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  1. I see Supercheap has an oil sale this weekend. Does anyone have experience on the difference between Penrite Trans Gear vs Pro Gear apart from one being semi-synthetic and the other fully synthetic? Both are 75w90 GL5 and seem appropriate for our transaxles.
  2. FYI - 1988 944 Turbo on Ebay. Anyone game to make a bid? https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.com.au%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F222711214636
  3. The new concept is very impressive and far more modern but I think I prefer the original styling too. The new concept is definately more classy than a RWB car but there is something timeless about the original styling mixed with the modern performance upgrades. Having names like Hans Mezger, Williams and Chris Harris associated with the new build is sure to make it a fantastic driving experience though!
  4. Tell me about it...Where were all these red S2's in the 12 months I was specifically looking for a red one!
  5. Seems vety similar to the HPR30 20w60. I'm curious on this 'tacky additive' for when a car is rarely used though.
  6. Trust all the nice red S2's to start popping up months after I was patiently looking for one for a year. I do love my Stone Grey now though. Congrats on your sale Mark.
  7. Haha great read Rob. You weren't joking when you said the wheelbarrow played a major part! Jason - What short shifter did you go with and how is it performing?
  8. I've used Goodyear Eagle F1 A2 on my last two cars and they've performed very well, especially in the wet.
  9. I also use an Arcan jack and it has worked well for me the last few years. Has anyone tried the Esco jack stands? They seem like good quality.
  10. I would think a random orbital machine with a small pad and light cut compound could sort the plastic face. It shouldn't be much different to polishing plastic headlights. You didn't happen to get a before photo so you can compare the difference after the reflective tape/aluminium did you Brian? Are you looking to stay with the standard halogen bulbs or upgrade to brighter LEDs?
  11. OzJustin

    968 thread

    Thanks Bruce. No not confused. Was just curious whether the chain tensioner has a common wear-related lifespan e.g 300,000km. I know of one or two other shops that recommend replacing the whole tensioner rather than just the plastic guides. It sounds like the chain and plastic guides are sufficient if the tensioner is still performing satisfactorily.
  12. OzJustin

    968 thread

    Hi Bruce When would you normally change the tensioner on a 968 or S2? The pads come pre-installed on a new tensioner don't they?
  13. I was wondering the same thing Tingy. How is the torque curve Ossie? Also, what did you do in the way of sound deadening? My S2 has a louder aftermarket exhaust and firmer suspension with a bit of dynamat in the boot area. I could go more though so curious what you did.
  14. Fantastic Ossie! Great to see it back on the road. How does it drive?
  15. Thanks very much for all the responses guys. Ok it sounds like Penrite HPR30 20w60 seems by far the most popular option for engine oil. Will give that a try. Despite being a mineral oil I gather changing every 12 months is fine given my low km's each year (no track time)? Any more owner feedback on gearbox oil? If keeping it in the family, the Penrite Trans Gear 75w90 GL5 looks like a good option.
  16. Hi all Looking to do an oil change on my S2 in the not too distant future and wanted to get some recommendations on oil. I know these cars need a good amount of ZDDP and the correct viscosity rating. With blends constantly changing and different offerings available in different countries I wanted to get some current aussie recommendations on products readily available here. My car is primarily a street car and I don't tend to put many km's on (maybe 5k km every 12 months). Some recommendations I've spotted on Rennlist and Pelican Parts: Valvoline VR1 Racing Oil 20w50 (there seems to be a silver conventional bottle and a black synthetic version?) https://www.autobarn.com.au/valvoline-vr1-racing-10w-40-oa01234 Nulon Street and Track oil 25w60 (is this appropriate for a street car?) https://www.autobarn.com.au/nulon-25w-60-street-track-engine-motor-oil-st25w60-5 While we're on the topic, what oil is everyone running in their gearbox/diff? I understand the front engined cars use brass synchros. Recommendations welcome. Redline MT-90 75w90 GL-4? https://www.redlineoil.com/product.aspx?pid=46
  17. It's RED...if I had my time again this would be the one haha ? I might snap it up for my baby boy. Much to the disgust of many here, he's currently zooming around a red italian...
  18. Sounds like a nice turnout. You didn't happen to snap any pics?
  19. Did anyone make it out to the PCQ Concours day at Jacobs Well this morning? http://www.porsche-qld.org.au/PorscheClubs/pc_queensland/pc_main.nsf/web/5A92318346840E30C1258074000F517B I really wanted to head along but got a bit tied up with family stuff. Maybe next year...
  20. Excellent video. I love seeing these cars restored. Should be good for another 40 years now.
  21. Congrats on your purchase! Make sure you post some pictures up once it is safely home.
  22. OzJustin

    968 thread

    It still has 968 taillights so yes I think that fits the criteria.
  23. I wonder if he would swap for my twin turbo BMW...
  24. Does this link work for you Tingy? https://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/adelaide-cbd/other-automotive/porsche-944-s2-one-owner-from-new-165-km/1158207984
  25. This one owner S2 was also listed recently. I've always loved the Kalahari Beige colour! The seller isn't a forum member? https://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/adelaide-cbd/other-automotive/porsche-944-s2-one-owner-from-new-165-km/1158207984

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