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  1. James probably won't forgive me for this, but he has grown up on a diet of MG, Lotus, Porsche, Bentley and other interesting stuff, starting at an early age - at about 3 years old he was in the workshop with me every weekend, had his own set of tools and was helping me restore my MG TC. He now owns and cares for that same car which is supercharged and to his credit, it is still pristine. Maybe a lifetime of British sports cars has provided him with knowledge of how things work, even more in depth understanding how/why they often don't work, and influenced his sense of humour? Although to be fair, there've been 3 Porsches, including a delightful, extensively worked over 911 that's been in the family since new in 1984. That's him furthest from the camera. He's assimilated a fair bit of knowledge in the 50plus years since the photograph was taken. I can take little credit for that.
  2. Something about this photograph made me smile
  3. Honey, Does my bum look big in this?
  4. dragging this back to the original theme of this thread, there's this review
  5. pad on the cage suggests either that the driver is very tall and the seat was hitting the bar or maybe that it was used for competition and the pad had something to do with full harness.
  6. Fascinated by this; I really like the idea. But I can't find objective reviews relating to its effectiveness or otherwise. Has anyone any insight? A note of caution relating to buying off the shelf extinguishers - some might cause enough damage to make you wish you'd let the fire rip. Apart from the mess that the powder makes, I've heard that certain types leave a corrosive residue so that after a year or two your electronics start failing. I believe that Simply Sports Cars - Lotus distributor in Sydney - may have the correct type, worth a phone call and a question about corrosive elements.
  7. sydr

    Safari Cayenne...

    And there I was Baz, about to send you the link . . . . . .
  8. Nice. Different. Tasteful. Imaginative. Perfect butt shot, x 2.
  9. My lawn mower comes every Friday, brings the edge trimmer and the leaf blower too
  10. I too hold on to good things - like my '84 Carrera and some other toys, too good to sell, no matter how much I'm offered. But here are some things that I coulda shoulda bought but did not - Gull wing Mercedes, in pieces but 17,000 km and perfect - went for $4000 (am showing my age!) Chevron B8, ready to race, on trailer, with 16 spare wheels and all the good stuff $6000 - one of the prettiest sports racers ever built And, wait for it: Porsche 911 RS $8000 - it was a beast and I was frankly, nervous . . . .
  11. Thanks Jeff, the more who sign the better the outcome is likely to be. Do you recall how, after the highway by-passed Goulburn, the town went dead? After the track opened, the town woke up again. Now, there are people staying overnight at the hotels/motels, spending money, supporting the local community and the whole town benefits. I fully agree with your comments. It is a no brainer.
  12. Council looks likely to reject Wakefield's application to improve the track and its amenities. If you enjoy your motorsport, please read this article and sign the petition
  13. Factor in Luxury Car Tax and correcting whatever has happened to the frunk and it is not such a great deal Oh, and it is white.

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