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  1. Great gathering, always good to see the faces as well as machines. Sorry to have missed it while I was away blasting around Bathurst.
  2. Sorry Kez, will be fanging around Bathurst then, trout fishing for a week then track day - don't think I can squeeze it in 🦈 🏁
  3. Going up the Mountain so will have to be the Turbo BMW M135.
  4. Great to watch - where to pass and where not to, looking forward to my own run there next month but it won't be in my favoured Porsche.
  5. I like Cheshire Cat's album of the Dairy factory and the first photo being the Swiss Cheese !
  6. What another Gem in the left corner photo above - Anthony's Grandad's 1927 BSA ! Thanks Anthony for coming from Perth and together with Immogen doing such a great job to help on the day.
  7. NIKO - I would also like to thank Kez for putting three of us in the "Black Room" today, along with his RS. For those who don't know, it was Kerry, who kicked off the PFA way back in 2009 or thereabouts. The first three members who helped get the PFA off the ground were Doug and Chris and myself. To see how big the forum has grown over those years, has just been unbelievable. It was a big surprise today, to be told I was in the "Black Room" I had no idea what that was, or why I was directed in there by Hugh. Then finding out it was for recognition of us being the original members and moderators of the PFA was very gratifying. Remembering the first SMT we did on a wet and wild winters day, starting at the base of Arthurs Seat with introductions and hand shakes...... compared with the SMT's now, with anything up to 40 plus cars at times.. Who would have thought it would have grown into what it is today. So thanks again Kez and thanks to all the members who make up our great forum For those who didn't get to the "Black Room" L to R....Dougy's Long Bonnet, Kez's RS, my Cayman S, and Chris's GT4. Well put Niko, it has been great joining the PFA early and watching it grow under the stewardship of a wonderful team. I take pride in giving the name to our drives - SMT " Sunday Morning Targa" which is the best way to enjoy the best features of our cars and meet terrific people. I enjoyed Saturday with John, Rohan, Kez,Hugh and the team setting up for the big day and what a show it was . Sorry I missed seeing you LeeM, but I was busy. What a way to start the year. Looking foward to seeing you all on the next SMT, event or HB#3 ! Cheers, Mark.
  8. I will be there to help organise and provide track instruction. It is a Great place to get the feel of your car on a track and have fun !
  9. I kept going in the right direction - Alan didn't !
  10. Love the history, tech info and now photos you both provide - Priceless ! The old hill climb track at Morewell VIC - myself / Alan Hamilton
  11. Beautiful look that wants to be driven, is it running the original engine ?
  12. Great feeling being able to touch Royalty.
  13. No it's the later only RHD 944 T Cup car (Red) still in Melb. I know that Colin Bond was campaigning a 924 Turbo in sports sedans I think.

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