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  1. Just a note here that may be of interest - not only does the 911 have the G50 gearbox but it is in the 968 as well ! I don't know of anyone that has done a short shift kit for it (968) though.
  2. Well done Sean, must have a good mentor (Bruce), I remember after the 944 getting into the S2 and in the Motorkhana's getting a 3rd and two 4th Outright - just so well balanced.
  3. Same run in the 968 to enter the Adelaide Rally, 74Lt tank and no 8Lt reserve light showing.
  4. Must have been a petty quick VW bug if they had to pass it three times !
  5. Just for info guy's I spoke to Kez earlier in the year and it seems we are dropping our own hire days and would have to organise our own attendance on a club day !
  6. Look what I found Niko 10years ago - (NIKOPHOTO May2010) Attwood. That's me at 2:07 in the clips - did well in those events against the sideways 911's.
  7. All good Lee, StevepGT3 just Jibing with a cheeky grin !
  8. It's like having a Porsche with a VW badge.
  9. Auto payments always made through Paypal last - 30 Aug 19 !
  10. I should be a FM I have had Kez making deductions since the PFA formed, I will follow up.
  11. On some of these I want to use the phrase - "SHUTUP and take my money !" I mean the Cars of course. 😍

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