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  1. Thanks mate that’s a good link though I have my wires crossed. Was look to see what happened to the petition to keep normal plates in NSW on Historic rego so we don’t have stick them purple and white plates on
  2. Hi mate not too late do you only have this in LHD for a 78?
  3. Anyone know what happened to this petition? Am sure there are more pressing matters and sew nothing in the press.
  4. Mate I’m sure they are a certain model number which is then traceable just not seen them before so now starting to think perhaps mine are not original?
  5. Was going to place this on the Vent Thread created by Caver. My vent unit on the dash above the radio needs replacing as the blinds / vents are broken with age. All the vents I can see for sale are the larger variety which I thought only came out on later models to help with increasing cabin air ventilation. Car is 78, 911... has anyone have any idea where I can find these units to match mine? Image below and second image also hit with a filter to show what I mean in better detail.
  6. Mate it’s a 78 SC UK delivered. Thanks for your help.
  7. Am I right here... loosen off battery terminals and re tighten?
  8. Not sure if anyone else has experienced this. Car is 78 SC and sometimes it will not crank over when trying to start. Just a dull hum when you turn the key and no crank. Leave for an hour or so and it does start ok. Battery is brand new. Today happened again. As i was on a hill I released the park brake, move in gear (literally a cm and not enough to move the pistons) and tried again. Started perfectly. Same thing happened again with same remedy and same success. Can anyone help what this means?
  9. For a few years our fellow PFA tribes from NSW, ACT and VIC would meet in Canberra where we would enjoy each other’s company and some great history at the War Memorial in Canberra which is world class. It’s always been a great weekend and keen to do this again. Since then I’ve joined the council for the Military History Society of NSW. Here we do some great field trips and behind the scenes experiences such as a back of house tour of HARS (Historical Aircraft Restoration Society). Best part is the trip to these days out is also a great excuse for a drive. We meet once a month with a key note speaker. Last month our guest speaker was incredible as joining us for a private conversation was WW2 veteran Retired Rear Admiral Guy Griffiths. He talked about his experience fighting in WW2, the Korean and the Vietnam Wars. Most memorable of all was as he recalled his memories of four Kamakaze planes crashing into his ship and as well the 85 Japanese planes descending on his ship HMS Repulse, eventually hitting it with torpedo bombs which sunk his ship in just 8 minutes on December 10, 1041. This ship was part of Z Force and was sunk along with the Prince of Wales. The loss of life was the greatest ever experienced by the Royal Navy in one incident; over 840 officers and men died. He also was on lookout duty for the Bismarck and was commander of the aircraft carrier HMAS Melbourne during the evacuation of Darwin for cyclone Tracey. Incredible man, incredible experiences and very fortunate to have spent a couple of hours with him today. More amazing a guests lined up for this year at The Military History Society of NSW. PM if you would like more info. Nikko etc hope you don’t mind this post and let’s try and organise our next road trip hopefully soon. Thought some of you may find this of interest and if people are keen (Sorry SYDNEY location for the monthly meet) we could make our next field trip into a drive day as well. D
  10. Update this guy (one man show) has been awesome. Good honest service and has a few tape decks he is also building up if your looking for a period right cassette radio deck. Fixed my busted tape deck $120 including express post back home. Highly recommended. Admins, if not allowed to post a plug let me know and I will remove the link: http://www.oldcarradiosfixed.com.au/gallery/ based Melbourne
  11. Mate mine is in with a bloke in Melbourne as we speak. He was good in that he called me back within an hour of me leaving a message and seems to know what he is talking about / seems very genuine. PM me if want his details as waiting to see how the repair goes this week before I broadcast
  12. Oh yes I had to buy a pair of these from a bloke in Germany for a song. Seoul’s stupid money and my rational was they will only become more expensive with time. Since arriving In the post I have not placed them on the car for fear of damaging the new / old periscopes so still drive around with a cracked unit. The irony of it all.

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