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  1. I must be loving my 718 Cayman S done just over 2000km this year and it's only been 2 weeks - and only on weekends ! 🙃
  2. You should be able to get a quick answer from a local Hot Rod shop, they would do this all the time.
  3. .If tyres are hard to source always ask supplier for tyre Dates. If a couple of years old and you have to have them ask for discount.
  4. Glad to hear your out and about Harvs and having fun, must catch up soon. Knew the day would run well with Hugh and Sven organising, just miffed I couldn't be there. Sven has taken me for a ride in that Beast and it is titillating the way he handles it, the engine just sounds so Sweet ! Cars is looking great Hugh sorry I couldn't see it in action. 🙃
  5. I joined Sven, Hugh, Arnie and the crew heading north today and lead them by some back roads to Yea before I waved them farewell and headed home - must have been at least 15 cars.
  6. Arnie, Can't go to Winton but can meet you at Macca Lilydale tomorrow and see you and the guys off on the first part of the drive.
  7. Thanks D, Will have to dirty your car again Neighbour !
  8. You have atoned yourself Niko, sleep well. 😴
  9. Thanks Niko, Great tongue in cheek commentary and photos always appreciated. Great bunch of Marks, oh and David and Ross on radio. By the way Niko, just for the record, it is not a 917 but a 718 Cayman S Turbo (say's it on my plate). DOH ! 🙃 They are actually designated a 982 model on the VIN number just for those of political correctness persuasion.
  10. Great info Bruce, Hope you are putting all this info on these cars on a memory stick or disc for future access, to us and those mechanics that never learnt this in the modern age. Hope 2021 is a great year for yourself and Sean. Cheers, Mark.
  11. Photo in Gallery. Blooded the new car in the Australian Tarmacr Rally on the weekend. Group of mates in our Tour, I was asked to lead but didn't have Nav so were lead by a 718 Cayman GTS also with Another 718 S, bmw M2, M3, Supercharged Works Cooper, EVO, Audi R8 and R3. Were able to go at our own pace and had skilled drivers so it was a cracker. Limited to 130kph on closed roads Reefton to Marysville both ways on Saturday, wet in the arvo and Sunday Eildon to Jamieson both ways. There was a GT3 RS but event won by an EVO. Mark Clair was giving his 911 RSR a thrashing. New to me 718 Cayman S Turbo was Magic - pulled hard on accelleration, braked hard and corning balance was perfect. Bid grin especially on the last stage and a lot of fun was had with mates in the evenings and through the day.
  12. 9fan

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    Blooded the new car in the Australian Tarmac Rally on the weekend.
  13. 9fan

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