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  1. Hope we get some sort of TV time of you in action at Bathurst ! I like to punt the M135 around but still favour the old school drive of the 68.
  2. This event is Private Practise ( It is NOT a CAMS event) so the answer is YES. I am not a CAMS Official - Clark Of Course or Scrutineer (just to be clear) ! To those considering a Helmet purchase my recommendation is a minimum SNELL 2015 with HANS posts approx $449 which can be used with HANS III (neck support - needs 4/6 point harness) approx $499 - DYOR ! These would cover most Motor Sport events if you get the bug and can be readily on-sold. Cheers, Mark.
  3. 9fan

    My 928s back on the road

    Bruce, amazing Passion and what a talented son you have - Happy Fathers day ! Make sure you send your story and photos to the Porsche Museum and to Classic Porsche Melbourne I am sure like us they will be amazed ! Cheers, Mark.
  4. My advice - hunt down suitable replacement from wreckers, worked for me in the past.
  5. Cup 2 (Late Model) Replica Set – $2000. (as new, suit 964) 7.5×17 ET52 , 9×17 ET 47. Cup 2 (Late Model) Replica Front Pair Excellent Cond– $1000 ono. 7.5×17 ET52. Also fits 944S2/968. PM interest.
  6. Porsche 18" wheel set - as new $1350 ono 8x18 ET 50/10x18 ET 62 Suit 996/997 USA Special order light weight race/road. Excellent condition. PM interest.
  7. Set of Genuine Porsche Hollowspoke 18" Turbo I Twist Rims. These are a rare, hard to find and complete set of Factory Lightweight Turbo wheels for 993 and 996.Will fit 968, 964 and 997. Fronts 8x18 ET 52 Part No 993.362.136.00-8.6 kg. Rears 10x18 ET 65 Part No 993.362.140.01-10.6 kg. Excellent condition. PM genuine interest-Price TBA. Thanks, Mark
  8. Are 968 Manuals more tightly held than 993 ? IMO they are the pinnacle of water cooled development with 6-speed box, abs, variable valve timing and a classic, comfortable interior. But I’m biased!
  9. I am watching you Hugh - getting serious are we !
  10. Saw on the news last night development plans for the new hotel in Geelong - pictures of the Hanger Banger 1 site with a view in the window of our signed PFA Wall -ohh the wonderful memories ! Bring on Hanger Banger #2
  11. and now he can't get out of It !! See you next SMT Niko.
  12. 9fan

    Panamera Breaks into two

    Typical of large corporations against consumers - keep them in the dark - shame, shame shame !
  13. 9fan

    Cruising inner Melbourne?

    Keep me in the loop you two, I could probably join you as well !
  14. Will be good to see you and your car Nick you will love it guaranteed ! It's not competition, not timed, just getting to know the layout and driving for the enjoyment !