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  1. An option to consider is have the wheels done in silver and then use the Plastidip product to spray the hollows in black (low cost) but a lot of masking. You can always peel it off if you decide otherwise or then go to black paint if you decide on the best look.
  2. What sought of quote figure are you looking at ? Thanks, Mark.
  3. All corner speed - that's why I chose to do some Hill Climb events. One meeting beat 6 GT3's and 2 GT2's. 🙃
  4. 1994 Porsche 968 CS Replica $45,000. Engine only 80500 km. Many PFA members will have seen the car out and about in drives. This car is one of the best handling cars in the world, as a project a 968 auto was converted to a Manual in 2012 and to enhance the performance was fitted with an engine and drive train that had only 17,000km. LSD was fitted along with braided brake lines as well as coil over suspension and M030 sway bars front and rear. In keeping with the CS look race seats are available along with a rare 968 Turbo RS look rear wing. Original seats front are fitted and original rear seats with the sale. The original engine at 156,000km is also available. Maintenance has been kept up with oil changes at 5000km intervals, cam guides/belt renewed along with water pump, clutch, engine belts and seals. Although not a matching numbers car, with all the right gear this car is priced accordingly to sell quickly at $45,000, much less than the real CS but better handling and performance. Registration has been paid until August 2021. A roadworthy certificate will be supplied. Message me with contact number.
  5. The governments are just pushing the agenda for electric vehicles, maybe why the windfarm is at the track to supply the next gen race cars where noise won't be an issue - how exciting - NOT !
  6. Would be great to have our own in Melbourne this time with the trademark Sven C&C flavour - IN ! 🙃
  7. Thanks Jason, looks like a nice Miami Blue ( like my 718 S ) GT4.
  8. I had the pleasure of talking to Murray when he was in Australia on the Tassie Targa and told him how much I enjoyed his Commentary, easy to talk to and very pleasant personality. His chauffer in the Rally was Colin Bond and I said how much I enjoyed watching him over the years starting with his rallycross in the supercharged Torana XU1 at Catalina Park in the Blue Mountains. Both legends in their field of Motorsport !
  9. The romance of joining me on a drive in a Porsche went on the first drive in a 944- "I'm never going in that again" Why not ? " Because you don't brake for corners ! " 🙃
  10. 9fan

    944 suspension

    Have an original M030 set or S2 set, waiting for a good home.
  11. PDK is really smooth, quick and looks after things - selects best gear and revs depending on drive mode selected and you can't over rev on paddle up or downshift. If you are coming into a corner you can down shift to be early on acceleration (listening to the snap, crackle and pop) or upshift early out of the exit.
  12. Fairly simple job - search Clarks garage or youtube and order the right sized plastic sprockets needed.
  13. Hi Peter, A bit more info might help - where you are located, are you looking for road rego or just track, are you going to prep yourself or looking for already prepped car ? You also need to look at what class you want to run in or just for fun. I have run 944 models in these sort of comps and have numerous spare parts available. Cheers, Mark.
  14. Thought it was Hugh, when he and I were cresting Mt Panorama !

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