another 40 years now.
  2. Congrats on your purchase! Make sure you post some pictures up once it is safely home.
  3. OzJustin

    968 thread

    It still has 968 taillights so yes I think that fits the criteria.
  4. I wonder if he would swap for my twin turbo BMW...
  5. Does this link work for you Tingy? https://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/adelaide-cbd/other-automotive/porsche-944-s2-one-owner-from-new-165-km/1158207984
  6. This one owner S2 was also listed recently. I've always loved the Kalahari Beige colour! The seller isn't a forum member? https://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/adelaide-cbd/other-automotive/porsche-944-s2-one-owner-from-new-165-km/1158207984
  7. Great info. Thanks for the rough pricing Russ.
  8. That Xpel wrap looks really interesting Pauly. Seems to work well for scratches but I wonder how it goes with bird poop and other contaminants? Some people say it won't allow for as high a gloss as a paint and coating combo. Do they only do clear wraps or are other colours available? I wonder what it costs in Australia to have a whole car wrapped...I see there are a couple of dealers in Brisbane hmm.
  9. I really enjoyed this comparison too. It shows that horsepower isn't everything. Precise steering, slick gear changes and a rewarding engine that you can rev out at road speeds are the order of the day! Very happy that Chris is back doing this kind of video review.
  10. Congrats on the sale Rob. I bet it was difficult to see it go...
  11. Hi Brian. Tried to send you a PM but it wouldn't go through. Send me a message if you'd like some details on my D90s.
  12. My vote goes to the 20B RX7 as well. It sounds like that's the car to scratch your itch. The GT3 can still come later...
  13. OzJustin

    WEC 2017

    Guess I'll be watching the Formula E next year. I've only watched a few races since it started but it did have a certain charm. High energy races with cars that sounded like vacuum cleaner spaceships...before each driver had to jump in their second car as the first battery ran out. Half the grid seem to be ex-F1 drivers. I echo the sentiments of the others here re the WEC. It will be good to see Porsche focus its energy on the RSR's. They haven't been as competitive as the Astons, Fords and Corvettes the last few years...
  14. I spoke to the seller of the Zyclam Red S2 a few months back. It sounded promising with belts and clutch done in recent years but I would be inspecting it in person if serious.
  15. No didn't go to Jason haha. An early 944 will be rocking it soon. Re the sway bar mounts - I'm not sure on the brand. Bruce/Sean Buchanan could possibly fill us in as they did a lot of the suspension work on my S2 (for a previous owner). I'm very impressed with the handling compared to a stock setup.
  16. That was a really interesting watch. I'm surprised to see such a time difference but goes to show the advancements of the Macan. I'd love to see a 944 Turbo with a chip and some KW's run the same lap.
  17. All the best Rob. A very well presented ad. Shame my budget couldn't stretch that far...
  18. Another key detail...I see a licence plate on it now too Rob. Have you burnt through a couple of tanks of fuel yet?
  19. I've had the pleasure of driving Rob's Turbo and can attest to the quality. It is a very well sorted car.
  20. Cool video. It's really good to see passionate people restoring these great cars so they're around for many years to come.
  21. As a Stone Grey owner I take offence to that. I do still crave a guards red car though...
  22. Vinny - You're welcome to purchase my VDO headunit which is the same brand as the dash cluster. Granted it's a 90s CD player capable unit but it's black with a black and white display and looks reasonably period correct. It will help fund my upgrade to an Apple CarPlay unit (blasphemy I know).

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