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  1. 9fan

    easiest route into some racing?

    Dito = What hugh and OBRUT said !
  2. I have rocking horse S**T !!! But will be hanging on to it as a spare.
  3. 9fan

    Sandown Historics this weekend.

    Said hello to Airhead, getting his cars ready for the weekend.Had a chat with John Bowe today discussing the Glen Seaton Race Sierra Turbo that was up for sale - no sale price, just contact Rusty French. John had to head off to drive someones Mustang then fly to Sydney. Said he misses his 968CS !
  4. 9fan

    Sandown Historics this weekend.

    Likewise, will see you then. Cheers Mark.
  5. 9fan

    CAMS helmet changes 1/1/19

    My reading of CAMS regs - Yes, you are correct AS1698 is good for Speed events. Rally/Road - Multi Club requires Hans device from 1/1/19 and for Club from 1/1/20. Note - Hans device requires suitable Helmet and requires suitable 5/6 point harness. To anyone, do refer to CAMS regs for interpretation and any changes. Cheers, Mark.
  6. Australian Hill Climb Championship was run this weekend at John Bryant Park or Haunted Hills as it is know to PFA members. The PFA has had two very successful meetings there this year. Many of you know it is my home track and have wanted to get the PFA down there enjoying the venue and everyone who comes say they want more. I had National Class wins in Limited modified Road Class 2-4 lts when I equalled my PB 57.12sec and set Class Record. My other win and Class record was Production Sport Cars 2-3 lts with new PB down to 56.78sec. Hugh was there as well entered and won the Sports Cars 2-4 lts with his times coming down to a very well done 58.52secs with his limited time at the track. Looking forward to seeing PFA members there at our next HH 2019 ! Cheers, Mark You have to be in it - to win it !
  7. Sorry guy's, the spare I had I sold a couple of years ago and I am keeping my original ! I do have other 944S2 spares and body panels - just let me know what you are after and I will take a look.
  8. Yes, have done and I may have one for sale ! You do have to use the different window side skirts and rubber seals but it does go straight on. Mark.
  9. 9fan

    Bathurst 2018

    I think Steve drives like his Dad so he has a long way to go in his career !
  10. Nice to catch up with you again Nick ! I must say Zara was a very cool lady sitting in for a hot lap, very relaxed and lovely Smile at the finish !
  11. 9fan

    968 "Green Stripe " clutch pressure plate

    Great info Bruce, Pedal pressure was a concern for me as well but I just thought of it as good exercise! I noted the price increase in clutch operating cylinder and managed to get one at the old price. In doing that I noted the S2 one was much less in price but exactly the same with one exception being the angle of the bleed screw. This was for clearance at the rear but on measuring found I should be able to use one so got a spare. Porsche also do not list a seal kit for the 968 one but the one listed for S2 is the same dimensions so could be used rather than buy the whole unit if that is the problem. Also interested on above unit for 968 ? Cheers, Mark.
  12. 9fan

    Anyone know this 924 Turbo?

    Love the wheels, love the stories !
  13. Hope we get some sort of TV time of you in action at Bathurst ! I like to punt the M135 around but still favour the old school drive of the 68.
  14. This event is Private Practise ( It is NOT a CAMS event) so the answer is YES. I am not a CAMS Official - Clark Of Course or Scrutineer (just to be clear) ! To those considering a Helmet purchase my recommendation is a minimum SNELL 2015 with HANS posts approx $449 which can be used with HANS III (neck support - needs 4/6 point harness) approx $499 - DYOR ! These would cover most Motor Sport events if you get the bug and can be readily on-sold. Cheers, Mark.
  15. 9fan

    My 928s back on the road

    Bruce, amazing Passion and what a talented son you have - Happy Fathers day ! Make sure you send your story and photos to the Porsche Museum and to Classic Porsche Melbourne I am sure like us they will be amazed ! Cheers, Mark.