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  1. When you say the 7.2 PDK is quite a step back, in what way? Slower shifts? I think at minimum I'm looking for a 7.2S, will look into the 991's as well
  2. Thanks for the feedback and info! Looks like currently all the 997.2's are $170k+ which puts them in the 991 range. I do like how the 997.2 are somewhat the last of the analogues though. I guess that's what is driving the price atm.
  3. Hi all, are the black cars not desirable or something? Long time reader, am now in a position to purchase. Looking for a 997.2 S, 4S or GTS with PDK. Looking at carsales, seems like the going asking prices are $170k-$220k? What is considered fair value atm? Thx

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