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  1. https://www.stuttcars.com/porsche-models/914/
  2. https://www.stuttcars.com/porsche-models/60k10/ Here's my short article about the Porsche 60 K10
  3. James Herne

    Cayenne 958.2

    All engines now with forced induction. Base model in China 3.0V6 supercharged petrol engine, on other markets 3.0V6 turbodiesel (both Audi). Cayenne S comes with the engine of the Macan Turbo. The hybrid now is plug-in and is heavier than the already heavy previous version. First time available are the soft-close doors. 40 photos and specs of the 958.2 compared to the 958.1: https://www.stuttcars.com/porsche-models/cayenne/958.2/
  4. Here's a thorough history tour I prepared for the Porsche enthusiasts on this special day: stuttcars.com/porsche-models/911/997
  5. Dear enthusiasts, My avatar shows me sitting in the official clone of the 1970 Le Mans winning 917. The original 1970 LM winner (chassis 917-023) was sold at the time (remember, the Porsche Museum was established years later). PAG has not yet bought it back from private hands and has to use the clone at the events. On today's 45th birthday of the 917, I have compiled the history tour about its 13 versions. Learn and enjoy the photos here: http://stuttcars.com/porsche-models/917/
  6. Dear enthusiasts, on the 30th anniversary of the 962 today, I have compiled a history tour of the hero here: http://stuttcars.com/porsche-models/962/
  7. Dear enthusiasts, I have had the honour to sit in the 1970 Le Mans winning 917 and have now finally finished the Porsche at Le Mans article with all the results starting from 1951, with some 80 photos and 20 videos. In total 759 Porsches have started the race between 1951-2013. Comparing the percentage of Porsches in the start and in the finish confirms what you would expect - Porsches have above average quality and durability. Enjoy the history tour here: http://stuttcars.com/about-porsche/le-mans/
  8. On the special occasion of the 904's 50th jubilee today, we have prepared a history page covering the 4-, 6- and 8-cylinder models of the one of the top designs ever. Enjoy: http://stuttcars.com/porsche-models/904/carrera-gts/
  9. James Herne


    About the pronounciation of Macan - while writing the article I was confused about the issue as all the Porsche's top officials called the car as 'makan' at the unveiling in LA Auto Show and so I checked the matter directly from Porsche AG. They have decided to pronounce it as 'makan' and not as 'matjan'. Naturally 'matjan' is the right Indonesian and Malaysian pronounciation for the 'tiger'.
  10. James Herne


    Concentrated info on Macan, comparison to Cayenne and some 50 photos: http://stuttcars.com/porsche-models/macan/
  11. James Herne

    Panamera 970.2

    The news with the facelift Panamera are as follows: * No manual gearbox * The hybrid is now plug-in, but VERY HEAVY * S/4S now 3.0V6 TT * GTS is the only normally aspirated V8 * Long wheelbase available For full comparison to 970.1 click here http://stuttcars.com/porsche-models/panamera/970.2/
  12. The last evolution of the 997 GT3 was the RS 4.0 and after 3 years of work the new 991 GT3 has -18 kW and +70 kg. The 2-seater 991 GT3 is 50 kg heavier than the 4-seater 991 Carrera. Here’s a table I have prepared of 991 GT3 compared to 991 S WLS, 997 GT3 RS 4.0 and 997 GT3 3.8: http://stuttcars.com/porsche-models/911/991/gt3/ Also 40+ nice photos can be found there.
  13. Dear enthusiasts, On the occasion of the 10th jubilee of the Carrera GT today, I have prepared a 100+ photo history tour about its development, the prototype, production process and production version itself. Also a performance comparison to 959 Sport, 993 and 996 GT1 street-versions can be found. Enjoy watching and learning: http://stuttcars.com/porsche-models/carrera-gt
  14. I think the design works perfectly for the Boxster. Still, the Cayman is very nice, too. Except its price compared to the Boxster. Some numbers: Cayman S 3.4 is 25% cheaper than 991 Coupé 3.4 and Boxster S is a whopping 39% cheaper than 991 Cabriolet. Pricy rear seats! Check the comparison between Cayman and Boxster and performance comparison between Cayman S and 991 Coupé here: http://stuttcars.com/porsche-models/cayman/981 40+ photos, too.
  15. James Herne

    918 Spyder

    First road-legal prototype is ready. See photos http://stuttcars.com/porsche-models/918/spyder

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