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  1. Zackerly right. And then, in the 'burbs when everyone has an electric vehicle and comes home at night and plugs it in while they watch Netflix - well, they won't be able to watch anything at all, 'cos the electrical infrastructure just won't cope unless there's massive upgrades to the entire network to cope with load.
  2. LOUD is Good, no problem with that. But what about BOOM inside the car? The droning can drive you daft.
  3. Great story and good outcome, I enjoyed it very much. Well done! I'm interested in your choice of road rubber, why did you decide on fitting the Potenzas? Was it a result of research and investigation?
  4. Secure accommodation for your car+trailer is a big ask; however, you could consider going a small way out of town and staying on a vineyard where the potential for mischief is extremely low. Try this place, very well situated for your trip and excellent should you be traveling with your significant other. While you are about it, consider going back along the Thunderbolt Highway for less traffic and more interest. Don't miss Cafe Graze in Walcha.
  5. I'm more concerned about the long term effect of every time you start the car, you are relying on residual oil on the bearings until the pump starts squishing again.
  6. If it is panel shop type repair, you can't go past ZAG in Kingswood. Highly recommended Porsche specialists. Very busy, hands on by John and George, who own the business.
  7. Imagine that you'll keep your new car for 10 years. Every time that you walk up to drive it, you'll be reminded that you did not get what you wanted, because the option that you specified that isn't there relates to get in and drive. Can you live with that?
  8. thank you, that is really interesting. I'm especially interested in the correct shock set up relative to whichever torsion bar I use. The jury is still out regarding going softer on the torsion bars or perhaps using coil springs as per the earlier post by FUCHer
  9. Greatly enjoyed your tale, well done, the car looks brilliant. I agree with an earlier post that the wheels look 'correct' for the car and probably are the original Fuchs, which would've come on the car but with the centres painted black. On most cars. Mine came from the factory with the wheels colour coded to the car paint and this might be another option for you mull over.
  10. Thanks for the advice, I'll follow up and talk to Richard. I don't mind some bump and crash on the road but the 23/33 with stiff shocks and track rubber with stiff sidewalls is just painful. I'm not sure which engine I was running when we were at WP together. Probably it was when I was still running the original engine. That was a remarkable engine - did 28 years and never took a cylinder head off it. When it started getting tired, we lifted the rev limit by a few hundred rpm and it just kept going. Then I gave it a big birthday, direct to head Throttle Bodies, all the good stuff I could find but that rebuild always had low oil pressure despite being totally rebuilt and only lasted 10,000 km. Haven't hardly tracked it with rebuild no 2, now with GT3 crank and rods, about 3.4L, but milder cams. After 35 odd years, I've now grown too fond of the car to risk fanging it without a care as I used to.
  11. Thank you James, I'll call Weltmeister once they reopen and talk it thru with them. Cheers and Merry Xmas
  12. Hi James, Thank you, yours sounds like a great setup and is very interesting to me. Did you do the coilover conversion work yourself, or is there a specialist in Melbourne that you recommend? Some other questions if you don't mind: Was it necessary to re-inforce the chassis or modify it when fitting the coilovers? Has anyone fitted the self aligning chassis bushes to a torsion bar suspension and if so, does it stop the 'loading up' that James speaks of, that I've also experienced? I went through several installs of torsion bars, going harder and harder because when cornering at the limit the car was inclined to squat at the rear and understeer. Admittedly, I was pushing very very hard. The current ultra hard set up cured that, but at the expense of comfort when using the car on the road. What are the thoughts/experiences of others with regard to a good compromise for torsion bar thickness and suspension set up?
  13. thank you for your suggestion, have messaged him Well, that did not work; got an error message advising that @Robert930 cannot receive messages. Is it ok to message me with his contact details please? or call me oh41818oh418 Thanks @Edgy
  14. I'm looking for ideas and recommendations for suspension set up. Currently my car is track oriented; after 35 years of spirited club competition (1984 3.2 Carrera that I've owned since new) it is time to ease the old girl into semi-retirement. This is a car that genuinely has seen more track miles than road miles. The engine/gearbox has been rebuilt with full reward for excellent service, engine by Michael Newton now with ITB, dual sparky things, high compression forged pistons, gt3 crank and rods, 3.5L of goodness, motec, lsd. Not too wild a cam, it is tractable, strong and drives in a more friendly fashion than when it was new. There are big brakes, gearbox rebuilt, wevo quick change - everything mechanical is superb. Except that the suspension is rock, rock hard. Unforgiving. Lovely for the track and an absolute pain otherwise. So I want to consult with someone knowledgeable and arrive at a balance that will provide reasonable road manners, acceptable track handling - stiff and responsive but not rock hard. I'm thinking to change the torsion bars for something a bit softer (currently 23mm front and 33 rear) and upgrade all the suspension bushings by replacing the track oriented hard nolathane with spherical bearings for compliant movement. ( I've noticed that as the chassis loads up there are times that the suspension does not play ball.) New shocks. Whatever it needs. After 35 years of sensational fun the budget, while a consideration, is not the first cab off the rank. I'm attracted to some of the options by Elephant racing and also the progressive shocks by KW but have made no decisions yet. I want to ensure that the shocks and the Torsion bars are in tune with one another. I've been holding off on buying new road tires (Currently on A050 17" and/or depending on the track and the weather, Kumho 16") to complete the package and am interested in what is recommended by other 911 enthusiast drivers for road use. I'm in Sydney but would consider taking my 911 to other centres if there's someone truly exceptional and am looking forward to the collective wisdom of this forum. Over to you guys.

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