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  1. Why not contact http://www.simmonswheels.com.au/ in Sydney and send them details ?
  2. 9fan

    First look at the new Singer. Holy crap!

    Beutiful time warp between past and present !
  3. D - I'm sure you did have fun, but next time for your own safety you will need to abide by the last item on the checklist !!!
  4. Saw your car when I was there, you will have a lot of fun with it.
  5. That's me on the Hill observing ! Hugh certainly drives much better now ,as so many of those that attended did by the end of the day - All Smiles 😄
  6. Good stuff, looks like the Michelins were working hard. Planning to drive the track in November and the 968 would love all those corners but will probably take my M135.
  7. "Is there somewhere in Colac a guy can get a Chinese massage?" Happy ending ?
  8. 9fan

    Cleaning Car after Track Day

    "particular getting the rubber scuffs off please." Shouldn't be rubbing wheels with the competition !
  9. 9fan

    Porsche wins Le Mans 2018

    "Still can’t forgive Moffat for driving one. Nearly lost my hearing at Sandown in the stands as a boy with those things blasting by." As a boy I used to shudder with excitement with the Thunder ( Noise and Vibrations) from a track filled with Moff and Geoghegan in the Mustangs, Jane - Camero, Beechy - Monaro, being chased by Jim McKewen 911S and the guy I was staying with - Bill Tahtham in a Cortina (302 V8) - my intro to Motorsport !!! "Ive given up watching most motorsport, just boring." I am going to start a list of current favourite Motor sport series, my event - British Touring Cars (SBS Sundays - Speedweek).
  10. 9fan

    944 turbo torque tube rebuild

    Michel, Great to be hands on for these jobs, puts the car appreciation on another level - enjoy the drive. While on the topic I have a used 944 S2 gearbox and torque tube if anyone is wanting. Cheers, Mark.
  11. 9fan

    RHD 944 Tie Rods?

    Love your work Bruce !
  12. 9fan


    Not to mention trying to decide paint colour and whether it looks right once you finish painting !!!
  13. One sticking point not mentioned on a 968 Auto is 0-100kph I think about 1.5sec slower than manual.
  14. 9fan

    18" wheels for Turbo Body

    What rear offset are you after ? Turbo 964 shows - F 8x18 ET52, R 10x18 ET61. I have 8x18 ET50 / 10x18 ET62 Light weight race set.