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  1. Apparently there is words in the wind that Michelin are doing a set of tyres for Aircooled 911s... 245/50R16. The wait begins...
  2. Thanks for the indepth review! I am also looking at a 4 post hoist at the moment. Trying to decide between the Bendpak and Tufflift. Bendpak looks like the better quality one, but I got a quote for 30% more over the Tufflift, so Im just curious if its worth it haha
  3. BlitzKonig

    Autonomous EVs

    They took 9 months... in a lab, with a team, with the specific intention. Im sorry but thats not impressive. That technology is 9 months old at that stage and Tesla has already continued to improve its communication protocol. Anything that is deemed "secure", falls short, the moment it is no longer maintained to current processor performance and complexity. What I find most interesting, is that so many people are just allowing systems to be taken out of their hands, automated and blindly follow someones good will, that they have your best intentions at heart. When these cars get hacked, or our personal information is extracted from an old server, we really have no one else to blame but ourselves, we gave up the free will at that point... *Cough* Yeah... I wont let a machine change a gear for me...
  4. BlitzKonig

    Project Cars 2

    Ill have a go at this tonight on F7. Will see if PC2 is on sale and give it a crack
  5. I personally love watching the Idlers race. Everyone that competes is so passionate about driving and super aggressive. It is truly entertaining to see them go at it, as if the cars were stolen. Reflecting on RWB directly, it is really a mixed group. Some of the boys go full out, Thailand especially with their backdates having shaved guards, then the usual setup is a 3.8 with ITBs, which would be quick... if there wasnt 15 miles of fibreglass and rubber added back on. Few run a turbo setup, which is really what you would expect with the aggressive appearance, numbers that would make most GTRs sweat... And then there's the Stance E-farmers, bagged factory engine, 1 of their 50 car collection, only gets driven to Wankfest and Circle-jerk wars. So can we conclude, there is no such thing as a bad car, only bad owners?
  6. It is super clean and much better visibility. These bolt LED are pretty poor in light quality (good or bad thing I guess). Regarding the bumper mods... mine is a Fibreglass piece, so its light and is just held in place by some bolts on the underside to the guards and the centre piece.
  7. As has been brought up before, I use these motorcycle LED stubs. Havent had any issue with the police.
  8. 2. What kind of braking "feel" are you chasing? - On the track? Street? Less travel? Less fade? Bit more feedback would be nice. Ive had good luck with just the standard Porsche compound, but have needed to change fluids. - ATE Blue Stuff (Brake Fluid) is good for the street, but seems limited on the track. Currently trying out ProjectMu GFour 335. 4. X Brace is by far the coolest. Thats all really right?
  9. Sliver 964 in Ashgrove on Sunday. Tidy!
  10. Is it not the best feeling in the world?
  11. Have you tried measuring the Output on Pin 18 (Terminal 30) of the ECU? To ensure you are actually get the 12V you expect? Also might be worth checking this if you havent already done so.
  12. How interesting. Any reason for bringing in both? Seems silly supporting both?
  13. Your car is LHD from memory right? Japan ordered their cars from Germany in LHD format (as did Mercedes and BMW). The Japanese saw it as a status piece to be getting the cars "as per the factory" and such they were LHD, even if they produced cars for the RHD market. What Im getting at is, I think your cars history might be Japan.

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