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  1. Have a look at Home Built Hot Rod by some bloke on here. May give you a clue on how to get remove/ reduce the wrinkles in the seats.
  2. You had better have a closer look....It’s a zip
  3. I asked Mr Google and he said... There is no specific Road Rule in NSW that states that you are not allowed to dip yourlights to warn other road users that the police are ahead. However, you could receive an infringement if a police officer was to allege that while you were warning another driver, you are also likely to dazzle them.
  4. There was a case of a fellow doing just that, turning his lights on and off. He had his case heard in court and lost. The judge saying that oncoming drivers would be “dazzled” by the headlights, despite it being low beam and daylight. The law was introduced to stop drivers warning of radars, despite it having the desired result of slowing the speeding drivers. So it’s not about safety. Slightly off topic, Years ago there was a radar setup, white Charger years ago, and some enterprising young boys made up some signs. One saying “radar ahead“, which they held up before the radar and the other saying “ Wasn’t that worth $1. After some time, the unsuccessful revenue, sorry radar car, packed up and drove down the road and discovered the boys with the second sign. Taken to court, the boys were fined the sum total of their earnings, around $17. Their signs also had the “desired” effect...or did it?
  5. How much water meth do you think you need ? You could use the windscreen washer tank ( 9 litres) and pump and instal a smaller tank for the windscreen washers then you would have room for the e-AC system. Problem solved, with the added advantage of moving the weight forward..
  6. Should I mention the electronic AC ?
  7. Wow, just in time. We have had the relocatable mobile phone detector here...and no signs. Looking forward to the new hotmix 🤣
  8. SOLO would have been worthwhile too. Oh well, missed it. https://electrameccanica.com/ WEED.TO 🤔
  9. There are some nice ones. Have a look at Stewart S51 and Thunder Mustang Better give this thread back, sorry for the 7500
  10. They look interesting but...
  11. You got my hopes up with that thread title 🥺

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