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  1. You could use a bit more Toe in on your heels - sorry wheels Niko ! 😆
  2. Call Donellans, Mark and Paul look after me and know these cars and setup. Will have both N spec PS4S at good prices ! Tell them Mark 968 sent you, let me know how you go. Cheers.
  3. It has side swiped something and looks like fire extinguisher used on RR wheel, probably track related ?
  4. Is it the 2.5 Turbo model and did you find what you were looking for ?
  5. Thanks Hugh - will see you soon after lockdown lifts and will be following your exploits. Cheers Craig, keeping tabs on your 914/6 project.
  6. I am going to claim some Porsche Race History in Australia before I sell the Car. Porsche 968 CS replica, winner as owner Australian Hill Climb championship 2 Class wins 2016 -2B/2F Production Sports Cars 2001-3000cc and Sports Cars Open/closed 2001-3000cc. 2018 Championship 2 Class wins - Production Sports Cars 2001-3000cc (Track Record) and Limited Modified Road Car 2001-4000cc. Victorian State Class wins 4. Lucky enough to get my Porsche featured on Motorsport Australia cover photo for a week (taken by Gavin Kroon) .
  7. Was in Team Mathiesen when he won. Fitzy also started racing a 911S at that time. 1969 Porsche 911 ‘RSR’ Representing the 1970s, this well-raced, former 911S 2.0 litre is arguably Australia’s most successful and prolific 911 racing car. Purchased by Melbourne driver Jim McKeown, it was converted to factory 911 ST specification and competed in Shell livery in the Australian Touring Car Championship in the early 1970s, finishing a close second to Norm Beechey’s V8 Monaro in the 1970 title. By the time McKeown sold it at the end of 1971, the 911 had competed in 41 separate races on all major Australian circuits – a figure believed to be a world record for a Porsche ‘Touring Car’. The Porsche then passed through other hands before being rebuilt as a replica Porsche RSR by Melbourne pilot Ross Mathiesen, who drove it to back-to-back titles in the Aus-tralian Sports Car Championship in 1978 and 1979. - Display courtesy of car owner, Max May
  8. Wife - "Your not spending more time with Her are you ?"
  9. Up for sale after Lockdown finishes.
  10. My Fav as well Andy. Looking to do some videos of it before it leaves my custodial ownership though.
  11. Just a note here that may be of interest - not only does the 911 have the G50 gearbox but it is in the 968 as well ! I don't know of anyone that has done a short shift kit for it (968) though.
  12. Well done Sean, must have a good mentor (Bruce), I remember after the 944 getting into the S2 and in the Motorkhana's getting a 3rd and two 4th Outright - just so well balanced.
  13. Same run in the 968 to enter the Adelaide Rally, 74Lt tank and no 8Lt reserve light showing.

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