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  1. 2017 Macan - no Apple Carplay or Android Auto. Have had a couple of nuisance routes using the car navigation. My preference now is to use Google Maps on my phone and connect bluetooth sound to the car. Works great and I find the voice instructions give plenty of notice so I'm not really wanting the visual map at all. The Macan is the family car not my daily driver.
  2. CAMS scrutineers are going to want to see AS1851 or AS1841 certification on the extinguisher. http://docs.cams.com.au/Manual/GeneralRequirements/2018 Edition/GQ09-Schedule H-2018-2.pdf
  3. Macan S petrol serviced recently and provided with a Macan diesel loan car. I wondered if I'd been given a four cylinder, the difference was significant. Very happy with our Macan and glad we didn't opt for the diesel.
  4. From https://nineauto.com.au/2018/03/14/items-wanted-items-for-sale/ Boxster Engine – 2.5 L $5000 – needs head gaskets – has done approx 150k – Contact Stuart – 0439 538 708
  5. I'm a PCV member and like any club you get a whole lot more out of it if you get involved. It's a big group and there are lots of like minded people who get together outside of club events - but you need to go to club events to get to know people, there's no forum like this. Membership price is pretty trivial for any club - if you join PCV the catering at club meetings would give you a ROI. If you are interested in club competition in a Porsche, PCV run lots of events and you can probably also join in with events run by other clubs. PCV don't do organised coffee mornings, I think the member numbers are just too big for this. The social runs do seem to end up at country pubs and wineries, again I think it's due to numbers of members and venues that can accommodate them. There are many PCV members who are also members of Maserati club, I've heard they have some fun track days.
  6. Kerry - the extension seems to work fine on my Windows 10 PC - are you running any other filtering add-ons that might be interfering? Are you a Mac user? Might need to confer with others there.
  7. Will there be any Porsches to cheer tomorrow? Skidmarks seems a DNS for the weekend and I only glimpsed the purple car very briefly and smoking. Is there anyone else entered?
  8. PFA looks to be running on AWS which by all reports is very cost effective, however there may be a middle man who looks after the site for PFA to put it on AWS. In the Amazon scheme of things the images that are uploaded to the forum and the viewing of those images would be trivial, however other third party arrangements might come into play. A review of the hosting agreements might well find that uploading images to PFA directly is worthwhile. Perhaps someone in the admin group could comment?
  9. I'm in a similar situation to Niko, no claims. Work up a list of reputable insurers and get quotes. Do the same quote chase each year, don't just renew. RACV, NRMA, GIO, Shannons, APIA I would check - AAMI I would skip.
  10. Trying to insert Google image using "Insert other media" without any success on my phone or laptop. From my laptop I was able to right click and copy image, then paste into this post successfully. Tried a few different ways from my Android phone without finding one that worked.
  11. If you have a gmail account Google offer free unlimited photos, they will compress very large images over 16MP. This has worked great for me consolidating all our happy snaps in one place and having an easy way to link people to our pics. (I don't have a phone/camera that takes pics larger than 16MP) Worth a look if you already have a gmail account. I haven't tried linking a photo in a forum but would hope that would work similar to sending links to friends. Can anyone confirm Google photo links work for forum photos? https://goo.gl/photos/9TdZLT6YYkZcZsDs8 Perhaps not so great, I can only see a way to include a link to a photo not include the image itself.
  12. Niko, I suspect you have a picture link in your signature that you could just delete to get rid of the photobucket image. Have a look at http://porscheforum.com.au/settings/signature/
  13. It can't be fun getting your weekend punctuated like that - feeling for the Skidmarks man.
  14. This is just part of a general push across the Internet to have all websites use the encrypted https protocol which is seen as being more secure than the plain http style. The various browser software companies have indicated that they will be increasingly focusing attention on non-https sites over time in a campaign to get website owners to change things over. "Not secure" is more about grabbing your attention, sites running http are no less secure than they have been for the last 20 years.
  15. Thought the automatic update for daylight savings time change was pretty neat.

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