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  1. I think it's the auto start on aeroplanes is tilting, causing the passengers to find religion. 🤔
  2. Love the way they say the aeroplane tilts suddenly...what's tilt ? Oops ! Have I posted this in the wrong thread ? 🤣
  3. Gee, why do sheilas keep photo bombing your pics ?
  4. They work on the principal : " your car is more expensive than mine, so you stop ! "
  5. Great photos, caught the day nicely. Met up with new and old friends, plenty of laughs. Pity the weather scared everyone away. A yellow Colvin showed up after most of the Porsches had left.
  6. White 928 northbound through Blandford and a cream 944 at the Kahiba garage.
  7. There are two Porsches, possibly a third behind the c pillar, in the posters on the wall.
  8. He said your joint... Dreamr’s Diner Business hours: 24/7 except M-F and closed on weekends.
  9. So, what happened when they just introduced the LCT ? Did all the "older" so called luxury cars suddenly increase in value ? Was anyone compensated ? Isn't this called a market adjustment ? Why is PCA complaining ? It's not as if they were getting the tax anyway. It doesn't make them look good in the eyes of the consumer... or do they have a lot invested in luxury car leases rather than sales and have the most to lose ? Maybe, there is a bit of "snobbery" in this issue as well. Wouldn't be the first time.
  10. BTW...the green 934 https://www.reezocar.com/en/voiture-occasion/porsche-911-RZCATMDE186848806.html
  11. The new lift has elevated me to great heights
  12. Another option is to restore it as an historic. It does have racing history. I also believe that it was on display at Bowdens about 7 or 8 years ago, but it has been "used as intended" since then and shows the patina. Rather than raising the springs, trim the front spoiler for the road, similar to a the pic below and an original size for "playing".

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