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  1. I have always loved the look and sound of the older 928s, and everything i read about scares the hell out of me (i understand some of them are 30 years+)! $$$$$ on maintenance every year, timing belts destroying engines, transmission rebuilds, you name it. With the intention of only using it on weekends and with club rego, are they really worth all the hassle? I don't mind about little things like aircon not working or runnbers not perfect etc...its just the drivetrain and major mechanical issues. I would love to hear from anyone who has owned one for a while
  2. I got the S.Wong chip and a monty muffler (direct) and love the sound and extra performance. Amazing burble on deceleration - hoping a cat bypass will make it even better (without annoying the neighbours or wife!!).
  3. Thanks Gents. I think the Dansk systems have been getting a good wrap, but ill speak to Mike anyway. I am yet to join the PCV but it would be good for a local "70s / 80s" 911 meet for anyone interested in the South East. I have recently been on some great runs between Warragul / Korumburra and up to Baw Baw. Cheers
  4. Hi there, I am new to this forum and just received my dream car 9 months ago. It is stock, however I have looked at Fabspeed exhausts, Steve Wong chips, etc... Has anyone out there in Aus or Melbourne tried and tested anything similar? Obviously I want to maximise power and sound (throatier the better!), yet return to stock easily if need be...... I still want to keep the clean lines at Stuttgart intended, so I am not looking at changing wheels, interior etc... A few photos below Cheers

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