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  1. 914 in that colour will look awesome, great choice!
  2. So. I've gotta say this. All these photographs of lovely wimmin. With some cars. This is a family forum for gosh sake. It would be rather dull without this thread and the lovelies. My morning cuppa would not be the same. Keep up the good work, don't know where you find the images but so often, they make me smile. Like now.
  3. Since you've posted this, please stop for a second and salute a wonderful woman. Nicki passed away nearly 6 years ago, from Pancreatic Cancer. She was incredibly courageous, to the end. She was a special person, never complained when I drove too enthusiastically, even when I made her somewhat carsick - which is what was happening in the photograph which was taken making rather rapid progress along the Great Ocean Road while she was working with the navigation notes and the egg timer and calculating the variance between the Porsche speedo and reality. She was quiet, thoughtful and observant, considerate (Opposites attract). Somewhat shy. An amazing mother. She encouraged me to do things I certainly would not have done without her back up. Like, buy the 911 - and some other self indulgent purchases, and never expected something for herself because I'd bought something for myself. At the end of every trip, as we rolled into our driveway she would always quietly say "Thank you for bringing me home safely." I had a honeymoon that lasted nearly 40 years and I never failed to be proud of her. My life was richer because of her.
  4. Thank you, yes please. for easy contact pse sms or call zero 418 18 zero 418
  5. love the sound, Mike, but does it drone? NOISY is GOOD, but Drone does my head in!
  6. Nah mate, not a tribute to me but rather a tribute to a design that is so totally "wrong!" that it always remains interesting and engaging and a challenge to drive competitively. Always fun, and whenever I slide into the drivers seat, to this day, I get a silly smile. I did decide to trade it in on a 993, but when I went to Scuderia, cheque book in hand a year before the last 993 was delivered, I was told "Sorry, our entire allocation is sold." At the time I had started reading about a totally revolutionary sports car, one of which the motoring journos were saying "Every car manufacturer should buy one of these and force their chassis engineers to drive it every day." That car was the Series 1 Lotus Elise. I did the math. I could buy the Elise, keep the 911, and still be ahead in $$$$ terms. What would you do?
  7. Second engine build was by Michael Newton Automotive. On the subject of Turbo tie rods and tires, my car was delivered with 15" wheels. Changing to 16" also made a noticeable difference in steering response/handling. Over the years I've added all sorts of excellent go faster bits to the suspension and brakes but the two things that gave the most bang for buck and were the easiest to do were the tie rods and wheels/tires.
  8. Hi Peter, I've been watching your posts with interest and and enjoyment and compliment you for the stuff that you tackle yourself and for the detail that you provide. Sadly, I can't give you the same level of detail. You are quite right about the engine in my car, it is something quite special. As is the story behind it. I bought my car new, in 1984. And I still have that same 911. I'd always wanted a Porsche, had bought two 944's but was never happy with them but was too nervous to buy a 911. In those days, all one heard was that a 911 was the car to buy if you wished to depart the road going backwards. I was always an 'enthusiastic driver' and was nervous that I would be in over my depth. But I lusted after one, until my wife, fed up with me dreaming about it, said to me "Just do it!" So I did. I used my car as a daily driver for about 4 or 5 years, and then gradually did more and more track work and I'm sure it has more track/competitive miles than road miles. When Porsche Cars Australia organised a 4 day competitive event on the Great Ocean Road in which about 180 Porsches competed, I won it outright against modern/new cars even though mine was then about 28 years old. While these new Porsches had Haltech/Terratrips navigation aids and good gear, I stumped up for a $19.95 electronic egg timer and velcroed it onto the dash. Velcro strip is there to this day, the egg timer was an el cheapo that failed quite soon after. Clearly, winning was a tribute to my wife, who was an excellent navigator, and not much to do with my skill as a pilot. But my 911 was getting very tired. The motor had never been opened. That motor never failed, despite the constant pressure that I subjected it to. Eventually I decided to give it a big birthday. Remember, I'd owned the car since new, so was not concerned about cutting any corners. I did a lot of research and had an all out special motor built, - that motor was 3.4L with all the good fruit. I found out about Direct to Head throttle bodies, at that time a new development and ordered them from overseas. I believe that this was probably the first such engine in Oz. We used the original crank and rods but 3.4 hi comp pistons/barrels, sexy cam, twin spark, motec, the lot. It pulled like a train but from the get go the oil pressure was lower than my old motor had been prior to the rebuild. Go figure. Engine builder said "She's Good!" and I said "No, it is not!" Sadly after about a year I was proven right. When the engine let go it was rebuilt with milder cams, GT3 crank and rods (the old ones were ruined when the engine let go) and milder cams. This new engine is smooth like a turbine, has excellent oil pressure and is now 3.6L. It is not quite as exciting as the previous engine but is still running like a dream . . . . . I've looked thru the invoices to try to find out the cam series number for both engines but there's nothing in my files, I'm sorry to disappoint you on that score. You're welcome to inspect the car if you're in Sydney, or I can contact you if I'm in Armidale with it. I recently put the car on historic rego and am using it more for road trips. It is quite something to have owned a car for so long that having bought it new, you can put it on historic rego. It is a tribute to the 911 that I've never been bored by it.
  9. Not quite correct. This is a sensible mod that gives more accurate steering, better steering feel and does not change the ride at all.
  10. Very simple really. My car was delivered new without either spoiler, and for many years that is how it was. Gradually I changed things and added the front spoiler and then eventually the Tea Tray. In my opinion, there are 2 main aspects to your consideration. Firstly, how and where you'll drive. If you are sane and on public roads in Oz there's no place that you can go hard enough that the spoilers are going to make any difference, without your being in danger of immediate arrest. I added the front spoiler to help understeer on the track, then found that the back was loose and eventually added the whale tale. The car was still loose, but that was 'cos I was going faster. It really only made a big and noticeable difference on high speed corners like turn 1 at Eastern Creek, or the big sweepers at Phillip Island. So the second consideration is that if you're not going hard on the race track, the question becomes "Which look do YOU like?"
  11. Your comments raise a most interesting discussion. With GPS speed check available on any reasonably modern mobile phone, it is possible to get an accurate display of your actual speed, which I assume will be the same speed that Mr Plod has coming up on his speed checking device. So, if we are reasonably certain of our actual true speed, how fast might one allow when traveling in different states? It used to be that NSW allowed 10% on the reasoning that the courts would throw out a reasonable appeal because of speedometer inaccuracy, the differences whether a tyre was over or under inflated, parallax error reading the speedo etc. I'm not so sure that this margin still works. Has anyone any idea of how different states treat this?
  12. My P-car was used for a petrol advertisement - but that was 35 years ago. The sales manager was a mate of mine and I lent him the car free of charge on condition that they lent me an equivalent car, so I was given a brand new 928. I insisted on manual, so their Managing Director ended up with a manual car for the next while, not his preference. The ad was done in a studio, so my car didn't actually get driven but I had a lot of fun with the 928. The "4 days" shooting took 3 weeks. One of my vintage cars appeared in "The Great Gatsby". When they called me to hire it, I refused on the grounds that it is too valuable and extremely difficult to drive. But Baz Luhrman insisted. So they hired me too. That was an absolute gas, an eye opener and I would do it again like a shot as long as I was the driver.
  13. Zackerly right. And then, in the 'burbs when everyone has an electric vehicle and comes home at night and plugs it in while they watch Netflix - well, they won't be able to watch anything at all, 'cos the electrical infrastructure just won't cope unless there's massive upgrades to the entire network to cope with load.
  14. LOUD is Good, no problem with that. But what about BOOM inside the car? The droning can drive you daft.

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