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  1. Hi I take them , could you able to shipping to Sydney 2147 . How much for shipping cost . Thank My number is 0414928388 .
  2. I have the front and rear windscreen chrome one , I m happy to swap with black . I m in Sydney
  3. Could you please sent photos to My phone . My number is 0414928388 thanks
  4. Sure , pls send me ur number , I will text u the photos 。 thank you
  5. i have one , my number is 0414928388. I can send some photos .
  6. hi I would take one , would shipping to Sydney, pls send me the bank detail to my phone . my number 0414928388 cheers .
  7. i will give a call . thank you
  8. hi everyone . i m looking for carrera front and rear swaybar . thank you
  9. hi everyone . I m looking to buy a narrow front and rear bumper to install on my sc . just for taking to get rego . let me know if anyone have something . thank you
  10. depend on what condition. if u have one let me know thanx
  11. hi anyone have a complete 3.2 or 3.6 engine . i m looking to install on my 80 sc thank you .
  12. kj9438

    Porsche 911 Bodyshell

    hi i got a 77 911 lhd complete rolling shell , my number is 0414928388

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