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  1. Yeah, I’d probably get done for trafficking, Drugs+ Porsche= dealer 😂
  2. Must be hereditary, as they send my father off to la la land too. Another fellow thought the hospital was collapsing around him. There is apparently a high rate of intolerance to Endone, some nurses I spoke to said that it was a wonder it is allowed to be prescribed. AtA hospital in Newcastle it’s the drug of choice for weekends. Keeps the patients quiet.
  3. Endone gives me hallucinations. I was seeing people being ripped apart by black demons. Never again. I still have a pack here...apparently it’s worth $200 a pill on the streets 🤔
  4. I realise that it is not a unique warranty, I’m just getting old and grumpy and tired of all the BS guarantees.
  5. The Rennline fully mechanical hood strut will not fail for the life of the product, and therefore carries a lifetime warranty. So, does that mean, as soon as it fails, it is at the end of it’s life and therefore not covered by warranty.? 🤔
  6. I’m struggling to find a meaning for “incesively” . Must be one of those American words. If you don’t know the correct word, just make one up that sounds right. Probably supposed to be “incessantly”.
  7. Did Neil specify an exhaust size for this engine ?
  8. I am pretty sure that if you tried to trade in for a younger model that the Porsche would go with it.
  9. $480,000 ....it’s not original. Maybe it’s a misprint. Should be $48,000
  10. All good, couldn’t do it on my lap top, had to use my ipad. Dunno why, weird.
  11. No guys, I couldn’t find a decent RSR picture that showed the wing proportions. I did consider photoshopping her out but was too lazy.... and thought it would be fun to see how you lot reacted 🤣
  12. I think it is the correct size for the IROC but lacks the oil cooler. It does look out of proportion on the RS but suits the RSR with the wider 13” flares.

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