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  1. Lol no worries thanks for your reply
  2. Look great you don’t have any pics with these on the car do you? Trying to gauge the dish
  3. The whale tail in the photo above and on gumtree, is this the period correct whale tail? ive seen the different versions just have not come across a reference as to which is for which year or model. Example. Which tail came out on turbos, etc. anyone seen such a reference?
  4. If anyone has one for sale or a substitute part they have to mount a number plate on the front that would be great. Without a mount mine is flush on the front panel so at an angle facing down which I would like to fix. thanks
  5. Thanks mate went with your suggestion as the battery guy echoed your sentiment. 750cca is also way better than what I had before
  6. Hi all sorry for what what battery question. Looking to take the car out tomorrow and checked the car today to find out battery is dead as a door nail and will need replacemet. lots on line with battery choices etc mainly from abroad so looking for a hand on suggested local battery choices. Also what should I look out for in CCA etc. just not familiar with cars more with bikes. looking to score a deal at the last day of the SuperCheap / Repco sales tomorrow. any help on what to buy will be appreciated. fYi car is used seldom and maintained on trickle charger.
  7. Interesting that last comment and agree as I’m on a motorbike closed group on FB. Easier to post photos and good banter. Specialised categories are more challanging. Would love to see PFA on a closed group too if that was possible
  8. Mate if you break up the set let me know just after front hood set thanks
  9. Hi all, car turns 40 this year so thought I would take a look at the compliance plate for when it was built ie what month. For the life of me I can’t tell when it was built. Have looked on the forum and can’t find any info. Am I missing something very obvious here? Appreciate any help. DB
  10. Wanted one of those for years. Silly to decide to stop the run on these beauties
  11. I’ve purchased a few of Autografik. His work has been perfect with lots of effort made to achieve perfect factory specs. Seems to have fallen off eBay of late so not sure if still around. Worth looking up.

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