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  1. Thanks for the upload of the photo's, yes same machine but mine has a bit more wear than the one in the photo. Regs, Peter. Moving house so this must go price down to $1500!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Hi All, Well we have had our fun with this machine so time to let it go a Checkpoint Porsche Pinball asking price is $2000 pick up only Cranbourne West Victoria. Give me a call on 0402850877 Thanks, Peter. Sorry can't upload photo's give me a call an I can email them if you are interested.
  3. Thanks Niko, I am off to Traction on Sat/Morning rubber allround. Regs, Peter.
  4. Niko, Can you tell me what are the tyres you had fitted (255/40 - 17 & 205/40-17 ?) Thanks, Pete.
  5. HI Niko, Yes I spoke to Andrew at Trak, he was not sure he could fix and hasn't got back with price on rubber, so I will give him another call. Cheers, Pete.
  6. Hi All, I have a 2001 Boxster, the rear tyres are very badly worn on the inside, has anyone had this problem and know who to take it to to fix (in Vic), I will be replacing the rear tryes with new Michelin rubber as the fronts are ok. Thanks, Peter.
  8. Is the detailer in Vic, cost and name & address please. Regs, PC
  9. Hi Peter, I have a 1981 911sc it's done a lot more K'S than what you are talking about here, I have not modified the engine, it has Koni adjustable shocks, slightly flared front guards, turbo 16'' Fuchs, and upgraded exhaust, if this car is genuine take it to a good Porsche Mechanic and get it checked out, George Cairns in Ferntree Gully or Chris at Weissach Sport in Coburg, they will tell you how good it is,if this is going to be your first Porsche and it is as good as you say then you will have a good car (depending on the purchase price). Regards, Peter Cromie. Register Captain Mid-911 PCV.
  10. Good thanks Chris, We are off on the box/cayman/tube/t. run on Sunday and then to Phillip Island the following Saturday, kicking of the new year early with the club. Cheer.PC
  11. HI CHRIS, this bloke must have scored to many goals with his head, brain dead idiot has just got too much money. Regs, PC.
  12. Peter, Northern Subs, Chris @ Weissach Sport South East Subs, George Cairns 97585610 Regs, PC.
  13. Paul, The Comfort Inn Mahogany Park Motel (59968456) in Cranbourne is the closest and not to far from the meeting point, there are also car washs handy to the Motel. Regs, Peter.
  14. Bad Luck Chris, But you will have a great time in the motherland, I will see if our prof/pic/taker can get some great pic's on the day, looks like we will get close to 30 cars. Regards,Peter.

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