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  1. because it makes a good (and cheaper) test bed especially when it is being flogged on the track.
  2. Sorry but my son is not involved unless he is keeping secrets from me. Good thought, would be nice if he was.
  3. A loud Rode Island Red with it’s showy tail up has come into it’s territory. Feathers will fly soon.
  4. my son’s latest Gran Turismo rendition
  5. Not wanting to cause a thread shift, was this the inspiration ? Awesome car.
  6. Congrats. I used to call them “Gee it cost a lotto”. My son’s first pin-up car was JUDGE. 850+ HP twin turbo Just a stupid tragedy at what happened.
  7. You still have a stereo, just turn up the volume. Fixed 😆
  8. Dawn on Anzac Day 2022 Bit blurry, taken with a hand held camera. From the top, to the left of the moon is Saturn then Mars, Venus and Jupiter so my astronomical wife tells me.
  9. https://www.motorsportretro.com/2014/09/porsche-917-naked-photo-day/
  10. Probably originated from drug smugglers and got lost in translation.
  11. So this guy is a new car salesman who hasn’t heard of disinfecting...and he didn’t check under the back seats !
  12. Thanks for the out. If it was there I missed it. Not a problem anyway.

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