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  1. OZ930

    Butt Shot

    Dings and all !
  2. It's ok, I had to do it. Hadn't driven it for years. Amazed that the road from Gloucester is still the same, if not worse, rough track that it was back then. No improvements at all. Drove back today up the New England. The road north of Muswellbrook is really good now and they have started on the Scone bi-pass. Now if they could bi-pass Singleton and Muswellbrook.....
  3. Now for the bargain price of $60k https://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/burwood/cars-vans-utes/porsche-race-car/1194755409
  4. Drove from Tamworth to Williamtown via Port Stephens Cutting, Thunderbolts Way and Buckets Way. The road to the cutting is typical country road. Winding narrow, but 2 lanes and 80 speed limit. Only cruising so might have nudged it a little. The Cutting is steep and old school narrow with some parts not wide enough for cars to pass let alone the truck coming down in opposite direction. Had to reverse to an overtaking verge so we could pass. Only about 20 metres fortunately. The guide Post are the wooden post style with wire rope strung between them. The posts are set at the drop off point.......no margin. And it's straight down. On top, the road opens to some really nice challenging corners, unfortunately the road surface wasn't consistent. Thunderbolts Way was rough with some smooth bits. Caught behind a timber jinker for about 10 km. Speed limit was 90 with a section of 80 because it was a bike danger area or some such rubbish.. I last did the road when it was dirt in my old Datto 1600 but don't remember it being this rough. Into Gloucester and the Buckets Way. Rough, very few overtaking opportunities, 80 & 90 speed limits and caught behind some idiot doing 10 slower than posted limits EVERYWHERE !! Finally pulled over at Stroud by pulling over to the RHS of the road then turned left across the road and traffic that was banked up behind, so they could reverse into their driveway. Finally clear of traffic.....na! A truck towing earth moving machine pulls out in front and does 15 under. Road was so rough to overtake would be suicide. After 77 km of Buckets Way onto the Highway for about 5 km then left turn to Williamtown. Ok, I wanted to do the roads, but don't think I will do them again until they get repaired. So I guess I won't be doing them again.....unless Barnaby actually gets it done like he said he would.
  5. Suss is right. What season is it? All those guys in trench coats standing around a girl in a summer dress.
  6. ..... that's only 3 months away ! 😮
  7. Fixed it for you !
  8. Tiptronic, haven't seen a manual since Mum's Lightburn with overhead twin roller ringer.
  9. OZ930

    Check Your P

    Thought I was doing everything right, no lifting, bending etc.. All clear from CASA, new job back in Darwin. First week in DN and in hospital with e-coli for 3 days. Turns out a weakened bladder can let bugs in when you go for a swim. Back home to recover and wifey wants wood cut, been more than 4 months, no problem, all clear from Dr. Three 7x4 trailer loads, cut, split, stacked then back to the warm country. First weekend off I noticed a lump near one of the incision scars. Damn....hernia !! Next op scheduled for 8th November......then another 4 to 6 weeks off 😡😡 At least I will miss "the build up"
  10. No, no single. Just depends on which cycle he is on
  11. Wouldn't want Tassie to get agitated now would we ?
  12. Careful, you might just go for a tumble !!
  13. OZ930

    911 oil filter spill tray

    No spillage onto the engine bay......but now you have to juggle the oil filled tray and clean it or wipe it out with a rag.
  14. OZ930


    I think think the IROC series soaked up quite a few of these, which has also driven the price rise in the air cooled market. Yes, all/ most Porsche values are on the way up but in a country as small as Australia where there were limited numbers to start with, the values were accelerated by this series. Would I do it if I could ? Too right !! Back on topic, I like the 964 RWB, without the rear guard pressure relief vents, but the later 993 etc look too "sharp" although this seems to be a common (ugly) theme with car manufacturers today. The 964 RWB looks wide and sleek, like a Turbo on steroids, but they would be a "b...h" to drive on country roads. The yellow car in this article is what got me. http://www.speedhunters.com/2008/09/car_feature_gt_gt_rwb_customer_machines/
  15. OZ930


    Add Singer to the this list