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  1. Not worth mounting everything where the rear seats were and building a cover?
  2. No offence taken Lee, there are good drivers and there are drivers that shouldn’t be allowed near anything with wheels. It’s not entirely thankless. A kind word from a passenger can lift the whole day.. ..and days when you could cull the population.of drop kicks
  3. Wow, that’s the first vent since July. Catching up a bit ? Surprised that this thread hasn’t attracted more use, considering what is going on... I now drive buses, thanks to Covid,, and I see the frustration from the other side. Screaming kids, fighting, arguing, eating and drinking spilling crap all through the bus, jamming rubbish down the sides of seats, too lazy to put it in the garbage bin provided, damage, graffiti, @#@#$** chewing gum, cars (and bikes) cutting you off, not giving you room to manoeuvre or letting you merge (buses need two lanes at tight round a-bouts and intersections), parking in bus stops at schools to pick up their little angels, opening doors without looking, timid drivers at intersections waiting forever, putting up with all sorts of nut cases that get on the bus, having to stay back after completing the run to mop out a filthy bus. This is every day. Not having a go at anyone here, just letting you know what it’s like on the other side. Yes, there are pigs of bus drivers or sometimes drivers have had enough of the crap, then being polite and considerate goes out the window. Buses are on a timetable which doesn’t have a lot of wiggle room so sometimes you have to push (in) to stay on time. Passengers and parents rely on strict times. Being early is a big sin, so as a general rule the bus will run 1 to 2 minutes late. Avoids the “ I missed the bus because” or “ I pick up or meet my angel at...” complaints then having “tea and bickies” with the boss. If I can’t see you in the mirrors, I don’t know you are there. This is true. I look for shadows behind the bus. Rear quarter vision is the worst. I have to remember what was coming up behind then look carefully before changing lanes. Gets “interesting” in traffic. Driving buses has given me a new perspective of what drivers of big vehicles go through, Everyone should try it at least once. I try to be as courteous as possible and most drivers give you courtesy but as I said, sometimes there is a need to push...safely.
  4. I dunno about that, I think you like the beach and surf 😉
  5. I told her I was going with the mates on the SMT and she said "over my dead body". So...
  6. Had an XD. Snapped door handles. Easy fix. Drill the casting at the broken pivot, then reassemble using a self tapper and a flat washer.. Never had another problem.with them.. The starter relay was another issue. Remove, disassemble, clean the contacts, reassemble, install.
  7. This is something that I have been doing for years too. Reducing your “ useable” road increases the sensation of speed and increases the need for accurate, smooth driving. In the olden days, when the metric system was being introduced, the speed advisory sign would be converted to imperial ie, if the sign said 35kph then this would be read as 35 mph (60kph roughly) thus giving you a challenge. With metric speedos, some simply doubled the number. Not so easy in an old Holden or Ford.
  8. Still researching this but I think my initial statement could be wrong. If you sell the car which has H plates then you must hand the plates in and the new owner decides whether they want to go on historic or full rego and they start the process over, except that if the new owner stays with H system they must get a pink slip and start the process over. If going to full rego then a blue slip is required. If you change clubs during your registration period you need to fill out a Historic Vehicle Declaration (PDF, 292.28 KB) and get it signed by your new club. Take it to a service centre to get a replacement Certificate of Approved Operations. but at least you keep your present number plates from what I understand.
  9. Depends which model RSR that you are building. Pre '74, go for the 3.2, post '74 go for the 3.3 and build a 934 RSR. If it were mine, I would build the 934.
  10. I remember Alan Hamilton racing at Amaroo and the Elan was giving him a bit of hurry up in the loop, when they touched, sending the Jag 934 (as it was then) into the embankment and onto it's roof. As for that day, I am not sure. I have checked all the photos that I can find and the only one with the Elan is when he is mixing it with Fitzy in the RSR. I will definitely have to find my bit of film now.

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