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  1. Hi Vinny Engine mounts are on my list too so I've been researching them over the last little while. As Timm says the genuine Porsche mounts seem to be the most recommended for a street car. Some of the cheaper mounts like Uro seem to only last 12 months before collapsing. The cheapest I've found the genuine mounts is US$380 for the pair here: https://www.sonnenporscheoemparts.com/oem-parts/porsche-front-mount-95137504204 The other option I've been considering is the Lindsey Racing Ultra Mounts. They're supposed to be firmer than stock mounts and do introduce a little more vibration at idle but I hear they have a much longer lifespan and don't introduce substantially more NVH. They do come with a shim kit to let you lower the engine (and centre of gravity) by 5-10mm if you desire also. They are US$300 a pair and available here: https://www.lindseyracing.com/LR/Porsche/LRA-944MM-UM.html
  2. Thanks Timm. I’ve got a soldering iron but I dare say yours is better than my cheapie. Will touch base with Jason. Anyone know about the 5w vs 21w bulbs?
  3. Thanks for all the comments guys. Sounds like I need to test the wire continuity of my non-functioning tail lights first. I must have bumped the old wiring when doing all the work for the clear indicators. Timm - Thanks heaps for your post. Your bulb setup is exactly what I’d like to do to mine, except with the Only944 kit. Does anyone know why the stock tail light (lower middle red lense) is only a 5w when all the other bulbs are 21w?I was thinking of trying 5w LED bayonet bulbs throughout which will probably still be brighter than the stock halogens. Jason - How are you with a soldering iron and multimeter? We can install the Only944 kit together if you like?
  4. Thanks Tingy. Do your lower middle lenses light up with your lights on? Hi Brian The lenses were sourced from Protocast in the UK. Richard was great to deal with. Unfortunately won’t make Saturday as have a family event planned.
  5. Hi all I wanted to see if anyone has performed the Only944 tail light mod/upgrade to the brake lights? https://www.only944.com/partscatalog/only/taillight/ I recently fitted clear indicator lenses to my S2 and they turned out great (don't ask about removing the factory tar sealant though!). While I was poking around in the tail light housing I started comparing the aussie spec wiring with the US version. Obviously different design rules have dictated this outcome. The aussie spec appears to use the lower outer red lense for the brake light and the lower middle red lense for the night lights. Strangely I see that the night night bulb is a 5w compared to 21w for the rest of the housing. Can anyone confirm that the lower middle lense does light up for you with your lights on as both sides of mine don't seem to light up at present (I may have a wiring gremlin)? The two inner-most red lenses (fog lights/reflectors I believe) are not used at all in the aussie spec, however, the housing does provide the option to install a single 21w bulb to light up both lenses. For the US spec cars I see that the lower outer red lense is used for the night lights and the two inner-most red lenses (not used in the aussie spec) for the brake lights. The Only944 upgrade kit appears to split the circuits to allow for the lower middle red lense to become a second night light. On the aussie cars I suppose we could make use of the two inner-most red lenses for either brake or night lights. The tail lights are very dull generally so would no doubt improve safety with all lenses being made use of. A picture is worth a thousand words: My clear indicator lense upgrade: Stock aussie spec housing showing the bulb usage: Stock aussie spec housing showing the wiring arrangement: Stock US spec housing showing the wiring arrangement:
  6. Does anyone have a wiring diagram showing the routing of the battery to alternator cable on a 944? I.e. is it under the car body or in the interior under the carpet? Can anyone recommend a good auto electrician on Brisbane southside, preferably with Porsche experience? I’m looking to get my corroded cable replaced.
  7. Hi Bruce Thanks very much for the info re the valves. This is an area I’m sure many of us will keep in mind when investigating wear in the top end of the engine.
  8. Hi Bruce Thanks for taking the time to share your learnings. I’m curious on the valve guides. For cars with high wear of the valve guides what do you normally replace...valve guides, valve stem seals, valves etc? I assume there is a correlation between wear of the engine components when there is a history of poor oil choice i.e.if con-rod bearings are worn then one can assume that valve guides and cam sprockets will also likely be equally worn?
  9. Great to hear it's up and running. I will be very interested to see the dyno result. Do you have a 'before' dyno by any chance? Any more observations re the driveability? How is part throttle response etc?
  10. I'm running the 968 MO30 sway bars on my S2 and can attest to them being excellent for a street/track car.
  11. In case you decide to purchase directly from Porsche, these part numbers might help for a couple of those cheap items. They're on my 'to buy' list too. Rear tow hook cover - 951.505.349.00 Centre console switch blank - 944-613-259-02-1DB
  12. Just gave it a whirl and working well. Thanks for the new option Kerry.
  13. I might take you up on your offer Timm, though it will likely be a fair way down the road. It will be very interesting to see the gains on your 8v Turbo. Are you intending to do a before/after dyno comparison with the same setup? Are you expecting the driveability to improve substantially with the modern ECU control?
  14. Seems like there are a few aussie guys making the jump to VEMS. I'm very interested to hear how you all progress. I wish there was an aussie dyno tuner for those less inclined to self tune though.
  15. Looking good...that should add 10hp alone!
  16. Bilstein yellow for sure...Keep some colour!
  17. Great restoration read so far. I'm also keen to hear your thoughts on the VEMS for an S2.
  18. Congrats on your purchase. You should have lots of fun in it! You could give Hartech or NineAuto a call (I assume they're still around) and they might be able to recommend a Porsche experienced AC workshop.
  19. I did take a look at the car and am happy to fill in any prospective buyers. Shoot me a PM.
  20. Thanks Bruce. We were having a laugh but good for others to know their Turbo isn't really producing 29psi. It's funny seeing some modern stock road cars are well into the 20s in stock form. Crazy times...
  21. Haha that was gold. Geez Mark was wringing the neck of that Merc...Maybe he was afraid it would flip on him like the old days.
  22. Does your Turbo hit 2 bar as well Stephen? I know they're basing it off the stock 2 bar gauge but still...
  23. No wasn't Scott. I think I know the Brisbane Porsche dealer named Scott that you're thinking of though. He sold the red 89 Turbo a while back. This car is with Superior Automotive Group (the new owners of T&D Auto.
  24. I spoke to the dealer earlier in the week. Apparently it was owned by a Robert Hughes who is now living overseas. Did any Qld members know him?
  25. Thanks guys. I've heard of a few people using the Trans Gear oil but it's only a few dollars more for the Pro Gear fully synthetic so will go that way if it's what the experts are recommending. It's not like the change intervals are that frequent anyway.

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