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  1. According to the specs it’s now a turbo diesel and it has a sunroof.
  2. It’s not only the building industry that this crap is happening in, so don’t feel that you are alone. It is forcing good people out, despite having done the job for years, without doing some course, that some desk jockey with an Arts Degree has invented, trying to justify their existence, to fill a hole that doesn’t exist. World has gone mad. Wife said yesterday that she wishes Australia would be Australia again.
  3. What’s rain? Send it our way, we won’t complain !
  4. Doesn’t seem to be impordant these days
  5. Under dash air con vents fix that !
  6. I can wear whatever I like too ! 😊
  7. I think you meant “days”...and you are right. 😉 ✌️
  8. OMG, just noticed the crest is not pointing to the valve
  9. See...a bloke has respect and sits on a seat, not on the car !
  10. More houses, more rates, more GST. Nero has decreed that the masses shall enjoy the gladiators not the chariot races while he burns society
  11. We don’t want ‘em. Electric cars 😂

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