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  1. I have had several cars repaired at CB - Carl and Ross are great to deal with and the work they do is fantastic. Highly recommended
  2. 992 overall was incredible - expensive though, the one i specced up was about $350k drive away Yes, the drive was markedly different than the 991.2 - specifically steering feel and balance (992 has the engine mounted further forward, aiding turn in and balance) Completely different to the 997 Turbo The electric steering in the 991s doesn't feel as nice as the revised version in the 992. They have improved this a lot IMO
  3. Test drove a 992 recently, in between driving a few 991.2s Amazing difference in steering feel for the better in the 992. Seems like they have sorted the electric steering. Was considering a second hand 991.2 over a full priced 992 - might have to save the pennies until i can get into a 992 now.
  4. It will be stamp duty, collected at registration stage - not LCT. State specific i guess. Either way, a stupid idea IMO. Shows the lack of foresight of Government. Enjoying the ridiculous housing boom revenue stream for so long, without planning for it to ever wind back.
  5. I love the ride of the 997, especially with PASM. Soft enough around town, and if you want to stiffen up on the track or over speed humps its there for when you need it. I am sure you will enjoy the R8, amazing engine, and much more presence than the 911. Rare as well, especially in 6spd.
  6. teknostar

    New 993

    Looks sensational to me. Awesome x 10
  7. Hi All, Looking for a replacement gear knob for my manual 997 (mine has broken a bit of plastic at the front) Where to buy? Anyone got one? Thanks In advance.
  8. Two years in, and still absolutely loving my 997.1T (Manual, Cab) Only mod has been Cobb access port tuning module running the stage 1 tune. Dynoed at 300+kw at the wheels. Came from factory / dealer when new with short shift. Prices on these cars seem to have stabilised at $150k. Mine is unlikely to ever be sold.
  9. 6 weeks - just park it as normal and don't worry about it
  10. PCM for me. I have used others in the past with previous cars. I never fail to be impressed with the whole experience at PCM. They have also been very accomodating letting me source my own parts (massive saving), which they have then fitted without any dramas at all. Best of both worlds IMO. The fixed price servicing at $695 including roadside assist, is not much more than i have paid elsewhere, and worth the premium to keep factory stamps in the book.
  11. Can you get a PS Cup 2 in N spec? Amazing tyre, but short life. (Just replaced a set on my Focus RS) I have been pretty happy with the N spec PZeros on my two 997s. Good balance of performance and wear IMO
  12. Google 'Gundo Hack' Gundo was the first person to do this mod. Fister picked it up later to my knowledge, and then commercialised it.
  13. I have some used AWE sports cats for sale http://www.awe-tuning.com/awe-997sexhaust $1500 and they are yours, pick up Hawthorn, VIC They will bolt up to the stock muffler sections and will add a much more throaty sound + a chunk of TQ
  14. My power curve was nearly exactly as described by Cobb in the map notes as you have listed above. The gain is mostly in the midrange (17% HP and 16% Tq) There is gain of min 10% and 8% all across the rev range. Best thing is that it drives like stock unless you put your food down hard... Also on Thursday when the dyno runs were done, it was 35 deg and no air specifically directed towards the intercoolers - when driving the power number would be higher.
  15. Cost: $2,600 inc get (Cobb Accessport V3, supplied, installed and two dyno runs) Front driveshafts disconnected Base line dyno run done 292rwkw Stage 1 93 Octane (98 RON) file uploaded. Post upload dyno run 304rwkw Biggest gains were across the middle of the rev range 3000rpm - 5000rpm where a 15% increase was achieved Its not massively different from before the tune as it was already a very fast car, it drives same as stock on part throttle but revs more easily from 3000rpm upwards, with a noticeable increase in mid range torque. I am estimating that it now has about 380kw and 700nm @ flywheel.

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