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  1. I've been using Turtle products for a while now, great results and good value. Dominic.
  2. Strange that, I started a new policy with Famous for my XU-1 only last Friday, unless they have dropped the Porsche brand now as the quote I got for my 911 was a lot more than I paid with Lumley.
  3. Insured my 87 Carrera last week for $125k with Lumley Ins, premium was $841.00, much cheaper than Famous, NRMA and Shannons. My XU-1 is with Famous now, $150k for $719, was with NRMA for years, shop around and save. Most classic car insurance companies offer the same benefits now. Cheers, Dominic.
  4. Royal Purple, nice. I say get it back to original, seats out. I've had mine for 41 years, voted best original car and best XU-1 at 2018 Torana Nationals
  5. I've been down to Phillip Island for this event for the last 10 years, and going again in 2020. We stay in Cowes, and as a large group of between 20-30 most years, we book a year in advance. We make it a 6 day trip from Sydney.
  6. I just recently bought an Astra RS-V auto for my wife, $25k drive away demo. Its loaded with every thing and is a quick little thing with its 1.6 litre turbo engine, worth having a look and drive. Dominic.
  7. Stuck in traffic at Wooloomooloo on the way home from work, the F6 got pounded by hail, could only sit there and listen to it. Insurance claim lodged yesterday, I think I'll be waiting a while for any repairs. Dominic.
  8. Big group of us coming from Sydney with the XU-1 club, being the president of the club I'll be in the 911, odd one out there. Have to share the love between the cars. Dominic.
  9. If you missed out on these top dollar Aussie muscle cars at these auctions you have a second chance. They will be on sale at Gosford Bunnings. Dominic.
  10. I had my wife convinced that a WRX would be the perfect car for her (for me really). When she saw it she said I'm not having a boy racer car, so we ended up driving away in a Liberty B4, in black of course. Dominic.
  11. I'll be there with the XU-1 this year. Dominic.
  12. Build two, one of each colour with the Fuch wheels. Problem solved. Dominic.
  13. Congrat's Steve, welcome back to Porsche ownership. Look forward to catching up again. Dominic.
  14. Around Australia, no not quite. It's the annual trip to the Classic at Phillip Island. Took the Porsche this year, was surprised at the fuel economy, used less than half as to what the XU-1 would have used. Yes the XU-1 is an old Torana, 1972 in white. Dominic.

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