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  1. Factory Spoiler plus side trims and rubbers, very good condition - minor marks - $1400. Photo of similar one fitted to my previously owned 944S2. PM with contact number.
  2. Hope to do this drive again with my friends SOON and what greeted us after a thrilling drive to the top of Mt Buffalo. VID_20160331_151403363.mp4
  3. Hi Kez, I did ask whether we keep this as PFA Gallery on the Home Page for members cars rather than have other vehicles (eg Raven) posted here. There is the other Galleries to Post on ? Cheers, Mark
  4. 9fan

    Looking to buy 944

    Put the word out at Porsche workshops and Facebook Classic Porsche Australia .
  5. 968/CS/944/S2 Sale Items Garage Clearance after years collecting as Spares – Items used but good condition. Located in Melbourne will be available for inspection and collection after Lockdown finishes. Genuine interest contact me by PM with phone number and will give details, photos and pricing. Thanks, Mark. 968 Parts - Complete Engine was running 165,000km Brake Booster - NEW Front Bumper Dashboard Marine Blue Bonnet RS - Fiberglass with inlet scoop CS Exhaust complete from headers back Manual Window Winder Set (CS) Doors L / R (R-some damage} with Tinted Glass and mirrors Rear Spoiler Headlight Covers Side Skirt Panels Big Brakes Front pair with solid Discs (928S4) and dog bones to space calipers Clutch parts Wheel Jack Spare wheel (fully inflated Boxster spare) or standard spare Front sway bar 28mm
  6. Porsche matts to suit 944 to 968, Black. Some dark stains on one matt ,have not cleaned but otherwise very good condition - $100. Set of NEW Subaru Liberty Matts, Black - $120. VID_20210908_145456.mp4
  7. Hi Spiro, Love these cars and got to enjoy my own CS replica. Do you have the original books ? You can contact Porsche Classic Melbourne with details and questions you have at vincheck@porsche.com.au Enjoy, Mark. Amaranth Violet T3 L39D STD T3 Sales code, Paint code L39D for (STD - non metallic) late 1994 - 95. Info from - Craig Rayner I have the “Model Importation Volume” document from Porsche Cars Australia and it lists the following 968CS import numbers: 1993- 19 1994- 31 1995- 10 Of the notable options - M030 and rear seats (essentially like a UK 968 Sport ) there were: M030 - 14 of the 60 cars delivered M685 divided rear seat - 13 of the 60 cars delivered M030 and 685 - 1 car within this above “group” - in Guards Red M030 and Riviera Blue - 1 car within this above “group”- for sale currently M030 and Midnight Blue Metallic (one of my old cars) 1 car within this above “group” M030 and Aventurine Green - 1 car within this above “group” ** in addition from this document during 1992-4 there were 81 additional 968 Coupes and Cabs (6sp and Tiptronic) sold here : 1992 - 40 1993 - 11 1994 - 30 1995 - nil (But 10 x 968CS deliveries only per the above)
  8. The memories 2015...... Catching up with mates, the thrill of the chase, parking next to a buddy. AHH ... to do it all again, but it will have to be in a different beast this time and moving lockdowns don't make it possible. Enjoy, I know what fun it is. Cheers, Mark. 🙃
  9. Info by an US owner on new delivery last week - There was a recall for 996 2021 GTS/GT4 worldwide. I haven't even taken ownership. Stop sale came in 4 hours after car arrived at the dealer and was getting its initial inspection. Total engine (replacement) Connecting rods were not speced properly. Could cause catastrophic engine failure. Compensation is (USD)4K off the price of the car and an 8-year warranty. At least Porsche are on to this to look after customers but should mean considerable delays to the already delayed deliveries.
  10. Sold the 968 - parting shots. 😪 24 years difference but so many similarities. Both have outstanding cornering abilities with weight balance and fantastic Period performance. both cars have similar beautiful lines and stance. Stats - 968 1993 - Engine 4 cylinder 3lt NA, Accel 0-100kph 6.0secs, Front engine rear transaxle approx 50/50 weight balance, Gearbox Manual 6 speed. 718 2017 Cayman S - Engine 4 cylinder 2.5lt Turbo, Accel 0-100kph 3.8secs, Mid engine approx 50/50 weight balance, Gearbox Dual clutch auto paddle shift 7 speed. At least the shear joy of driving the 968 will continue in the 718.
  11. Similar lines 24 years difference.
  12. Haven't heard it on the Forum but there is a recall of the new Porsche Cayman GT4, GTS, Spyder and Boxster with the 4.0 lt engine - as the engine has spec issues that could cause catastrophic failure. Anyone hear been affected or can tell us more ?
  13. I have a set of Turbo wheel caps if your interested ? - PM me with your contact.

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