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  1. But you did it so well 😂
  2. Hope someone is waiting at International Departures
  3. More clues: large blinkers and the name Plaque on the building (seen on the roof line of the car) seems to say STEVEN or something similar.
  4. I suspect USA with LHD and sugar scoop headlight surrounds, but if you can focus in on the door you may get your answer. I tried without success.
  5. But wait there’s more...in NSW 1. removal of radar warning signs 2. mobile phone detection cameras (agree with this one) 3. point to point cameras for all vehicles Go via the back roads you say? But they dropped the speed limits to 80 kph, so where are are the cops going to be ? They don’t have to be on the main roads anymore! Why don’t they take the speed limit signs away and let us guess, sure to raise more revenue that way. Oh, sorry, it’s for safety 😡 maybe I should have put this in vent 🤬
  6. She had the dress backdated to the 60’s

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