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  1. Luke, I would like to purchase this. Happy with the price. Regards Ian Knight 0412885037
  2. Hey Speedy Great shots shame you coudn't have done the run down the straght. Knighty
  3. Simon All the best mate. Enjoy the black beauty as I did. She will reward you well. As she reaches "classic" status in the tarmacs she will be a force to contend with as was the case when first released. The car has had many wins over the years which I am sure you enjoy as well in the future. I will gather some memorabilia and a bit if a history. for you over the weekend and forward to you. As you know I am very pleased with your intentions for the car. My wife can't understand why I would even say I was pleased it had gone to a good home, however I am sure you do! Cheers Knighty
  4. Bought them for personal use not profit. But then never bought a 996! Hence sensible price. Have a great 997 though, but Vicroads can't do that for me yet as too many digits. Knighty
  5. Vic plates White on Black. Slimline and Standard. $1,000. Knighty
  6. Unused Vic Plates White on Black. Both Slimline and normal. $1,000 Knighty
  7. Above plates for sale. All sensible offers considered. Knighty 0412885037
  8. I have a black one if you want it. Knighty
  9. 944s are great cars. Depending on the budget and focus I would suggest a S2 which was the last of the 44s. I had a cab which I really loved. They are a well balanced car. Need to ensure the Cambelts have been replaced in accordance with maintenance specs as if these go the repair cost is substantial. I chipped mine and put coilovers with 968 Clubsports suspension. Handled beautifully. Put fat 17s on BBS rims lowered and chipped. Only problem was grip was so good too hard a start (ie drop clutch at 4k revs) resulted in broken half shafts. Interior only problem was the breaking of hinge of centre armrest, which I did a few times Cars are quite competitive in class within PCV and in right hands have performed well in class in rallies. Good luck. Knighty
  10. Mmmmmmmm, most embarrassing. Try driving in city traffic with a button racing clutch. I stall it all the time. Gives me the sh#%s but the price you pay. That's why I don drive in traffic much with that car. Knighty
  11. I have two sets of plates for sale to suit a 944 and a 996 1. IXIVIV 2. IXIXVI $1,000 for each set. Both are a slimline and normal combo. IMO the larger plate suits the Porsche better at rear. But will replace with a matching set if required. Knighty
  12. Yep, the black beast is for sale. See the Avatar. If you are interested the details are on Carsales.com. all straight not had any shunts, only rear bumper been replaced. Knighty
  13. Just goes to prove, money does not buy taste! Knighty
  14. Sorry if this guidance has come too late. Only just really getting into thus Forum. Firstly let me say that this always should be a personal decision, heaven forbid we don't all like the same cars (or women!). However, having said that the 996 lacked a degree of popularity, mainly due to it's lack of traditional look with headlights. 993 was last of the air-cooled and is a fantastic ride. I have a 993 & 997. The 993 you have to drive, very differen to the 996 & 997 which are much easier cars to drive, part of Porsches drive to appeal to the masses. Also the early 996 cars had a few engine problems. My 993 has done 70km much at competition speed without any major issue, so am a strong supporter. Also was the end of th development phase with both motor and gearbox following many years of development. Not that any car is bulletproof, but the 993 comes close. Happy hunting and enjoy. Knighty

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