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  1. -I laugh when I hear Niko has been COPing it ..🤣
  2. If tradies start swearing at me I just say - " Sorry can you speak English I don't understand you.......Sorry I can't understand you ! "
  3. Let me know how you go with road grip. A 245 40 18 shows at $349 . Don't think they would be much good in the wet, I am told you need a bit of heat in them before they start performing.
  4. Dry track - Ran the M135 with AR1 on the front, A050 on the rear with good grip in the rear but Nankangs sliding a bit much on the turns. Only 2 runs maybe lowering the pressure a bit might help but will go to A050 on the front next time. Then swapped for the (road Class) to the Pirelli's with the 220 treadwear, the ABS was kicking in a lot under braking out on the track but they held up well for a road tyre. Came in second in the road class to a car on Pilot Sport Cup 2 - need I say more !
  5. Would have gone Michelin for roadies but not in the specific size I wanted . Happy with the Pirelli's especially in the wet I encountered, will see how they go over summer. Will be tracking them (standard road class) this weekend.
  6. Have run the Nankang AR1 on a couple of hillclimbs (80 treadwear) but tyre is about 2kg a tyre heavier than A050 and I find the grip is not up to the same level. Ok maybe for short sprints as they seem to wear alright for the price but don't perform as well. 2 cents worth ! Am using Pirelli P Zero for the road.
  7. Just sent two left side rims to be repaired - bloody pothole on main road underpass with nowhere to stop and photo. Traffic ahead so didn't see it until too late and couldn't manoeuvre with a car beside me. Checked rims and seemed alright but at higher speeds started to get vibs - Thanks Vic Roads 🤬
  8. That front spacer then probably makes the car illegal on the road.
  9. Bought one a year ago $41K 36Kkm still had 8mths warranty and 2yr service, great hatch + Bang for Buck. Quicker than many Porsche's' in acceleration. Taking it to Bathurst again this year !
  10. Tesla is in real trouble with the trade war and GFC just around the corner - Again. Glad I invested in Gold to pay for the fossil fuel !
  11. James - put a 926 badge on it - cross breed of a 924/928. Would D90 wheels fit ?
  12. Same dilemma with wife saying 968 doesn't have airbags so unsafe (it did have one but took it out). I did have thoughts of making the 968 a turbo RS but after talking to Fitzy after the last one he built I decided to spend the money on something else as I would never recoup the cost. My wife said "if you are going to get something make sure it has plenty of safety features and is auto for when I have to drive it". It was an M135 - so I now have a 3Lt Turbo I wanted for the $40G (minimum). I said to her " it is safe and is auto, just don't play with the buttons". It goes like a cut cat in acceleration but is still not as quick as the NA 968 on the short tracks and hill climbs. i did enjoy it climbing the mountain at Bathurst though but for shear driving pleasure it is still the 968, which shall remain ! Cheers, Mark.

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