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    People love taking photos !
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  3. That's where he told me at the time it went.
  4. Even John Bowe had to own a 968 CS, told me it is one of the Best road cars he has ever driven.
  5. PM the man if considering but I would expect he will wait for serious offers/not in a hurry to sell - how do you put a price on History ?
  6. This one is a GEM and Fitzy has made a lot of History in it. The first of only four Porsche Factory Parts build RS's. This a Drivers First choice amongst Porsche in this Class. Good Luck Craig, I know your going to miss it.
  7. Hi, I have a front valance and the top panel. Pm me your contact number. Cheers, Mark - Melb.
  8. Yea Baby !!! Would fit a GT4 wing if only I didn't have to cut into the hatch.
  9. Yep, the current owner asked me to come and have a look at the car which he had repainted black and give me what info I knew about the car as he wanted to represent the car (as shown in my photo) as best he could for Rennsport.
  10. Thanks Peter, Here is the history of the car I was involved with in 78 to 80. - 1969 Porsche 911 ‘RSR’ Representing the 1970s, this well-raced, former 911S 2.0 litre is arguably Australia’s most successful and prolific 911 racing car. Purchased by Melbourne driver Jim McKeown, it was converted to factory 911 ST specification and competed in Shell livery in the Australian Touring Car Championship in the early 1970s, finishing a close second to Norm Beechey’s V8 Monaro in the 1970 title (as a young lad I watched Jim race against them at Surfers). By the time McKeown sold it at the end of 1971, the 911 had competed in 41 separate races on all major Australian circuits – a figure believed to be a world record for a Porsche ‘Touring Car’. The Porsche then passed through other hands before being rebuilt as a replica Porsche RSR by Melbourne pilot Ross Mathiesen, who drove it to back-to-back titles in the Australian Sports Car Championship in 1978 and 1979.
  11. I was team member for it's predecessor the 911 3.0 RSR. Enjoy the sounds of above said car -
  12. 968 spoiler fits 944 to 968. Complete OEM spoiler with rubbers and stop bar, VG condition - $1600. Also have standard 944 rubber spoiler, VG condition - $200. SOLD PM with contact number, Mark.
  13. Refurbished Cup 1 Replicas Fit 968/944S2/964 F 7.5x17 ET52, R 9x17 ET 47 - Set $1200. Cup1 Replicas Front Pair Very Good Condition Fit 968/944S2/964 F 7.5x17 ET52 - $ 500. Price for rims - old tyres fitted. PM , Mark.
  14. SOLD Brake rotors 304 x 32 NEW suit 993, 968, 944T or S2 with M030. Front Pair for $400. Also have Big Brake kit with 304x32 (solid rotors) for non M030 above models - $1200. PM, Mark.

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