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  1. Look what I found Niko 10years ago - (NIKOPHOTO May2010) Attwood. That's me at 2:07 in the clips - did well in those events against the sideways 911's.
  2. All good Lee, StevepGT3 just Jibing with a cheeky grin !
  3. It's like having a Porsche with a VW badge.
  4. Auto payments always made through Paypal last - 30 Aug 19 !
  5. I should be a FM I have had Kez making deductions since the PFA formed, I will follow up.
  6. On some of these I want to use the phrase - "SHUTUP and take my money !" I mean the Cars of course. 😍
  7. Always loved your photos. Yes I will be Porscheless soon, But the M140 is a faster aircraft to get me to the next airport where I will get a different one ! On my Porsche journey so far I cherish the times in the cockpit with you Niko and the others as we criss-crossed the mountains on our way to hours of merriment. I have driven every dream road in VIC/SA/ACT/TAS with many Porsche friends and competed with them as well on Road Rallies, Track and Hill Climbs. I have along the way met many Porsche Celebrities, Professional drivers and enthusiast's - to name a few Kez, Niko, Hugh, Jim etc, Ross Mathersen, Fitzy, Jim and Steve Richards, Bond, Bowe, Shane Jacobson, Eric Bana and the hard core PCV members and Porsche 944/968 owners. I have always enjoyed sharing with these people the Porsche passion, helping out with maintenance, advice on setup, parts and knowledge I have learned - especially 944/S2/968. I still enjoy drives and meeting up with fellow Porsche lovers so whenever someone I know wants to get out for a drive any time of the week please call or drop me a message and we can get out and have a coffee and - Chew the Tarmac !
  8. I have been reluctantly getting mine ready for SALE 😢
  9. My first Porsche - 1984 944 My previous 1989 944 S2 My soon to be reluctantly SOLD - 1993 968 CS Replica
  10. Lucky enough to get my Porsche featured on Motorsport Australia cover photo for a week (taken by Gavin Kroon) . I think it is taken at Class win in 2018 Australian Hill Climb Championship with new class track record, here is another photo of the car. With relaxation of Lock down car will reluctantly be posted for Sale soon.
  11. 968 shows torque 85 Nm should be fine, adjuster should be fine but springs can go over time - depends on condition.
  12. Take the rear wheel off you should find the screw at the 12 o'clock position so align the hole there, should be able to spot the adjuster with a good torch and I think adjust up to tighten. Do both sides. You can up the carpet at the handle, release the hold nut and rotate the surround to adjust cable. Cross reference the other instructions. If having trouble locating adjuster at hub remove the hub screw (don't force the screwdriver as the screw is soft) and then tap hub to release then slide over studs and you will be able to see the mechanism, how it adjusts and can check pads and springs.
  13. 503,000 Km's - that's what I call enjoying one of the best driver's in the world !!!
  14. Haven't advertised yet, using the current crisis as an excuse to enjoy it for a bit longer.

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