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  1. SOLD and I'm Porscheless for the first time in quite a while ! The car is heading south and I hope to see it in action with the new owner later in the year. I have relocated to sunny Port Hedland WA for a while so it was timely for the sale to complete. I can now become another interested watcher from the sidelines for a while, thinking I might like to have a gravel rally car somewhere in the next year or two. Doubt it will be a 911 but you never know.
  2. Posted from Los Angeles, kind of answers all the above !!
  3. OK so chances are you will never track down the original motor to achieve the matching numbers so many seem to crave. Congratulations, you can now look for the latest model air cooled you can source (afford) and be confident that by buying a later model motor it has benefited from all the development invested by Porsche in the intervening years. The 2.7 and 3.0 motors unless they have benefited from a full rebuild are really getting on in years so why consider them, they have their problems which have been discussed in many forums. At worst I would suggest a 3.2 but even they are now getting on in years but have proven to be very reliable in many applications.
  4. With the 15 and 16" rims that you like, theres not much in the way of suitable rubber available anywhere at all !! I would be interested in what tyres you have found are available ? Apart from Michellin TB 15's that is .
  5. Surplus to requirements, two pairs of Hankook RS 3 Front 205/55 x 16 and Rear 225/50 x 16" new they retail about $170 each looking for $500 the set. Been fitted on rims and done minimal KM and are still showing the moulding marks.
  6. Congratulations on the move to Australia ! Ditto to all of the above comments about LHD and particularly the world market, having sent one to the US its totally viable.
  7. Goog tyres, cover most conditions very well. Get them heat treated, saves all the faffing around with heat cycling etc that most people stuff up completely.
  8. Lots of things can contribute to cause that outcome, tyre pressures (are they equal) wheel alignment (eg camber) what road are you driving on before the temperature was checked i.e high camber road or lots of one direction turns creating extra loading on the 30c side. Suggest a good wheel alignment and have the brakes and bearings checked at that time.
  9. For Sale after lots of heart ache but I need the garage space and other comittments wont see me use the car as I intended for a while. Add going up on Carsales, will post the link when its online later this afternoon. Older photos here http://porscheforum.com.au/topic/5143-1980-fia-group-iv-rally-car/ since then different wheels and a few other modifications and better seats ! http://www.carsales.com.au/private/details/Porsche-911-1980/SSE-AD-4366647
  10. I have a standard set of 16" Fuchs wheels off of my 1980 911 SC surplus to requirements, in good original condition, straight with no gutter rash. Minor marks and blemishes as any 30+ year old rim would have, the rears appear to have been re painted at some time as they are a bit "brighter" black than the fronts. Anyone interested please PM me $1800.00ish .
  11. Go on get a Black 99 turbo and call yourself Stig...yes the original. Blomquist for those who are not familiar with famous Scandanavian rally drivers.
  12. Thanks everyone for the "advice" thank god its not a 928 ! No offence intended to those 928 owners
  13. So what thoughts do you all have on the various sites ( lets say Carsales , Drive and ...gulp.. Ebay ) any personal experiences ? Its time for me to complete some other projects and therefore my take on a replica FIA Group IV Tarmac Rally 911 will be looking for a new home.

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