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  1. She doesn't go in the Porsche (which is why I like it so much) but I'm told to sit there and SHUTUP about the driving !
  2. 9fan

    968CS Refresh

    What were the condition of the camshafts and gears like after all those km's ?
  3. I used my noggin after the first hit and googled gas strut refills Melb and came up with mobile guy who refilled the ones I had, within 5 minutes each and me fitting them. They and my brain have been working fine over the last several years.
  4. Any info on the nice 959 in the background ?
  5. Get out the tooth brush ! Putting on your RE003's ?
  6. Yes widebody fitment. Rear is Offset ET40 which means fitment on narrow body 11x18 ET67 it will come to the outside by 27mm. Front narrow is 8x18 ET57 which means with 9x18 ET57 will be to the inner 2mm less clearance/outside out by 24mm. Will include site for discussion on this BUT be aware in most Aussie states fitment of spacers is ILLEGAL unless production car came with them. https://rennlist.com/forums/997-forum/916788-will-997-turbo-wheel-fit-to-997s.html I very much doubt it !
  7. I like doing the tracks as well as the drives when I come over !
  8. Sounds like the perfect combination of drive, track and social, wish I was there !
  9. 9fan

    Tyres now

    Has anyone used Bridgy RE71R ? Spoke to the Motorsport Tyre supplier at Bathurst and he said he had some rave reviews from Targa Tassie Porsche user and Time Attack competitor. Rated road and track, treadwear 200. He did say Yoko A050 still the ultimate by a small margin but RE71R priced at $380 in 245/40/18 compared to $600 A050 and good in the wet !
  10. Yes that's right Ross did win but Fitzy was always right there and to his credit his engine was only 2.7 Lt.
  11. After watching and being part of it in my early years I now love taking the fight to the GT3's and GT2's, the STI's and EVO's at the Hill Climb track in my 968. Have a lot of success as it just corners so well and the others can't get to use the power advantage to any great degree. Ross's car I used to work on was the ex Jim McEwen 911S that I used to watch race the big bangers at the old Surfers track at Gold Coast. It now resides in Melbourne.
  12. In the 1980 Sports Car Championship most of the tracks were shorter then and Ross was quicker at most in the Light weight NA 3 Lt 911 Carrera than the Hamilton 934. Ross had won the 78/79 Championships but that year struck problems with two tyre changes and a race stuck in 4th gear. Tracks were Winton (Short track then),, Sandown (Shorter track with pits on the inside), Calder, Amaroo Park and Baskerville (also Lakeside 78). Ross 1980 also was co-driver at Bathurst in Jim Keogh's XD Falcon but the car failed after 42 laps. Won by Brock and Richards.

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