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  1. correct - followed by serial/production number 0310 ie 911(model) /2 (year1972) /1 (T/E model shown above code)/ 0(coupe)/0310 (serial No)
  2. Agree with low price and parts expense. Body and interior look good, dash cracks ? Was it running when parked up, does it crank over and how many Km's ? Agree with low price and parts expense. Body and interior look good, dash cracks ? Was it running when parked up, does it crank over and how many Km's ?
  3. Skidmarks has his finger on the pulse - and it is weak. The governments of the world are just lowering interest rates with fingers crossed that it will stimulate spending but they don't have funds of their own to spend on providing jobs. They just keep printing money (toilet rolls) which gets flushed down the toilet. People at these times are trying to use any means they can including low interest rates to keep their heads above any debt levels until the floods subside. In the mean time if you can, buy a cheaper Porsche and enjoy driving it around while the oil price is down. Keep an eye on the Porsche you want at the higher end of the range and wait for the right time to pounce ! Don't hope the Government will drop the Luxury car Tax, they can't afford to.
  4. Hope to see you both there Sat morning. I saw one of my 968 previous owners name on the entry list from WA so hope to catch up with him.
  5. What about the GFC bug - this corona virus is just accelerating the spread of the world debt through economic strangulation ?
  6. 9fan

    R Compound tyres.

    Let me know when you are going, I'd like to watch !
  7. 9fan

    R Compound tyres.

    Yep A050 Maybe 235 F and 255 R in the Soft but in your car you might use the rubber quicker in the rear wear wise. Are you going to do the State Hill Climbs ?
  8. Easy answer - if any have numbers ask Porsche Parts !
  9. See what you come up with for 295 35 18.
  10. Yep, you could have one in the front................and one in the back !
  11. Agreed hole-heartedly with both your and Hugh's comments ! As I was once told by the driver of a Ferrari California "Jeez that Porsche corners hard. We paid shitloads for our cars and your having just as much fun !"
  12. Will be tearing up the tarmac in March before you get there ! Enjoy.
  13. Congrats Sean and Bruce, keep up the good work - All the best for 2020.
  14. Hi Stew, I think I remember meeting you at dinner when I came over for the 2015 Classic Adelaide Rally but I know you offered your Garage facilities when I planned to come over for a latter event which shows the generosity of your character. I will miss your inputs and happy banter on the Forum. Happy motoring into the future Stew. Cheers, Mark. Stew F Village Idiot MEMBER 2,384 posts Location: Adelaide Hills Ride/s:81 SC Coupe, Megane RS Cup 265 Report post Posted 22December, 2013 Hi from the Adelaide Hills. After years of owning various hobby cars we've just purchased our 1st 911. It's an 82 911SC coupe with sunroof . White with black interior. 3.0, 5 speed, 16" Fuchs wheels, etc. etc. Regards Stewart

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