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  1. I assume that you looked on Pelican. Some hoses listed as coolant hoses and some as water hoses. Tried to find the hose on PP but not being familiar with the 996 I can’t pick the hose from the photo. More pics or a description maybe. Wow, those things are a plumbers nightmare ! Leggo might be easier.
  2. Who’s it for ? 😂🤣
  3. Yes, I bought both. If you can’t find any let me know and I will get you some, if they are still there. packaged as Hotwheels Silhouettes
  4. Hot Wheels RWB and Moby Dick now available from Woolworths
  5. It was being aired again at 01:30 AM, so probably not released for online viewing until it has aired. That’s my theory anyway.
  6. I saw the pole get hit by a bolt of lightning, snap and start to fall, so I took evasive action but couldn’t avoid it...honest 😇
  7. But what of the new factory being built in China ? Exclusively for the Chinese market of course. Probably the Chinese business loan. “We lend money, you build. No pay back, we take whole company.”
  8. OZ930

    Over Charging !

    If only we could flush it.
  9. There's a drinking game ? 1 going forward and 5 moving forward... I think you have Gillarditis
  10. OZ930

    Over Charging !

    Too many colours for them to choose from. Choose red you get red, Green you get red, Blue you get a rainbow, Yellow you get blue, but if Blue and Yellow mix together you will get green ... then we get red. So it doesn't matter what you pick you get red

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