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  1. Will Lang Lang become another racetrack like “The Bend” ? Will protectionism be removed completely from imported cars? No industry to protect now. The Lima Agreement claims another victim 😠
  2. Same guy that pulled me over for an RBT when I drove up for Cars and Coffee. ”have you had any alcohol today sir ?” ”do you want some ?” ”not so much want, but need”
  3. Was it the big guy with the beard ?
  4. Wonder how hard it is to keep the top of the car and wing clean of exhaust deposits.
  5. Build your own. Good opportunity to upgrade from 1960’s to the 21st century
  6. Woohoo, look I can balance on these stilts...take the picture quick !
  7. Come on, tell the truth, you were booted out for calling a 930 an SC... weren't you ? 🤣
  8. This is typical of the NBN and how nobody actually takes responsibility for it. The other problems with NBN are: You are now providing power for your service. More cost to you, and If there is a blackout you lose your landline and your internet. Now lets say there is an emergency, lets say fire brigade, seems topical, you are on your own. If you are a high dependant and require a more reliable service that is protected from blackouts, you can purchase a backup battery pack. Remember both ends need to have a power source for the optical fibre to work, so if the other end is in blackout then it isn't going to work. It's going back to a system that I was pulling out in my PMG/Telecom days, where there had to be batteries (2x 1.5 volt) in a box on the wall for the phone to work. Remember the big wooden Ericsson phone on the wall? Did you wonder why it was so big? Too young? For a brief time we had a phone system that actually worked and was powered from the exchange but somebody complained that phone calls were cheaper O/S (and a lot of political BS) so it was privatised. Now look what we have. Ok, it wasn't immune from problems either. NBN is an optical fibre system that was forced upon Australia with the promise of myrical speeds, but was out of date and slower than services in other countries before it was installed. BTW, how's your digital TV reception? Another promise 😡 We have iiNet and Telstra optical fibres going passed our place, but we are not connected. Still on copper. Local exchange is optical fibre to Tamworth. I know because I installed it.
  9. Ha ha, I thought you were talking about the shape. I had a 911S that I drove on low beam. High beam was useless, had to get out with a torch to see whether they were on 😁
  10. Just to add some perspective: Nearly 217,000 Australians have been diagnosed with influenza so far this year. The national death toll officially stands at 430.Aug 17, 2019
  11. Hi Peter, I think it is definitely the convoluted plumbing and the crinkly tubing that is used. I wasn’t sure whether the photo was yours or Dan’s. Have I breached your copyright ? 😅
  12. You are welcome. I just noticed how much of a dog's breakfast the factory instal is. The fresh air vent above the passengers footwell is effectively compromised by the false floor over the evaporator, so no real airflow gets to the passengers footwell. Another mod coming up I suspect.
  13. This is the factory drain and it exits the car here

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